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  1. josh_4184

    December 2018 General Discussion

    At about 35" for the year, but almost all of that came late November, have about 5" on the ground but will probably be gone by next week. Long range looking pretty ugly for the next couple weeks horrible pattern.
  2. josh_4184

    Winter 2018-19 Medium/Long Range Discussion

    18z GFS at least showed some life after 240 hours which is pretty useless but its "something", previous runs were showing zilch for pretty much everyone. Hopefully its a trend in the right direction and would coincide with the much talked about cooling trend for end of the month.
  3. josh_4184

    2018 - 2019 Outdoor sports forum

    Not looking all that great for the next couple weeks, hoping it turns around towards the end of the month or Xmas-New Years may be a wash. Haven't even fired my sled up yet....
  4. josh_4184

    2018-2019 LES Season

    Looks good Bo, I only have about 8" otg we lost all of ours from the torch last week, still snowing pretty good with this frontal passage enhancing the LES, but will probably wane as the afternoon progresses and the winds keep veering more NNW.
  5. josh_4184

    2018-2019 LES Season

    Picked up about 4" overnight, may get another 1-2 today, still need a lot more to even think about firing up the sleds.....
  6. josh_4184

    2018 - 2019 Outdoor sports forum

    Yea gonna be a few weeks at least, the past few years we have had decent starts to the season with a torch towards xmas hopefully this year we can get some consistent cold/LES towards end of December into Jan
  7. josh_4184

    2018-2019 LES Season

    Nice! We have been on the outskirts of the storms and LES the past week or so, all the moisture and 850 flow has been not ideal for my area, but still around 28" for the year so far. Just a matter of time until we get our first real LES blast of the year.
  8. josh_4184

    Winter 2018-19 Medium/Long Range Discussion

    Looks pretty active the next couple weeks, may finally get a good blast or two of LES.
  9. josh_4184

    2018-2019 LES Season

    Oh yea, elevation is king, just wait when you actually get your first true LES blast with a 40-60" event should be anytime now for your area. My biggest events I would be lucky to hit 25-30" your area can double that if the conditions are right.
  10. josh_4184

    2018-2019 LES Season

    Nice Glad the tug is treating you well, sure different then Western Michigan eh?
  11. josh_4184

    November 2018 General Discussion

    Im around 24" for the year so far, I wonder where the 69.9" is somewhere in the keweemaw?
  12. josh_4184

    2018-2019 LES Season

    Pattern looks okay, although it is still pretty early in the season especially my area for sustained LES/cold. Usually last week of November through end of Jan is peak for my area before Lake Mich starts to freeze over, probably wont happen this year if the foretasted El-Nino does sustain itself. But either way been a great start to the season but waking up to a temps in the single digits this morning was a little rough!
  13. josh_4184

    2018-2019 LES Season

    Added another 8" today so far, still snowing, have about 12-14" otg right now, still haven't shoveled or snowblowed yet. I was hoping it would melt but don't think that's going to happen anytime soon.
  14. josh_4184

    2018-2019 LES Season

    Picked up about a foot of LES since last Thursday. Looks and feels more like late December than Mid November right now.
  15. josh_4184

    November 8-10 Winter Weather/LES

    Picked up about an inch so far since last night, still had a couple inches on the ground from some LES on Wednesday night. Wouldn't be surprised to see areas around me with 12"+ by Sunday with LES included.