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  1. Who would actually believe such nonsense?
  2. Lookin' warm and dry coming up. Is it taboo to say I aint mad?
  3. Someone has to make the sacrifice. Godspeed, IceAge!
  4. "Gonna be 75 and sunny today with a chance of 30 and snow, can't rule out a tornado or 2, and it wouldn't surprise me if it came a gully washer this afternoon"
  5. It's showing near 80 at the end of next week for around AVL. Even if it does cool down, I think cold will be relative to the time of year. In a year where we had trouble getting cold enough in January, it's surely going to be hard in late March, especially when it's pushing 50 all the way up near the Canadian border. I read that rivers in the Dakota's are already above flood stage due to snowmelt. It's really going to be hard for that air to cool enough down south if it's not running across a frozen tundra to our north. I'm not meaning to be a Debbie downer but I just don't see it. Not this year.
  6. It's going to be tough even for the higher elevations. AVL doesn't get out below 40 (even the overnight lows) for the foreseeable forecast and temps have by far and away been our biggest issue this winter even in January, let alone March and April. I say stick a fork in this one, it's springtime for the south.
  7. If you're pumped about a 4 incher, wait until you catch a 20 incher........... wait, we're talking about snow now aren't we?
  8. Been fly fishing all my life. You'll donate just as many flies if not more, to various trees. Lol.
  9. That entire decade from about '99 to '09 was as bad as I can remember.
  10. On a side note Hunter, if I ever see you apologize for a missed forecast again, I am going to come up to Candler and smack you upside the head. Lol. Dude, you were all over this thing and provided an immense amount of knowledge along the way. Thermals screwed up the bottom line but who cares, you forecasted the system very well.
  11. Noticed in the other thread that a poster in Chatanooga said it has dropped 3 degrees in the last hour. It's coming.
  12. His forecast is now in line with nearly everyone else's. Quit being such a contrarian and sit this one out.
  13. 33 in Hendersonville where I work. Snowing hard, not sticking yet.
  14. He’s mad because the high country isn’t the epicenter. Lol.
  15. They’re gun shy on hyping winter weather after all their busts in the upstate. We really need a different representative for the 828.
  16. He’s been on top of this from the start. He said last week that he loved this setup and it’s setting up. He said 3 days ago that these models would correct to a more northern solution with their precip and they did. He said 2 days ago that he liked the NAM and GFS over the Euro, and low and behold did the Euro cave. Hunter has been all over this thing and I’m riding his call map into the sunset. Lol.
  17. The Hendersonville paper has been listening to too much Jason Boyer.
  18. NAM came in juicy and pasted the southern mountains. Slightly warmer but doesn’t look to be an issue here.
  19. Boy do I wish Bob Caldwell had social media when he was forecasting.
  20. I quit following his social media pages. He's the most ho hum meteorologist I have seen and is nearly always a day late and dollar short. At least Chris Justus acts like he gives a damn.