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  1. If anything, you’d think we could squeeze out a decent clipper in this pattern. Seems like back in the day you could count on a clipper to put down a quick, powdery inch or two with this kind of flow. They’re usually not picked up well long range so maybe we’ll get lucky.
  2. BNAwx

    Winter 2017's Last Gasp

    Picked up about 1.5 here just east of Nashville. Still snowing pretty good for now. Nice little surprise!
  3. Certainly would like to see some ensemble support outside of 1 or 2 members.
  4. BNAwx

    1/26/17-1/30/17 Clipper/NW Flow Event.

    Yeah, the northern part of the Plateau is a good place to be with these clipper systems. Wouldn't mind having a little getaway up there.
  5. Yeah, even in Nashville, clippers can still put you in WWA territory. I remember living in Cookeville and in the mid 90's we had one "super clipper" that put down about 5 inches! Regarding the long range, I'm anxious to see if the strat warming will lead to any cold on our side of the globe. To me SSW's are always a crap shoot.
  6. BNAwx

    Southern System 1/5-1/8 2017 OBS

    Got some good returns to my north and west. Bowling Green should be getting a good burst right about now.
  7. BNAwx

    1/5/17-1/8/17 Southern System.

    I've had a few light flurries here east of Nashville but most of the precip up to this point hasn't reached the ground. Hopefully we'll be fully saturated when the next band rolls through.
  8. BNAwx

    1/5/17-1/8/17 Southern System.

    I might need to take a road trip to the in-laws in Greeneville, TN.....
  9. BNAwx

    1/5/17-1/8/17 Southern System.

    Need the first wave to overachieve here in Middle TN. Dusting to 1" would at least get me on the board. I think weekend system will still come back north a little more but it doesn't really look to get going until it's east of here.
  10. BNAwx

    1/5/17-1/8/17 Southern System.

    Yeah, it does bother me that the EPS keeps getting stingier for our area so a more southern solution could be right. As you said, blocking looks pretty good so a full blown cutter looks off the table. I would hope by 12z tomorrow we'll have a good idea of what to expect.
  11. BNAwx

    1/5/17-1/8/17 Southern System.

    I've learned over the years that I'd rather be on the northern edge this far out regardless of climo. We still may end up on the "losing" end but I'd bet dollars to donuts that we've yet to see a final solution.
  12. BNAwx

    1/5/17-1/8/17 Southern System.

    I agree. Sadly, we're probably a couple days away from getting any real consensus at this point. As the ensembles have shown, all options are still on the table.
  13. We've seen this movie before. Lots of time before any solution is set in stone. Fun to watch unfold regardless.
  14. Euro went full on weenie with the blocking...but I agree that they shouldn't have messed with it. I don't want to have to rely on the CMC to deliver the goods..
  15. With the cold relatively close by and somewhat of a split flow, you have to think they'll be some s/w's plowing through that the models can't lock in on until we get closer in time. Whether it does us any good remains to be seen. Personally, I don't mind a "little" SE ridging either as long as it isn't on roids...