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  1. Got shut out yesterday/last night. But got drilled Thursday, so Im ok. Still awaiting the cooler push just to my north.
  2. Lots of tree damage in my section of Woodbridge. 66 mph at Forest Park HS 2 miles SE of me. Suspected winds were 60+. Sirens/Fire trucks blasting right after that gust front came thru. Then .87 of rain.
  3. Strongest winds here since derecho. Had to be 60ish with the gust front.
  4. Total since Thursday 2.91. Good enough.
  5. Just hit the .5 mark for the day.
  6. 1.74 looks like is gonna do it. Soaker for sure.
  7. 1.65 thru 2pm.
  8. 1 1.12 so far. Great start.
  9. 2.23 sums up the rains since midnight. Sun trying to come out. Woo storms later?
  10. Crazy rates. Just eclipsed 2 inches since midnight. Creek behind the house ready to give up. Nice dry punch heading toward us.
  11. 1.67 so far and pouring. No thunder or lightning. Just a gusher. Sump pump cranking.
  12. Lots of bees this year. Everywhere. Maybe it's my imagination but it looks like it. 84 already. Breezy tho.
  13. Hot. Dry and smokey from the Quantico fires.
  14. I am south east of Manassas. Dime-sized hail with the onset of the rain then just heavy rain and a few gusts to around 50 miles an hour
  15. 1.3 so far...