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  1. Fantasy? Why I wouldn't be surprised at all to see that rain verify IMBY.
  2. I'm loving all of this vicariously. Although one of the (small) benefits of being down here is that it at least draws out a little longer.
  3. So far, there's no overwash that I saw down on Bald Head, but waves kicked up are smashing on the shoals pretty spectacularly.
  4. But baby as the weeks change And we've seen quite a few I don't know who's fooling who
  5. Ground turning white in Swift Creek. My temp has dropped 1.7 degrees in the last 25 minutes.
  6. All snow in Swift Creek, now. My thermometer says 37.
  7. Well, even if things completely bust tomorrow, we'll always have tonight's win over Duke.
  8. Yeah, but saying that the times when it's snowed supports the model that said that it was going to snow, so therefore we should believe it when it says it will snow is at most half of the consideration. I could make a 'model' that says it will snow every day, and it would meet that standard. The other part of it is: how often has it called for significant snow and then been wrong this far out?
  9. So is it really a quadruple threat cage match with the 3k and 12k NAMs on different sides?
  10. Any chance we can get the rest of this game in Carter-Finley called off because of a sudden... weather... something?
  11. On the 10 minute drive home from dinner around 7:00, the cooldown was starting. For the first 5 minutes of the drive, my car said 82. By the time I got home, it was 79. As I stepped out, I felt three whole raindrops. I think those were literally the only raindrops.
  12. I think when people refer to the daily record, they probably mean the record on that day. Fran was hitting Wilmington on 9/5.
  13. Via WECT: this rotation got confirmed on-the-ground, and there were 911 calls from Bald Eagle Lane in Wilmington related to home damage from it.