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  1. Had mild to mod flue symptoms for 36 hours. Wife had nothing. I was surprised because I never get sick. Number 2 in a few weeks
  2. Agree with this. But when someone extends their hand I'm obligated to extend mine as well. I don't want to show any form of disrespect. Maybe stupid, but it's my practice. I'm in a similar industry to losetoa6. In hundreds of homes and businesses and perform the same rituals. Getting my vaccine tomorrow.
  3. Good job to keep pace with the Isles.
  4. I'll take the 61-64 wins. Tough call though
  5. And it's only $28 bucks for 4.
  6. Cordless in the early 80s changed everything. Except you would break the antenna within a month. And you'd have to put aluminum foil on the nub just to get reception.
  7. 2004 was awful in Falls Church/ Fairfax, Mclean....but no brood south of Clifton/ Manassas. The southern burbs got it good in 2012 or 2013 ( can't remember when) Either way its horrifying. You always had the feeling there was one hanging onto your collar or the back of your shorts. Because you really couldn't feel them unless they were crawling on your skin. A lot of women had them wrapped up in their hair. Kind of funny but ultimately creepy.
  8. I did 22 years there. Going to snow this morning in the bridge. Hopefully it sticks. It's the sleet capital of the Mid-Atlantic. It can be snowing in every direction outside of Woodbridge. Doesn't matter. Sleet City.
  9. It looks like round 2 will happen SW VA lighting up as new low getting together off SC coast. May scrape just east of 95.
  10. It's a diverse crowd here; young (teens) and old, like Howard. Some may get it, others won't. This is a 40+ year old-centric board. You know it.
  11. That's a given. Especially if your office is the first in the region to issue them.
  12. 4 pm Temp on Monday, 2/15 DCA: 43 DFW: 19 DEN: 21 Low temperature for Tuesday, 2/16 DCA: 34 DFW: 7 DEN: 10
  13. Right on schedule if not a little sooner change over for the Richmond area. That's great to see.