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  1. This morning's 34 will feel quite balmy with tomorrow morning's predicted low of 21! Brrrr
  2. Round 4 or 5, just reached Kingsport. Strongest gusts yet, more heavy rain and several lightning flashes. When the sun comes up it wll be interesting to see how much tree damage occurred from the 2:30 a.m.storm.
  3. Round 2 just went thru Kingsport. 47 mph wind gusts, heavy rain. Easily exceeded the 1/2" predicted for today.
  4. Just had 2 cells move thru Kingsport. One 2 miles to the North brought a deluge, multiple lightning strikes and pea-sized hail.
  5. All the while NE TN will be mid to upper 40s and even 50s all next week. Time to put out grass seed.
  6. Could the warm nose really reach all the way into OHIO? Seems overdone.
  7. Wow look at that convection from the GOM feeding into NC. What a frozen tundra that would be!
  8. So once again the cold gets pushed back for East TN. MRX a.m. disco- "Models are keeping more of the colder air to our north and northeast"
  9. MRX says no frozen precipitation in NE TN Valley this week. Wish it were false, but it is what it is.
  10. MRX put border counties of East TN in a Winter Storm Watch for 3-6 inches. Kingsport 1-3 so that will be a Winter Weather Advisory.
  11. Interesting how often the finger of death shows up in the valley.
  12. Surprise- Snow, sleet, rain and 42 in Colonial Heights.
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