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  1. Stormpc

    2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season Tracking Thread

    Crazy wind and rain. Wish you guys could experience this. MUCH worse than what I thought it would be. Getting gusts 50 to 70 mph now.
  2. Stormpc

    Category Five Hurricane Dorian

    Yep. Agree there. Wish you were the bait.
  3. Stormpc

    Hurricane Dorian Banter Thread

    Just saw that presser with the Dr. The Most Honorable PM of The Bahamas. I swear it reminded me of Baghdad Bob.....nothing much to see here....most buildings little to no damage...infrastructure in place....locally sourced response...and this was after saying it was a generational disaster. Made no sense.
  4. Stormpc

    2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season Tracking Thread

    The locals say it was Isabel. At least in the last 25 or 30 years. And of course of the flooding from Matthew in the VA Beach area. The biggest storm I personally went through was Gloria in 1985. Eye crossed over my house on LI.
  5. Stormpc

    2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season Tracking Thread

    I'm under a hurricane watch right on Currituck sound. Still not anticipating anything more than 60 mile per hour gusts. That's nothing for this area. But the locals down here close down everything. I was here for Florence. We got one rain band that lasted 20 minutes and that was about it. Things were shut down for three or four days. And there was nothing happening.
  6. Stormpc

    2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season Tracking Thread

    Please, No. Any graphics?
  7. Stormpc

    August Banter 2019

    Kuzi in some BIG TROUBLE. What is the NHL going to do about this Fiasco?
  8. Stormpc

    2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season Tracking Thread

    Re: Hurricane Bob...I was working at Islip airport on Long Island the day the storm passed just to our East. It was pretty much a big nothing. We saw one tree down in Holbrook area but that was about it. It rained, but nothing terrible. Obviously New England took a more direct hit. The Euro has a little something off the coast early next week. Let's hope it picks up soon
  9. Stormpc

    August Banter 2019

    He had another 15-20 pitches left in him. Poor move by slow Davey. Sometimes managers make moves just to make moves and feel like they are contributing to the game. This one was once again a very moronic decision. They're not going to go anywhere this year regardless of where they finish. If they make it to the wild-card game, they will lose. If they somehow win the division, they will lose the division series.
  10. Stormpc

    August Banter 2019

    Davey is a poor manager. Makes dumb decisions. Cant manage the pen. Killed Doolittle...throws Grace out there to get pummeled almost every outing (Davey...Grace sucks) and plays Gomes waaayyy to much. Good guy, bad skipper.
  11. Stormpc

    August Discobs 2019

    Stephen's City in the crosshairs...NPZ gonna be happy.
  12. Stormpc

    July Discobs 2019

    Same thing happened to me. Mine was worse though. I took the course and they were supposed to mail everything. Apparently Babs never got to it so I wasted the whole evening at Mary Washington in Arlington sometime in the mid-2000s. That's all for nothing. I never bothered following up.
  13. Stormpc

    July Discobs 2019

    Storm over Currituck sound looking North toward Knotts Island.
  14. Stormpc

    July Discobs 2019

    I like that little outflow that has set up and is fairly stationary between central PG County out west through Warrenton. That may fire any minute.
  15. Stormpc

    July Discobs 2019

    I made a permanent move to North Carolina. Closing on the sale of the house in Woodbridge next week. I am gone for good. Hopefully I get to experience a few more tropical events being that I'm right on the coast in the northern Outer Banks. I also don't have to fret and worry about every disappointing snow event that misses us. We just don't get any thing much down there. Whatever they get it's a bonus. I will still follow this for him though since I've known most of these people for 15 years or so. Plus it's the most entertaining.