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  1. I’m on the very eastern end of Hawkins Co..actually live in Kingsport and it’s actually fairly clear here cause the moon is showing itself. Partly cloudy..temp is 40. Was 45 about an hour ago.
  2. Picked up probably two inches this morning here in Kingsport.
  3. I am right smack in the middle of Sullivan county..crazy the models all over the place on this one.
  4. I am on the west end of Kingsport and we had thunder snow here...one of the hardest times I have seen it snow in a long time. It thundered and lightning probably 3 or 4 times. The ground and side roads here were covered in a matter of ten minutes. Only lasted about fifteen but man if it had lasted at least an hour we would have had an inch or two possibly.
  5. Well hopefully we will get a fun few days up here in the tri
  6. Powell...I assume this map is tomorrow night, early Sunday?
  7. Late posting, but yes we lost power last night for about four hours here in the Kingsport area. Pretty nasty storm!
  8. Local meteorologist here in the tri cities just now said possibility of up to a foot in spots in the tri cities area. Getting snow now on Kingsport.
  9. Hey Carver I noticed you were in west Sullivan county and that is where I live as well...what’s your predictions on our part of this area?
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