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  1. Low 37 High 54 currently 46 on the Sound. Chilly. Another good weekend rain coming up and we should be in much better shape regarding the drought. Weekend heat and humidity spiked the weed growth within the Bermuda that is already dormant. Going to have to cut one more time
  2. Got down to 23 right on Currituck Sound in Currituck. Been here since 2018. Not many days register a low temperatures under 25 around here. Pretty impressive
  3. 2.44 for the event do far. Gonna eclipse 2.5in. Nice system. Not over
  4. I got a trace, so far. Not enough to wet the road. Mine should come later but so far a big nothing. Pretty trifle actually. 63°. Relatively light wind. Some gusts but nothing much. Interested to see if we get some elevated storms after 2:00 or 3:00 a.m.
  5. This is so true. Been gone for 5+ years. Still do business and have property and family in the area but it is so much more miserable and prickly there than most places. There's no room for patience or understanding anymore. Haven't followed Capital Weather Group outside of reposts here in a very long time. Once they started hedging their snowfall predictions I was out.
  6. Low of 52 brief high of 65 then low 60s rest of day. VERY dry. Bermuda going dormant
  7. BWI: 16.1 DCA: 13.8 IAD: 11.6 RIC: 3.7 SBY: 11.3
  8. My yard hovered right around 32 from 2am to 6am. Heavy frost. Calm winds right on the shore did it. Growing season over. Nice time of year.
  9. Still getting a good amount of rain this afternoon coming in from the ocean. Much heavier than depicted on radar. Pouring actually. But showery. Friday/Sat am 4.35 in Didn't rain Saturday afternoon Saturday night and all day Sunday until overnight Monday overnight/morning .31 About .14 with last shower. Still coming. Feels a lot nicer though and mugginess is finally dampened by the cooling breezes and rain.
  10. Means needs to go at least 6. Biggest start of his career. But last night they got snake bitten. Some poor fielding on bad luck plays. Santander and Henderson make those plays Os win.
  11. Leave now!! I'm 50 Mi south of Norfolk and it's cranking already. Definitely becoming more tropical. My dew point this morning was 61 now it's up to 69. Get down here!!
  12. That's awesome enjoy the week ahead. Close to that area of Norfolk is expected to experience significant flooding during tomorrow's high tide after about 4:00 p.m...there will be some moderate flooding in the morning. Stay out of that area until you have to go on the cruise sunday. Safe travels that's not going to be easy.
  13. We'll have plenty of rain between now and midnight it won't matter. It's a fire hose coming off the Atlantic right now. Pouring on the coast and well inland. It wouldn't be bad to get dry slotted in this case. Two or three inches is plenty. Who knows how this is going to play out. The one given is the next 6 to 10 hours of moderate to heavy rain. That's good enough. And limited power outages
  14. We need some soil soaking rains here in Northeast North Carolina badly. It's been very dry. Just really hope the wind doesn't get too ratcheted up. Tides will be interesting in the usual spots but particularly up in Norfolk and some of the lower areas.
  15. These late season games when you're trying to wrap up a division or a grind. Anybody (as ROM proved) can shut you down. Just bad luck the past two nights. I don't see any Funk or trend. They'll come out tonight with a very good chance to win with their best starter going for them. And you can take positives from the last two games as well. Means coming back looked decent. And Gibson had his 2nd good start out of last 3 so that's a nice trend. A little luck and some timely hitting and they could put some distance between the two clubs. Prediction, O's win 3 of 4.
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