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  1. Lot of tree damage in Southern Wayne County from this storm. Trees and minor structure damage being reported. The roof of a school was damaged in Sampson County.
  2. Marginal Risk up for parts of the area tomorrow.
  3. I've heard quite a few reports of sleet in the Tarboro/Rocky Mount area. Even a report of snow mixed in near Scotland Neck in Halifax County.
  4. In a stroke of irony, Rocky Mount released a large volume of water from the reservoir to make from for Dorian's rainwater. In doing so, they created a larger rise in the river than the hurricane did.
  5. 5.25" in Pikeville. The highest sustained wind was 37mph with gusts in the mid 40's. Two downed trees in the neighborhood with 15 trees reported down on roadways in Wayne County per the 911 center.
  6. 2.3" so far with a peak gust of 29mph in Pikeville.
  7. 0.66" in Pikeville. The clouds looked good, but my highest gust was only 28mph.
  8. Here's the closest picture I know of to the Landspout that occurred in Mt Olive NC on Monday. It was definitely on the ground.
  9. This happened in Mt Olive in Southern Wayne County about an hour and a half ago. We received about twenty 911 calls reporting a funnel cloud as well. No reports of damage as of the end of my shift. There are several better pictures and videos of it on Facebook.
  10. 0.85" in Pikeville yesterday evening.
  11. 1.14" in the CoCoRahs gauge in the front yard and 1.18" in the automated gauge in the back yard.
  12. Here's how it looked in Pikeville earlier as the severe thunderstorm moved into Wilson County. This storm was tornado warned when it was in Johnston County.
  13. I finally got a piece of one this evening. My weather station gusted to 30mph and recorded .30" of rain, but there is a tree that may have obscured some of the rain since it was lined up with the wind direction. Plenty of lightning too.