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  1. It's not a myth or Urban Legend. Unbelievable.
  2. I feel for you. I'm on the sound side in Currituck and it's been brutal. We had the same thing 2 weeks ago when it rained everyday all week long. It's a bummer for the folks that spent all that money to get down here. May be able to salvage Thursday and Friday, fingers crossed.
  3. Saturday is now looking completely dry and Sunday should feature periods of dry weather as well. Friday night looks wet
  4. I am in Northeast North Carolina and I can see it. Pretty crazy.
  5. I knew they'd be the JACKPOT as I predicted in my predictions. I feel good about this one.
  6. Maybe they can use the extra resources they don't have to spend on the pool and apply it to the sewer systems and drainage issues they have there. Are they keeping the Tennis Courts open?
  7. We were saturated with rain until about May 7th. Then it got cold then dry so much that the Bermuda that started to wake up earlier this month stopped growing
  8. We've been dry for about 10 days straight prior to Arthur. This was an over performer in my area of North Carolina as relates to precipitation amounts. Nice and gusty too but nothing more than an average storm. Much needed for lawns.
  9. DCA: .76 BWI: .58 SBY: 1.98 HGR: .71 TB (Max wind at SBY in mph): 37
  10. Not all curry is Indian. My wife makes tasty Japanese curry dishes. Different for sure. Same general ideas, but a bit less pungent. Look up some recipes. HMart has several premixed products of varying tastes and spice.
  11. Those days of chasing tumbleweeds on scorched Earth are done for you. For your sanity I'm glad you made the move. For the comedy I'm a little sad.
  12. How do you like the new house/neighborhood??
  13. NHL appears to be in serious Jeopardy. Wouldn't it be something is Ovechkin came up just short of Gretzky because this season was shortened or cancelled? Not a capitals fan but I want to see him do it. It was a crapshoot as it was. I gave him a 50% chance. Now I'm not so sure.
  14. It's too bad the covid-19 thread closed. Regardless of the bickering back and forth, I found it very helpful and informative. Forum members were sharing very good information that was not easily discovered or disseminated by formal news outfits. But In fairness, I'm not a moderator nor do I see what goes on behind the scenes. Maybe it was getting uglier than it looked. Anyway it was fun while it lasted.