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  1. Seems like the line had been moving SE across Wake County, but seems to have come to a dead stop directly overhead. We had a burst of sleet here in Northern Apex at work, but it didn't last long.
  2. See: the DOT should put up a sign along I40 around RTP noting that you are crossing the North Carolina Snowfall Escarpment.
  3. When it comes to snow, it seems a little generous to include us in this grouping. It seems like normally we're getting a brief snow shower switching to pellets switching to rain, while just a county over they're getting at least a few inches.
  4. I've been thinking a lot about the We're Due Index, and I can't help but think it's all my fault. Forget making up for 2000, I was in Maryland for February, 2010. When we've moved back to NC, that added a huge karmic snow debt to the region's account. mea culpa
  5. Torches. Torches are everything. And all things are torches. All I see are torches. All I taste are torches. All I am is torches. All I think is torches. All I dream is torches. Torches all the way down. (but none of them tiki)
  6. More like Miller A-Hole, amirite?
  7. "around an inch possible" Those might be the saddest words put together in English
  8. This is all Chemtrail Snow. Chemtrail Snow is the worst...
  9. Cold rain off Yates Mill. If there are any flakes, they're too small to see in the streetlight. I haven't seen any sleet since a few pellets on 55 between Apex and Cary, about 3:30. Nearest wunderground station says we're at 35, and that seems about right. No glisten on the trees, or ice on the bushes.
  10. Barely a drizzle off Yates Mill, at the moment. Sorry, I have too many tabs open. I thought this was the observation thread, on account of all the observing.
  11. http://weather.cod.edu/satrad/nexrad/index.php?type=RAX-N0C-0-24#
  12. But seriously, that gradient goes from ~8" of snow to 0" in about 10 miles.
  13. That from DopplerWx on the main thread. I would trade some quantity for quality for sure, at this point.
  14. This kind of bitterness is hard won.
  15. I am now officially deleting all excited, happy expectation from my emotions.