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  1. Yes- nonstop lightning and thunder. This is a great storm for us
  2. Covered porches are the best - have one too. Sat in the garage with my dad watching storms as a kid. The best times!
  3. River running down Nebraska Ave
  4. Great storm in NW. Hail - good winds - white out!
  5. Not a drop in NW DC Grass would really like some
  6. Buckets coming down in NW DC just where those boundaries hit each other
  7. Spotted a Red-Tailed Hawk's nest a couple blocks from home while walking the dog. Incubation 28-35 days; young stay in nest 42-46 days - so something to entertain us during this nightmare
  8. Basically do the same. Left the mail in a box for about 5 days - then finally looked at it and found 4 pieces from DC gov regarding the unemployment benefits I filed. Except I didn’t file so dealing with identity fraud for the second time. No one returns any calls from DC Employment office (know they’re swamped). Bank notified and still have credit alert active from the first fraud attempt. Didn’t need the extra anxiety.