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  1. Snow and sleet in Eden and Reidsville this morning. It was coming down quickly but it’s moved out now.
  2. The Dan is flooding in Eden in grassy areas along Hwy 14 as you come into town from Reidsville. I’m not aware of road issues as of now.
  3. As a northern border county, I’ve read that those counties should see the best possibility of snow, sleet, zr My high temp today was 45 or 46, car said one, house said one. Clouds were lurking most of the day and finally settled in early to mid afternoon. its now close to 8 pm, and my temp shows 43.2 at the house. No precipitation so far and I’m wondering if we see anything but rain.
  4. Icing on branches, gutters, grill cover near Boone this morning.
  5. It’s snowing here in Eden, dime sized flakes coming down. Well, it didn’t last long but it was nice to see it snow.
  6. Well it’s Thursday evening at 10:45. My kids have been inside all week studying for exams that were to start this week. Exams were cancelled and school was cancelled tomorrow. They are outside for the first time sledding and having a blast. It’s amazing that they are able to enjoy this snow at this point.
  7. All sleet now, temp up to 31.5 and another cypress down as the first one was being cut up. Edit Snow is mixing in but flakes are tiny.
  8. 15” so far, all snow. Power has gone off a few times but came back on after 20 minutes. 25 ft cypress down across the driveway; missed a car and the garage by inches. This is truly an amazing event at any point, let alone before the middle of December.
  9. We had no ice this morning off of Russ Cornett and Poplar Grove at 4000 ft. Went down Russ Cornett to Winklers Creek to go into Boone and was shocked by the amount of ice on the trees.
  10. I’m above The Cottages and there’s nothing on the ground up here. Still tiny flurries falling though.
  11. Small flurries here as well, off Poplar Grove and Russ Cornett. Should have said I was in Boone, not Eden.
  12. Second tornado warning for the eastern part of the county.
  13. Can anyone give me information on Rockingham County? Tornado siren went off but we can’t find any info for where is it or where it’s headed.
  14. I know IMBY posts are frowned upon. I am confused though after reading the last page on Michael. Some posters say for NC the NW side of the storm will have a tornado threat, which goes against what I thought I knew about being NW of the center. I was happy to be in the NW portion, Rockingham County, until I read those posts. Another post says the worst weather will be east of the central piedmont. Is there reason to discount the NAM? What’s the general consensus? I wasn’t too worried, just expecting rain and maybe some wind. Now I’m wondering if I was too hopeful. And yes, if you can’t figure it out, I’m terrified of tornadoes.
  15. Solak posted a link for NWS Raleigh latest briefing with graphics. Does RNK have this? I didn’t see it when I looked earlier. Many times RDU posters have shared this type of link and I would like to know how to access the RNK site if they put out these briefings for our area.
  16. Rain and sleet here. Snow trying to mix in now but still mostly rain.
  17. And never mind, I retract the above post...Rockingham and adjoining counties are included.
  18. This isn’t a current weather observation, but a NWS observation. I find it interesting that all counties around me except one east and one west are under WWA. That’s all.
  19. Thunder, lightning, and sleet at 38 degrees.
  20. Thunder and 38 degrees here in Eden. And it’s sleeting with thunder and lightening...