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  1. Nothing in concord off of 73 near cabarrus/meck line
  2. There’s already 2” in concord. Keeps up like this it’ll be more than 6” for sure
  3. Highway 3 near DEI is ice/snow. Looks like rocky river rd was closed, blocked off by police at shearers rd on the other side
  4. Hwy 73 in concord at poplar tent rd is all but white. Coming down pretty hard
  5. There were a few flurries at concord mills
  6. Saw a few flurries right near concord mills 5 minutes ago
  7. He cut them in south Charlotte to Monroe
  8. Concord off of 73 halfway between 85 and 77... crazy heavy snow. Covered sidewalk and grass in the past 30 minutes.
  9. Where are you located? I'm off of 73 near Meck/cabarrus line. Nothing here really.
  10. Youre not kiddin, already about 2-2.5" off of hwy 73 at meck/cabarrus line and it just started pouring big time again after some light snow. Huge flakes
  11. Was snowing pretty good here in huntersville but is really light now... Grass and patio covered, roads wet