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  1. The Raleigh crew is beaten down. Screw zone this winter. Hampton Roads/NE NC above climo (I average 3.5/year. Got about 12 so far) so it's house money for us now.
  2. Hampton Roads a consistent 3-5 inches. Forecast was spot on.
  3. 32 with moderate snow. Wet coating on grass but pavement starting to slush. 2 warning events in a week. Wild.
  4. I'm on the coast of NC near VA border. I can verify. NE winds picked up very quickly. Moderate snow. 34/32. Coating.
  5. Snow has made it thru Chesapeake and is now to the NC border from South Mills to Moyock. Still rain at my place. But Not for long. 36.5/33. Temps need to crash before anything fun happens.
  6. I agree with you. Drying up over head. Coastal.
  7. Echos popping in SEVA/NENC. Just over the last 20 minutes. I have a heavy rain shower right now which was preceded by nothing. That might get the South Side toward Richmond going a little bit and enhance places further west/north. Short-term mesos are having a hard time keeping up with the challenging setup. Sure the expected areas are going to get what they're supposed to but there may be a wrinkle or two somewhere in this subforum. 38/31.
  8. Awesome or a big letdown. I'm leaning toward the latter. Going to be tough to get that Coastal going in time for us. Most likely get a few hours of wind-driven light snow on the backside after she blows up north of our latitude. We actually may be in that no snow screw Zone. Time will tell. No big deal either way. One thing is a guarantee is that wind will be fierce.
  9. Hi. My name is CtrTim. I'm here for you!
  10. We on the immediate coast still in the game, for now. Eastern Hampton Roads, Northern OBX may see a few inches. Expectations are low, as they should be down this way.
  11. CntrTim85 Posted 5 minutes ago lol I got banned from the MA page. And then banned from AmericanWX all together. Like I can't just use an incognito tab and use one of my other 13 names on WX. Anyways, looking good for SE VA/NE NC!
  12. It all depends where you go and what kind of vehicle you're in. If you have an elevated four by four truck you can pretty much conquer anything. But if you only have 3 days I wouldn't go any further then a hundred miles or so.
  13. Not necessarily. If anything it may go further east. Goal posts are narrowing. When you need the West trend inside three days there's time but with no blocking its doubtful. Hope I'm wrong.
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