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  1. Judge Reinhold was in a precarious situation there. The Cars were the greatest beneficiary from that scene.
  2. Same here. My Bermuda is still dormant but the chickweed and hen pen is kind of rampant. I'm going to hit it with fertilizer in the next day or two. Some weed and feed variety. Then once the Bermuda gets going it'll crowd out all of the weeds. But that is usually May before it greens up. Anticipating a much earlier start, although it was below freezing for 8 hours Friday night/ Sat morning (26 for a low).
  3. Usually the last cut is just after Halloween. The ground never froze more than a few days back in early December I think. I have Bermuda grass down here on the coast so it's still dormant but ready to pop. However the mixed in Rye and weeds have been growing all winter long.
  4. February. Most of us are on the third or fourth cut
  5. Good luck. And congratulations. Drought-stricken Stephens City thanks you as well. You know that drought thing you have going on is likely to follow you to your new house. Which incidentally is in a downsloped Mountain Shadow Desert as well. I looked at the annual maps and that place is the driest in the region. It is a beautiful part of Virginia though. Cheers to you and enjoy.
  6. Wxlover is right about the truss spacing. But most of these older homes were built in the 40s and 50s or earlier and used stick-built roof systems with wood that came from local Mills. The heavy hard stuff that you can't find anymore. And most of them have 1x4 wood slat/ panel roof sheathing not the standard 5/8 inch plywood. Many of the homes have 7/12 to 12/12 pitches BUT most of the front or rear porches have far less pitch and tend to collapse if not maintained after a heavy snow that doesn't blow away.
  7. I lived in Oswego County for seven years. I am an avid snow lover. I got tired of it. Saw more snow than I ever needed. Was up there during the 1992-1993 season where we had over 300 inches in my area. I decided I couldn't take it anymore and moved down to Arlington the following year. So snow does have a shelf life for sure to some people. Especially when you get too much of it.
  8. Definitely stay on 11. Do not get on 81. Do not get on 81. I wouldn't go any further north than Adams Center. Honestly not sure you can even make it safely North of Pierpoint Manor but give it a shot. Good luck. Be safe.
  9. Nice Reaper Man!! See if you can get a hotel and re-position yourself up in Adams or Adams Center. I think the jackpot will be in that area. It's slim pickings though re hotels but there should be something available. And you can take your time and crawl up Route 11 without having to worry about stranding yourself on I-81. Good luck. Keep the pictures coming.
  10. 60% chance of 70 degree temps!
  11. I guess the Djoos is finally loose. He stunk anyway.
  12. Yes but they extended his contract for several years so it won't be a rental at least.
  13. Judging by the moves every other team is making I think the ISLES have gotten the best one
  14. Exactly. Or go to an Olympic-sized rink and open it up a little bit. Sometimes it feels like with the players getting so large there's no room to do anything creative.
  15. Pages 13 and 14. The 2nd rant is a work of art.