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  1. It’s easy to get frustrated. Lord knows I am when talking about MBY. I also know it’s a product of where I live and partly luck-of-the draw. OTOH, I’m glad locations near me (and very near at that) have done ok so far this winter. At least that give me solace knowing that it CAN still snow in this neck of the woods. I’m actually thankful to have at least been in the ballgame this winter with some of the pre-season forecasts that were out there. Hopefully we’ll have a more favorable pattern statewide before winter is over.
  2. Dang. Looks like I need to go south or east if I’m gonna see snow this winter. Must not be livin’ right. LOL!!
  3. I never saw the first flake last night. Dry air was like the Great Wall of China’s at the Williamson/Davidson county line. Depressing but it’s not the first time it’s happened around here. Hoping that Monday’s system can hold together and give us a shot.
  4. Sad thing is, it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve driven SOUTH to see snow...
  5. Guess I need to jump in the car and drive south for about 30 minutes if I’m gonna see any snow tonight. LOL!
  6. Hoping those heavier returns can pivot up to the I-40 corridor around Nashville.
  7. Just getting ready to post that. Seems like several areas in West TN and western middle have changed over.
  8. Yeah. When we’re banana’d by a couple 1030 highs, I see your point...
  9. Hmm. Each model run piques my interest in a possible changeover in my neck of the woods. It’ll be interesting to watch.
  10. Dang near a perfect track. Not worried about minor details at this point.
  11. I recall a recent post from Griteater when he was taking about the upcoming SSWE saying that it’s possible the current blocking regime holds for a while, relaxes and then comes back (paraphrasing if you will). If that happens, perhaps our best shots will be when the pattern reloads. Maybe at that point we’ll have a better cold source to tap in Canada. Wild guess at this point and I’d rather not wait for a pattern reload even if that does occur.
  12. Flurries/Light Snow here just east of Nashville.
  13. Congrats to you folks in East TN. The pics I’ve seen are awesome. Keep ‘em coming!