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  1. Is it possible that the longer this activity continues, the more pressure builds up leading to a bigger eruption?
  2. That may have something to do with the release from the Rock Mount reservoir this past Sunday. Not sure why they did it unless they had to perform maintenance. Not discounting your point though. A steady East wind will back it right up.
  3. Four mobile homes burned up in a trailer park north of Tarboro. It looks like it was spread by the gust front ahead of the storm in that area.
  4. 3.8 inches so far in Pikeville. The ditches are full and it's still raining moderate to heavy at times.
  5. My wife just texted me saying that there were sleet pellets mixed with the light rain in Pikeville at 43 degrees.
  6. This is now confirmed by Helicopter. 60-70 foot wide break in the retaining wall with lots of water rushing into the Neuse River.
  7. Just got a report that the large cooling lake at the Lee Power Plant west of Goldsboro has failed. Not sure yet what impact that will have.
  8. Just left from that bridge. It is closed and the water is about 2-3 feet from the metal beams under the bridge. Its about the same distance from topping the Princeville dike. The floodgate on the CSX railroad on the dike is closed. Parts of east Tarboro are beginning to flood.
  9. Just saw on the City of Rocky Mount Facebook page that they have no intentions of releasing water from the dam at this time. I suppose that will help down stream areas out some.
  10. Heard that they were going to release water from the Rocky Mount reservoir. I'm not sure how to find out if that's true or not.
  11. 13 reports of trees down along with several fires due to lightning and a few flooded roads reported to our center tonight. Quite a few power outages as well in Goldsboro and Mt Olive.
  12. That second storm dropped golf balls just west of Fremont per several reports to our 911 center. also a couple of trees down along Hwy 222 Near Fremont.
  13. Got a good dusting in Pikeville. It was a very intense snow for about 15 minutes. It's melting fast though.
  14. Six roads in western Wayne County reported to have high water on them from the earlier band of heavy rain.
  15. 4.3 inches in Pikeville and still raining.