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  1. I don't have much to add except don't get too wrapped-up with interviewing tactics and flood your mind with unnecessary stress. Just be yourself. Don't try and squeeze into the 'mold. If you are the right person for the job you will be considered. Otherwise have fun exploring and testing the waters. Good luck.
  2. Was in Stephens City proper, today. I can report it was MUCH drier than most areas in Va I have been through the past week. Even my yard is still wet-ish from recent rains. I think that Big mountain in the distance that stand out south toward Front Royal robs the moisture. Who knows. Ha!!! Epz Land is a desert.
  3. I've received .32 so far. Certainly on the lower end. Shocker.
  4. .85 TOTAL. I escaped the 3.5-4 inch amounts by a few miles to my east and north in Dale City and Lake Ridge. Grass is ridiculously high.
  5. I received .74 so far. Areas in Dale City and Lake Ridge got between 3.5 and 4.0 and counting.
  6. A PWS 3 Miles to my north got 1.86. These are heavy rainers for sure.
  7. I am under a RED core on radar but NOT A DROP. Strange. I'm in the sw corner of that storm. Edit: Heavens opened up near the tail end of the storm.
  8. Are we back in business??
  9. Isabel Derecho Earthquake and aftershock 2 nights later Centreville tornado in 1996
  10. Yes. I didn't even consider the annihilation factor as a relates to seasonal norms. Its early. Give me a break. Actually, They should probably consider moving that sensor off and away from the airport runways at DCA. Probably a good time to consider that. Maybe someplace in Front Royal or Frederick Would-be better. Where's Tenman? 56 for a low this morning. Beauty.
  11. Let's just hope the end of the month into September doesn't flip and bite us in the a$s with a stretch of mid 90s. That would be a nice goodbye kick in the chops.
  12. Picked up another .05 0vernight. Total 1.76. Needed. Now it's time To lay some fertilizer down to kill the weeds then seed in a few weeks to grow the fall grass. School starts in a few weeks as does the NFL. Things are turning thankfully. The worst is certainly over.
  13. 1.71 for me. That's enough. No severe tho anywhere close. For now.
  14. .72 so far. 1-2 is a good estimate in final for most of us.
  15. I am not sure totals will be that impressive. The radar looks a lot worse than the actual bite. Driven through the heavy showers from Alexandria through Lorton and Woodbridge and it's only moderate at best.