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  1. Microclimates save me I guess. I am 60 miles north of you on the Plateau, which is still well south of I40 and I am at 7 inches so far in July. However, it all came quick hitting downpours, so it still somehow feels like its been a dry month.
  2. Things are a bit better on the central Plateau. It seemed like May was going to be dry, but my area got 2 inches on Saturday/Saturday night. January – 6.68 February – 7.75 March – 5.88 April – 4.63 May – 2.86 2022 Total: 27.8 inches
  3. It hit 30 here on the Plateau. I'm ready to start planting, but am not sure when it will be safe too.
  4. Snow stuck south of Spencer for like ten minutes when it got down to 34.
  5. Temp was 79 3:49 and it is now it is 57 at 4:16 and still dropping.
  6. Temp has jumped fast on the central plateau. Sunny and 75. Humidity at 66%.
  7. 25 degrees and a blustery snow. Flakes aren't huge, but everything is white. Probably at an inch so far. I am thinking I get to 4 inches max here on the middle plateau. Hoping I'm wrong but this system is moving fast
  8. Was 39 degrees at 10pm, 29.5 now. Dropped 5 degrees the last 10 minutes. Still sleeting.
  9. All this plateau getting hammered talk is raising my expectations way too much. At first I was happy with any snow in March, then 2-4 inches seemed great, but now that the RGEM, NAM 3K and RAP are showing my location on the plateau as a possible bullseye, I fear I will be disappointed if we end up only getting what is being forecast by the NWS. The perils of model riding...
  10. Same here. Good snow rate, but temps seem to worm for it to stick.
  11. It is 28 and snowing lightly here. They look like frozen needles.
  12. It has not really been all that wet yet. 0.81 since midnight. Unless the front is supposed to stall, I expect rain will end in the next couple of hours. Temp has dropped 8 degrees the last 40 minutes to 49.
  13. It is 56 and raining pretty good currently. I don't foresee getting any wintry precip from this storm. Which is fine if it was going to be ice.
  14. The cold air really does squeeze out the moisture. It is 29 on the central plateau a with flurries of dime sized flakes. I know we are not expected to get much accumulations this evening, but hoping for an overperformance.
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