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  1. Not really. The Woodbridge jackpot of 2" is never going to Pan out.
  2. Big time fog In the low spots this morning.
  3. Got to 79 this afternoon. Enough already.
  4. Was around Harper's Ferry yesterday...MEH. Still looks 10 days/2 weeks until peak.
  5. The NBA has become more watchable in recent years, but still a tough watch for 3 1/2 quarters. Unless you are at the game, within 30 feet from the court, it's hell. NHL and NBA will be fine because they stay in their lane, rarely overreaching. Same with MLB. Now, the NFL best be careful. Cut out that EURO nonsense, make the game day experience less hectic and more affordable and reign in your players. Soccer? We can't even qualify for World Cup. No one cares, I guess.
  6. 36.5 and patchy frost. Turned the heat on in the house to 70.
  7. 46, light wind. Beauty.
  8. Pleasantly surprised at the coverage of rain this morning. Already .24 in the books.
  9. .28 since Tuesday. Kinda missed all the good downpours, but I will take it. Still under an inch over the last 5+ weeks.
  10. 0.00 so far. Not too shabby. 73/71.
  11. Looks like my .68 2 day total was one of the lowest. Not surprised. Jeb nailed it, once again.
  12. .11 yesterday, .54 so far today. Pretty much what I expected. It's nice that it rained.
  13. Up to .09. That quick hitting shower that rode 95 gave me .06. Wooo hoooooo. Ok.
  14. .03. It's partly sunny now. Feels like Miami.
  15. .02 so far. 74/70.