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  1. A Slight Risk has been added to the Coast with a Marginal Risk extended inland to Raleigh.
  2. We are seeing a rain/sleet mix in Goldsboro NC.
  3. 1.66" of rain in Pikeville overnight for a three day total of 3.19".
  4. 1.13 inches of rain in Pikeville yesterday and overnight.
  5. The new day one outlook from the SPC maintains the enhanced risk for Eastern North Carolina. The discussion mentions the potential for supercells during the afternoon followed by a squall line later in the evening.
  6. The SPC has upgraded to an Enhanced Risk for Eastern North Carolina now. They seem to like the idea of supercell development in the warm sector ahead of the main line in addition to QLCS spinnups with in that line.
  7. How about a day three slight risk for Eastern North Carolina on Christmas Eve?
  8. Is there a way to tell how much ACE the regular names were responsible for vs how much the Greek names were responsible for?
  9. 5.56 inches in Pikeville NC with quite a few flooded roads. My parents in Tarboro had 10.5 inches for the two day storm total.
  10. It just passed by the Wayne/Johnston County line. The temperature dropped 9 degrees over about a five mile distance. 72-63 degrees.
  11. 1.61 inches of rain in Pikeville, plus we lost power for about an hour due to a downed tree.
  12. Ended up with 1.05" from Beta.
  13. .65 so far in Pikeville with heavy rain to my west over Johnston County.
  14. 1.86" of rain yesterday evening here in Pikeville and places around me got a good deal more than that. There were quite a few flooded roads in Wayne County as the sun set yesterday.
  15. It gets more interesting the more you think about it. Unfortunately, we have to wait until next year to add to the sample size.