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  1. You Know Who is going to pop up any minute now....
  2. BWI: 24.7" DCA: 16.4" IAD: 27.3" RIC: 12.4" Tiebreaker SBY: 16.3"
  3. 2 awful coached teams. Horrible stinker of a game. Probably had 35k in attendance.
  4. He will get at least six games. Cleveland's district attorney should consider assault charges as well. Ask Todd Bertuzzi. This was just as bad and could have been much worse if he got crowned by the helmet. Could have killed him.
  5. Bay Effect snow flurries flying outside now. Pretty cool. A lot different from the big silver dollars that were falling earlier. Two days in a row of snow in November is pretty awesome for down this way.
  6. Been a good snow/sleet mix for the past 30 mins. Mostly snow. Right to the Northern OBX. Very impressive for this early.
  7. Sleet mix has made it all the way to the coast in NE NC. I have sleet/rain mix in Currituck. 36/29.
  8. Locals here are calling for Bay effect to pepper Hampton Roads starting later tonight thru mid day. That would be interesting
  9. Looks like a pretty good band is near/over Newport News right now. Too bad we don't have many in this form in the Hampton Roads area.
  10. Down to 38 here in Chesapeake and the bulk of the precipitation hasn't even gotten here yet. Richmond again off to the early lead. Congrats to anyone who has seen flakes. Not bad for November 12th.
  11. Nice! Based on radar it looks like some areas may get a coating. Now move that rain snow line about a hundred miles to your Southeast....Was 60 degrees still a few minutes ago here.
  12. Its inclusionism. This is our Safe Place. Even though some of us are no longer located in the sub-forum area, we may Identify as a Mid Atlantic member.
  13. On the coast of Northeast North Carolina looking for my first flakes of the season late this afternoon or evening. Didn't see one flake at all last year in my area (Currituck). Nothing frozen. Got to 33 a few mornings ago. Living in a place where there is little opportunity really tempers excitement.
  14. The last 2 days were by far the best and funniest days on this regional board in a long time. The maniacs are out and active. Some people are so far gone it's scary we live amongst them. I love this place. Lurkerboy, Vice, Maestro etc. Just to name a few.
  15. Wow you guys are killing it. Good for you. How much did you get yesterday?