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Found 10 results

  1. Baroclinic Zone

    February 11 Clipper Discussion

    Nice 2-4" refresher on Saturday with the clipper.
  2. Damage In Tolland

    Jan 31/Feb 1 Clipper

    NAM/RGEM deadly combo this winter continue the trends of keeping the low south of LI with long duration light snow into Wednesday. General ideas from the past few days of 1-3 spot 4 amounts..Best may end up being south of I-90 but we'll see
  3. This event is only around 36 hours from first flakes if models are to be believed. GGEM is lighter snows of 1-2 inches but more widespread. GFS has been consistent with heavier totals in all but one of the last 8 runs, but in all but two of those 8 runs, most snows greater than 1 inch occur over terrain areas in the East. Otherwise they are spread out enough to where areas may pick up 3/4ths of an inch from one system, then have it melt and pick up 3/4ths from the second. So even though you see these snowfall totals, it will not likely be reflected at these amounts on the ground at a given time outside the terrain areas. GGEM through Mon evening. GFS through Monday evening.
  4. John1122

    2/16-17 Clipper System

    MRX has WWA and WSW out for parts of the area and discusses accum in other areas, Nashville and Jackson don't seem to be sold. Will the MRX forecast be right? Figure it's better to have a quick thread than to post about it in banter.
  5. DDweatherman

    1/25-1/26 Snow Threat

    Here we go. Thought we would actually have a thread here because of what is going on with the other events but the long term pattern is looking good so there will be more threats after this one to discuss in the LR thread. This is down to almost d4 on the leads. 12z GFS puts .4 QPF for some in CMD, but Euro from 0z last night delivered a good h5 vort track, cold temps (upper 20's, low 30's) as well as heavy QPF. Tune in for more in a little bit.
  6. DDweatherman

    1/21 Redeveloping Clipper Storm

    Phone is going to die soon, and am not by a charger. So, I am going to open this topic and leave it open for later. Superb luck in my life is translating as I said it might. Hope its ok Ian. Lock until its needed. Also someone create a funny subtitle.
  7. Models starting to converge on the likelihood of a cold 1-2" snow in the area Tuesday. Agree with Wes on the potential for 20-1 ratios with cold air in place. <32 for DC for the duration, so enjoy. Upside potential exists with the low pressure developing off the Atlantic coastline.
  8. NorEastermass128

    Jan. 18th "Threat" Observations

    Starting an obs thread for this one. 29.5F Dimly lit moon visible Thinking some flakes to an inch here. More just across the highway.
  9. jamesnichols1989

    Jan 15-17th 2014 "Threat"

    The EURO and GGEM are offshore with the surface low as it redevelops east of Cape May, NJ and heads Northeastward then northward over the BM and east of CHH. GFS is much further west with the surface low track bringing rain over the coastal plain from PVD to BOS and points south and east. Models are waffling and we are within 84 hours of the clipper entering the United States. COld air bleeds eastward after the 15th cutter and a second shortwave amplifies the trough over the eastern US allowing storm on the coast.
  10. NorEastermass128

    12/17 Clipper Observations

    Didn't see a thread for this yet. I figure snow starts late morning for western areas. After noontime for eastern areas. 14.4F / clear & calm