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  1. Dumping in S. Charlotte...kinda. Dumping might be a stretch but for THIS winter- it's dumping.
  2. Snowing pretty good in Huntersville now. Just started about 10 minutes ago.
  3. Just pouring rain in Huntersville. If these rate won't overcome it, we're done here for a while.
  4. Big slug of energy showing in Western TN/AR. Not sure if that's going to pull through the area later but I'm hopeful the ski areas get 10+ from this somehow....
  5. Looking at the cams, it looks like the Avery Resort have picked up a solid inch so far. Not sure they'll get to 5" but any natural snow is a good thing at this point. Heading up next week and hopeful that they'll be close to 100% open.
  6. Moderate Sleet in Huntersville, NC now. No flakes yet.
  7. Thundersleet Storm just north of Charlotte. NWS just released statement saying it was heavy band of snow at 2+"/hour bu no luck....just sleet.
  8. Pouring rain north of Charlotte now.....going back to bed....
  9. Well, just no more snow in northern Mecklenburg Co. Very light rain. Pink radar line seems to be creeping north so not sure we make it back to snow. About a inch of snow before transition.