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  1. Another .01" today. Two days of measurable rain in a row for a grand total of .03" in Pikeville NC!
  2. I think the combination of the dry ground and pretty extensive cloud cover messed things up for us yesterday. I definitely had my hopes up since it was during the peak heat of the day. I think it's to the point now of needing a tropical system or a deep tropical fetch for few days to get things back to normal.
  3. The .03" that fell in my backyard yard in Pikeville yesterday brings my monthly total to .35" for the month. Storms have missed my house by a matter of 1-2 miles in all directions over the last 4-6 weeks.
  4. .30" in Pikeville NC which is the biggest 24hr rainfall total that I've had in my backyard since early May.
  5. We had a few hundredths of an inch earlier in Pikeville, now the sun is out and it's a steambath, but at least the wind is blowing.
  6. Only .11" in my back yard in Pikeville. We were missed to the north and the south by three or four different storms.
  7. Question for the group. The attached image is from the 0z NAM3K last night and it was showing snow in the circled area which is south of the 540 line on the map. The image was valid for hour 10 of the model run. Is it possible to receive snow between the 540 and the 546 line like the image shows, or would it be strictly rain?
  8. 3.5" for Pikeville on top of 1/4" of sleet.
  9. 1.70 inches liquid equivalent in Pikeville after .10" of ice accrual this morning.
  10. It could be an interesting weather day in the southeast tomorrow and in Eastern North Carolina tomorrow night.
  11. 0.78" of rain in Pikeville NC. It was nice to have clean air and no dust when I walked outside this morning.
  12. Yeah, several rounds of thunderstorms went through Wilson County, one of which was severe. It was pretty much the only game in town though.
  13. 3.14 inches of rain in Pikeville NC overnight with several roads flooded around the Princeton area of Johnston County.
  14. 1.43" in Pikeville NC yesterday. 6.45" so far this month.
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