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  1. 50/50 sleet and snow now. Big flakes starting. Elevated surfaces and other non road areas have a decent coating of sleet.
  2. Snow quickly starting to mix in with sleet in Matthews nc just south of clt
  3. 925 and 850 also continue to drop as moisture moves in. As of now most of Meck and Union NC are below freezing on 925 and completely below freezing on 850’s. I’d say it looks promising for places like clt and Matthews once the bulk of it finally moves in.
  4. This link.
  5. 40/36 humidity 85 in Matthews. Doesn’t sound great but the Temp DP and Humidity have been steadily dropping throughout the night and morning even with moisture moving in so there’s plenty of cooling to come. And the 850 line has dropped mostly through Union County now as well.
  6. Take the GFS qpf and the NAM warm nose and that’s your storm. NAM has sniffed out more than enough warm noses in my area over the years for me to never underestimate it. I’ve also seen it ramp up QPF like crazy right up to the storm and then verify with half what was modeled.
  7. Was in office with blinds closed, walked out and it’s snowing good in Matthews. Welcomed surprise!
  8. Wet bulb temp is right around 32 here in Matthews if moisture holds together and doesn’t warm anymore.
  9. Feels like we always error to a degree warmer than shown and end with 33/34 rain...
  10. It’s basically an EF4 tornado with gusts into EF5, yet is bigger than many states in the country.....unreal.
  11. That didn’t work out so well for us last year. We got lows into the 50’s in august and not again until Mid October.... :/ Would love to not see that repeat again.
  12. Hard to tell in pics but huge flakes and sticking to many surfaces.
  13. Been snowing heavily in Stallings. Between Matthews and Indian trail.
  14. Big heavy wet snow in Matthews. This storm is baffling to me.