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  1. From here. No such thing as an all snow event here. :-/
  2. Dumping in S. Charlotte...kinda. Dumping might be a stretch but for THIS winter- it's dumping.
  3. Snowing pretty good in Huntersville now. Just started about 10 minutes ago.
  4. Just pouring rain in Huntersville. If these rate won't overcome it, we're done here for a while.
  5. Big slug of energy showing in Western TN/AR. Not sure if that's going to pull through the area later but I'm hopeful the ski areas get 10+ from this somehow....
  6. Looking at the cams, it looks like the Avery Resort have picked up a solid inch so far. Not sure they'll get to 5" but any natural snow is a good thing at this point. Heading up next week and hopeful that they'll be close to 100% open.
  7. Moderate Sleet in Huntersville, NC now. No flakes yet.
  8. Thundersleet Storm just north of Charlotte. NWS just released statement saying it was heavy band of snow at 2+"/hour bu no luck....just sleet.