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  1. Barbecue shrimp - no barbecue needed!
  2. Scene at the end of my alley. White SUV driven by very young guy going too fast down Nebraska Ave, took right on Nevada and lost control into parked cars. Luckily no injuries. New Range Rover is recent replacement for stolen RR. Haven't seen any plows or salt trucks all day, they were out in droves last week (?) when we had 1".
  3. Freezing rain in NW DC. Decent coating already
  4. Did a small watercolor of kids sledding today at the Carnegie Science Center down the street from me. 2” and ice worked well for the snow deprived!
  5. Don’t think you’ve ever seen me
  6. I can’t believe it’s not butter? Neither can I!
  7. Moderate + snow in NW DC. Sidewalks coated. Nebraska Ave starting to cave. No mixing so far
  8. Saw something strange in the sky last night (bad photo I know - upper band in this is the lower band, ignore cloud below) in Royal Oak MD, photo taken facing west. Went outside after dinner, probably a little after 8 pm and saw what looked like 2 contrails, one right above the other. Lower was more dense and above one lighter and taller (didn’t show up in photo). Then we noticed that they never moved/drifted. Went out to dock to a get a better view and saw that each kept its shape/density and seemed to curve like a halo from each edge of horizon. It finally all faded after about 2 hours. Any one have any ideas as to what this could have been?
  9. Yes -- Thunder in NW. Looks like a train heading this way too.
  10. Yes- nonstop lightning and thunder. This is a great storm for us
  11. Covered porches are the best - have one too. Sat in the garage with my dad watching storms as a kid. The best times!
  12. River running down Nebraska Ave
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