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  1. I tell people about you and your aridity issues. Makes me laugh. And feel bad at the same time.
  2. Because you can die.
  3. It's family money....
  4. You guys should have never let Barry Trotz leave. Biggest mistake in DC sports.
  5. Almost, Yoda. Isles 5-1 against Pittsburgh in playoffs. So much more talent you would figure better results. They are soft. Got beat up. Goalie sucked too. Better team won.
  6. Penguins talk is drying up in here faster than Cape's bog.
  7. Had mild to mod flue symptoms for 36 hours. Wife had nothing. I was surprised because I never get sick. Number 2 in a few weeks
  8. Agree with this. But when someone extends their hand I'm obligated to extend mine as well. I don't want to show any form of disrespect. Maybe stupid, but it's my practice. I'm in a similar industry to losetoa6. In hundreds of homes and businesses and perform the same rituals. Getting my vaccine tomorrow.
  9. Good job to keep pace with the Isles.
  10. I'll take the over....like 61-64 wins. Tough call though
  11. And it's only $28 bucks for 4.
  12. Cordless in the early 80s changed everything. Except you would break the antenna within a month. And you'd have to put aluminum foil on the nub just to get reception.
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