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  1. boiler1111

    June 28-July 1 Severe Threat

    Had some hail (penny sized - thankfully not quite the baseball sized we had on 5/20) and some winds I would estimate in the 40-50 mph range out here on the far NE side of Aurora. Thankfully not too bad since most of my block is still getting repairs from that May storm. I was a bit concerned the neighbors contractor had secured everything since they were ripping off siding today.
  2. boiler1111

    January 22-27th Clippers/Hybrids

    Just drove 355 up to 88 and over to Rte 59 from Bolingbrook to Aurora. Was zero visibility in spots. Intense out there.
  3. boiler1111

    Early January Major/Potential Record Cold

    Well - we were without power here for about 2 hours this afternoon with temps outside around -12. House was cooling off pretty quickly without heat but fortunately ComEd got us turned back on. http://napervillesun.suntimes.com/news/power_outage_in_naperville_affects_over_1_500_in_d-NAP-01062014:article
  4. boiler1111

    Early Season Lake Effect and Clippers

    Seeing a few tiny flakes falling in Aurora now...
  5. boiler1111

    Severe Threat June 11-13

    Had a bit of hail. The stones I measured were half inch. Hardly a whiff of wind.
  6. boiler1111

    Severe Threat June 11-13

    Hearing sirens on NE side of Aurora.
  7. boiler1111

    March 4th-6th Winter Storm Part 3

    Got out for a nice run at lunch time today - side roads were slushy - main roads just wet- In the past 2 hours - snow had begun to really accumulate on side roads. Temps have fallen back from 34 to 32 IMBY. Like others are reporting - flake size is small - but it's piling up pretty good.
  8. boiler1111

    March 4-6 Winter Storm pt 2

    NE Corner of Aurora, just south of 88 and Eola Road
  9. boiler1111

    March 4-6 Winter Storm pt 2

    Temp up to 34 IMBY - even side streets here in the burbs are staying relatively clear of accumulation - moved an inch or so off my driveway 40 mins ago - and even with steady light to occasionally moderate snowfall since then - the driveway/sidewalks are staying wet.
  10. boiler1111

    February 25-27 Winter Storm Part 3

    Sleet mixed with some large flakes here in Aurora - temp went from 36 to 33 as precip has begun. Sleet/sidewalks starting to whiten.
  11. boiler1111

    February 6-8th Great Lakes Wintry Storm Part 2

    Had some flakes mixing in about 30 mins ago - but back to rain here on the NE corner of Aurora.
  12. boiler1111

    Western/central member map

    Aurora, IL
  13. boiler1111

    Check-in thread

    Never really posted much other than observations on the other board - but I was having withdrawal over the weekend when I went to it and it was gone...Glad I found this pretty much in tact! Looking forward to a snowy winter and all the insights provided by the members of the forum!