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  1. Wonder why MRX is down playing this?
  2. Very interesting the temp has fallen from 34 at 6:30 to 30 now at 9:23 in Kingsport.
  3. Perhaps redemption for E TN???
  4. Warm nose has made it all the way to the VA line now. Sleet and 34 here.
  5. Moderate snow just began in Colonial Heights and 33 degrees.
  6. We just need all 6 winning lotto numbers. Lol
  7. With no indicators on the left and right of these charts, very hard to determine what is being presented
  8. We still have 24 -48 hours. Things could change. Even if it rains, a beauty of a storm to watch unfold.
  9. I second that. Tired of Sullivan Co getting screwed. lol
  10. AccuWeather says 8-12 inches for Kingsport on Sunday night. Lol
  11. Been a long time since we've had a Clipper
  12. Our local met said it was classic warm nose.
  13. Finally getting some goods in Kingsport. Ground is white, temp is 33.
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