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  1. Quite a few split and damaged pear trees around the neighborhood - eyeballing it we ended up 6 or maybe 7 inches of very heavy wet snow.
  2. Just had a few lightning flashes in Aurora — or transformers popping. 4FBA0AAE-A7FC-4B4C-B4E3-0B2F2474D7D4.mp4
  3. I’ve got some IP with some flakes mixed here on the NE side of Aurora. Temp 34.
  4. Starting to see some ice pellets mixing in just south of I-88 in Western DuPage Co. temp down to 35.
  5. Well - we were without power here for about 2 hours this afternoon with temps outside around -12. House was cooling off pretty quickly without heat but fortunately ComEd got us turned back on. http://napervillesun.suntimes.com/news/power_outage_in_naperville_affects_over_1_500_in_d-NAP-01062014:article
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