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  1. Final daily total .46. I'm not mad, but not a gust of wind, rumble of thunder or lightning. If you told me beforehand this was going to be a normal day with some showers preceding a weak cold front I would have not known the difference. On to the next one.
  2. A Big Nothing here west of Woodbridge. Like really nothing. Radar looks MUCH worse than ground truth. At least from what I have experienced all day. Under 1/2 inch of rain as well.
  3. It's actually the brightest it has been all day here in Woodbridge with the rain coming to an end. I can already see breaks in the clouds to the Southwest.
  4. That's like saying you are somewhere between Washington DC and New York City. I'm embarrassed for you.
  5. Something interesting just west of Farmville Va. A little rotation.
  6. Stormpc

    April Banter 2019

    Sorry Penguins fans...Barry and the Isles wiped you out in 7 days. LGI!!!!!!
  7. Stormpc

    Mid-Atlantic winter 2018-19 snowfall contest

    Congratulations to Olaf. I will add to this, my concession and look forward to next years contest. Thanks again PFDKWx and Roger and Rodney. Well played.
  8. Stormpc

    General Severe Weather

    Frequent CG lightning. I suspect the gusts were around 40-ish at its height. Good start to spring
  9. Stormpc

    General Severe Weather

    Its humid as hell. Over here in Currituck. At least those frozen wins off the sound we've had the past several days are gone. 83 degrees. Haven't turned on the AC yet but it's starting to get warm in the house.
  10. Stormpc

    Mid-Atlantic winter 2018-19 snowfall contest

    I'm ok if things end up as final. I will retire from Mid Atlantic Region board with a Championship in 2017 and a tiebreaker loss (2nd place) in 2019. A great run. Now if they post a contest in the Southeast region for next year I will enter that.
  11. Stormpc

    April Banter 2019

    I never understood why Ted kept him along for all this time. He's total garbage. The organization has greatly underachieved. Even with a few Marquee players they still struggled. Need to clean house. Still, better than my New York Knicks. What a disaster.
  12. Stormpc

    April Discobs 2019

    SLEET in Woodbridge
  13. Stormpc

    March Banter 2019

    Great pitching duel. deGrom just a bit better than Max. Jacob has been historically great on this current run. Helped out by poorly coached Nats who can't ever run the bases correctly. Orioles may not win much more than 45 games.
  14. Stormpc

    March Discobs 2019

    Sunny in Woodbridge. Move along. Nothing to see here!!! Good stuff folks. Keep the pics coming
  15. Stormpc

    March Discobs 2019

    Winds took a temporary break out here in the lowlands of the Piedmont. They were quite Gusty and Punchy before the sun came up but pretty much a non-factor so far. I suspect they come roaring back within the next hour or 2.