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  1. Nice job PSU. Good to see you and the family had nice time to unwind. Now get your a$$ back on that medium/long term thread. Your party time is over. Andiamo!
  2. Getting snow flurries down here in northern Currituck from the bay streamer over SEVA /NE NC. 3rd day this season I have seen flakes. Compared to ZERO last winter, it's a WIN. My 2 inch climo average is still not at risk though.
  3. They look like the Jets. Rodgers is a db, so I'm happy he's crapping all over himself.
  4. I dont think Ava's 2-4 along the MD line is going to work out. 1-2 TOPS. More like 1. There will be many more opportunities to come sooner than later.
  5. Probably the best storm outside lake effect I experienced. Lived between Syracuse and Oswego and got 52 inches. Winds were sick. Drifts 15 feet were common. Lived in an apartment building on the ground floor. Snow-covered all of our windows and we weren't to see out for several weeks.
  6. I think the top two on every station are usually Mets. Some go deeper. Larger markets employ degreed meteorologists. For the most part, unless you are a Fox affiliate.
  7. The snow plow/brine boys are really juicing up the storm thread. Ready to poke my eyes out.
  8. I will be perfectly happy with an Outer Banks coastal scraper to the chagrin of 99.98 % of the rest of the board. Wouldn't that be something? Suppression is the only way us NC coasties can get into anything decent.
  9. It's a tiebreaker question with only ONE answer, hence no others on the board.
  10. OVER OVER OVER....WOW. sorry Ravens fans. This one is going to hurt for a long time.
  11. Jackson is playing like an inexperienced quarterback. Since the start of the game. He is showing his age. They are a long shot now. Its OVER!!
  12. RIP Neal Pert. Incredibly talented. Quite the show man. Was lucky to see them a few times from the 80s through the 2000s. Too young. Best that ever lived x100.
  13. Dorks! You guys are too funny. I saw the 'Hotel' hanging out there and was waiting and wondering if the remainder would follow. Good job.
  14. Old stomping grounds independent Hill 20 minutes ago. Daughter sent me picture.