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  1. Nothing for me. 69/52 Is nice tho for 9pm, 1/3rd the way thru summer. 2 more months to go and we are in the clear.
  2. I missed the clouds and sprinkles, shocker. But got down to 55 anyway. Need a rogue pm shower.
  3. 54 this morning. Beauty. Makes this drought bearable. Backyard is half dead. Only weeds growing now. Moisture/storm fail for June 2017. On to July...or MAYBE something tomorrow???
  4. .11 for an event total of .36. Monthly total .39. That's it.
  5. Looks pretty good for some quenching rain. Maybe .25-.50, but that's fine.
  6. Got .25 this morning. First real rain of the month, 23 days in. By sunrise it was dry already. Barely looked like it rained. My area is so parched.
  7. Got a whopping .07 inches of rain. Cruel joke.
  8. Final total .07. Screwjob City.
  9. Got .04 so far. No joke. Colossal failure here.
  10. Storm missed me. Praying for remnant showers on the back end of the line. Congrats everyone else.
  11. Had .10 total. Funny thing, I was at the edge of a heavy shower. I saw it pouring across the street and in my cul de sac but it never made it to my house. 80 feet or so. Unreal. I was watching from my window the ponding some of my neighbors enjoyed. I had crumbs. They had the cake. I told my wife it was a cruel joke. She called me a loser. I retreated to the basement and drank.
  12. .05. Thats it. Again, the heavy shower approached, wiggled, then died...only to refire northeast of me. Total crap.
  13. RAIN on my doorstep. I cant believe it. What can go wrong now??
  14. I need some of this water. Missed everything last night and this mornings 'complex' dried up 3 miles from my house. Saw nothing. Does the HRRRRRR have this stuff slipping east?
  15. Barely any lawn growth this week. Burned thatch in the backyard. Tumble weeds growing bigger. The drought is in full effect. Need a shower or 2 badly.