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  1. Light snow just started again in my neck of the woods. Based on radar trends, maybe another 1/2 inch?
  2. Been pouring the snow here just east of Nashville for close to an hour now. Hopefully we’ll get under some of those returns coming in from the SW as well.
  3. Some pretty fat flakes coming down now and starting to pick up on intensity.
  4. Yeah, finally getting some moderate snow here. Hopefully I'll get enough to insulate the sleet pack....
  5. People have no common sense. When it’s below freezing and there’s stuff falling from the sky, you slow the ef down.
  6. Stepped outside and the roads in my subdivision are already like a skating rink. Lots of freezing drizzle has been falling with a little bit of sleet mixed in.
  7. Yeah. It's been locked in for days. Right or wrong it's waffled less than about any other model. Hopefully it's not on crack.
  8. I'm in one of those whiteout spaces in Davidson Co. Hopefully that'll change a little by next week.
  9. Wouldn't be surprised to see OHX issue a WSW tomorrow if the rest of the 0z models come in favorably.
  10. Awesome. Thanks! Hopefully we'll see the eastward trend continue.
  11. Holston...can you tell how these ensemble members compare to the 0z run? Just curious to see if they trended slightly east as well.
  12. Unfortunately, like most systems this winter, I don’t think we’ll get a good consensus until about 3 days before the even so I’m sure we’ll see more waffles over the next couple of days. I can see justification for more of a NW solution as well as a more southerly/easterly track.
  13. True. That's one factor that can definitely point to a more NW track. Frankly, I'm about 50/50 with this whole setup. Anthony Masiello had a good tweet recently about the movement of the TPV as well that might shed a little more light on how the models might progress. Who knows....?
  14. I'm not so sure the blocking has vanished or will vanish at the timeframe we're looking at (2/15 - 2/17). Again, I could be wrong. I'll be anxious to see where it ultimately ends up.
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