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  1. NCSU_Pi

    Florence Observations

    Down around Swift Creek, it's been gusty off and on, but never too extreme. Power has flickered a few times, but survived. I think the pruning around the lines that they did sometime last winter (IIRC) along Yates Mill has helped us a lot. I feel like we've dodged a bullet so far, here.
  2. NCSU_Pi

    Hurricane Florence

    Infrared satellite imagery
  3. NCSU_Pi

    Hurricane Florence

    Thanks for the replies, everyone. With the exception of installing some light switches, my AC experience ends between the power-entry-module and the DC power supply. I know enough to not try to get in over my head. I like the idea of having my fridge, TV, and a few fans, but I can get by without it for a while. One of the biggest hassles to me seems to be keeping enough gas on hand to keep it running. The eldest can drink water instead of milk, and the youngest is on formula. I'm more worried about our community well keeping up, and I've stocked up on a lot of drinking water (and making plans for gray water). Cooking will be a coleman stove or a charcoal grill. Got plenty of fuel for both. Good luck, everyone. Praying for safety.
  4. NCSU_Pi

    Hurricane Florence

    How significant is the process of hooking things up to a generator? If you're ordering one off Amazon, is it a portable one? And how much gas do you need to have on hand to last at least a week running a refrigerator, some lights, maybe a fan, and since they don't use much power these days, a TV? I'm assuming I'm out of luck if I want to hook up a generator I got from Amazon to power a heat pump and air handler. Edit: Sorry if this is too off-topic for this thread.
  5. NCSU_Pi

    spring snowstorm 4/7 -4/8

    "Aw man, this is gonna get the weenies wound up."
  6. NCSU_Pi

    March 12th-13th ULL Discussion

    Haven't seen a flake in Swift Creek, yet
  7. NCSU_Pi

    March 12th-13th ULL Discussion

    Sleet starting to mix in around Swift Creek
  8. NCSU_Pi

    March 12th-13th ULL Discussion

    My very-pregnant wife works at a preschool that takes kids through WCPSS, and therefore follows their closing decisions. I'm not thrilled, at the moment.
  9. NCSU_Pi

    March 2018 Obs

    Flurries in Apex
  10. NCSU_Pi

    2018 Banter Thread

    Let me interrupt the fish talk to say: Torch > ZR That is all.
  11. NCSU_Pi

    Potential 1/17-1/18 threat

    It seems like all the model soundings for our area showed temps well below freezing all the way up the air column, except right at the surface, for the duration of the event. Do you think they missed on the upper air temps, or do I have a layman's misunderstanding of the thermodynamics at play?
  12. NCSU_Pi

    Potential 1/17-1/18 threat

    RAH issued advisories well ahead of updating their forecasted totals. My point forecast still has 1-3".
  13. NCSU_Pi

    Southeast Sanitarium - A Place to Vent

    Right, so maybe send some snow down to my parents in Shallotte. They're still miffed at how they got passed over last time.
  14. NCSU_Pi

    Potential 1/17-1/18 threat

    Zulu - 5 = Eastern So, 1 pm
  15. NCSU_Pi

    Southeast Sanitarium - A Place to Vent

    Apparently someone told Ze Germans about the Wake County Snow Shield