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  1. .65 so far in Pikeville with heavy rain to my west over Johnston County.
  2. 1.86" of rain yesterday evening here in Pikeville and places around me got a good deal more than that. There were quite a few flooded roads in Wayne County as the sun set yesterday.
  3. It gets more interesting the more you think about it. Unfortunately, we have to wait until next year to add to the sample size.
  4. We felt it in Goldsboro NC
  5. So there were at least 15 tornadoes between the February and April severe weather events plus there were likely a few more scattered throughout the year and we've already had a hurricane make landfall in Eastern NC.
  6. Both radar anomalies have reappeared in Wayne and Duplin Counties. Third day in a row. There aren't any fires in the area.
  7. What ever it is, it's back today.
  8. Yeah they said some people had called them. LOL. The funny thing was that another similar area was showing up further south in Duplin County. I was working in 911 yesterday, so we definitely confirmed there weren't any fires/smoke plumes in the area. I guess it's just one of those mysteries of the Earth kind of things.
  9. I saw it as well. We sent a Mt Olive police unit out to the area, but there wasn't any sign of smoke or anything else unusual. The NWS Raleigh office called the center asking the same thing, but we couldn't confirm anything.
  10. 0.30" in Pikeville last night. Much more in Goldsboro. At least an inch if not two with a little bit of minor street flooding.
  11. The Severe Thunderstorm Watch has been extended eastward until 10pm.
  12. SPC is about to extend the watch further east.
  13. A Slight Risk is up for a good portion of the Carolinas and Northeastern Georgia.
  14. 3.3 inches for the week in Pikeville NC.
  15. The CC Drop is still there, but the velocity doesn't look impressive.