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  1. DP at my house in Currituck North Carolina is 82. It's awful. Hopefully you guys fare well today and don't get any real heavy storm damage.
  2. He sucked. The Vets took over the helm, and thats not good. No respect. Look for a big name like Galant, Laviolette or BOUDREAU. Yes....Gabby is in the running.
  3. Rierdon era is over. They got smothered. He had no answer. They actually dominated game 4 and only won by one goal. ISLES!!!!! LGI!!
  4. ISLES!!!!! Caps had a chance even though they were outplayed most of the game. Good game.
  5. Nice!! I grew up on LI and lived in NOVA for 25 years. Doing my last 10 years of employment in NC. I feel more attached to the DC area than the meat heads in NY.
  6. They can't match up 5 on 5 rolling 4 lines. At least so far. They are getting outworked.
  7. Not a big deal around this way. I had a 68 mph gust 40 miles south of Va Beach. .89 in of rain. Only damage in this region was from small spin ups.
  8. Exactly. Then they adjust and go back towards their heading. Its fascinating.
  9. That blasted through my area in Northeast North Carolina a few hours ago with very impressive winds. I was shocked actually. Dumped almost 3/4 an inch of rain in about 20 minutes. According to most of the global models that's about all I should receive from this event. Obviously that's going to be incorrect. Can't wait to see some heavy rain reports from the DMV. Break out the choppers!! I'll be on the lookout for tornadoes in my area.
  10. That's good information DCT. I'm down here in Hampton Roads and no one has any idea where to go to get tested. Scheduling through their own doctor takes over a week. Resources are much greater furthet north obviously.
  11. No one wants to hear what these buffoon athletes say on the field. They've tried that a thousand times and all you get is one or two sound bites per game. Nothing worthy of any effort to mic these goons up. Less is better. We don't need to hear anyting from the field.
  12. Norfolk 102 at 4pm. Nuts
  13. Mosquito Joe needs to drop his napalm on that entire region. I've never seen so many mosquitoes in my life. Leaving there right now.