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  1. Glad to see some of you finally getting some LES, been a tough winter already. I picked up about 7" imby, Areas further south and along the shore have seen close to 20" so far. Bad time for NWS APX to lose the radar for Maintenance. Really sucks not being able to track the bands.
  2. Looks like total from both synoptic and LES is around 29" Picked up another 5-6" last night.
  3. Picked up a little snow the past 48 hours. Yes that's my patio table somewhere in all of that.
  4. Picked up about 10" synoptic and another 12-14"+ of LES so far hard to really gauge due to wind and drifting. Took me over 2 hours to clear my driveway using my plow, blower and shovel. Over 60" on the year now. This Pic below of my patio table isn't a true representation of snowfall/depth as its against my house and protected somewhat from the snow. The fence is about 28" high for reference.
  5. Yea was pretty surprised especially for a synoptic event, usually we don't do to well with front end thumps, usually do better in the deformation zone. LES looking pretty solid for a day or so. No complaints, next couple weeks looking pretty sad for most everyone but certainly wont complain about my area. La Ninas for my area are feast or famine, alot of times the SE Ridge cuts most systems to my west torching us but I have had other years where they do well and the clipper train kicks in.
  6. Picked up about 9" so far, looking like may another 1-3" tonight then 6-10" les on the back end. Not to shabby as models earlier were showing more mix/frz. Im pushing 50" for the season so far, 2/3rds of last years total lol. Considering my average is around 160" in my area. Def a great start to the season.
  7. To bad it wont verify for my area. Although I cant complain I have already had 12" event a several 3-6" events. I know it sucks for Eastern Lake belts........
  8. Yea, we did have one but canceled pretty early, one big gripe with APX is they tend to error on side of major caution when it comes to headlines. I cant count how many times we have had warning criteria snowfall without any headlines at all. Up here most folks are just used to it I guess. Pretty crazy how localized this was even for a LES event, major differences only a few miles away.
  9. You guys will get in on the action, Im hopeful all the GL LES Belts do well this year, we certainly deserve it.
  10. Latest Pics just taken, snow finally stopped, snow depth around 8.5" not to bad considering low ratio and high compaction/melting rate.
  11. Yes we had advisories last night, but they expired around 4 today. I'm around 12" for total event now. NWS APX which is about 5 miles to my east reported 11" for the event. Snow depth is around 8: as iits compacted a lot, S/R really low around 9:1 if this was higher around typical ratios for my area during LES of around 18:1 would be looking at a 20" event. Not to shabby for 1st week of November.
  12. Sounds good ill chill over here when I do have time to get on. Nice being around other LES members again. BTW still snowing,, 1-2" per hr at the moment. Lakes really have come to life the past few hours with the weak trough passing though. Looks like about 5-6 otg hard to get a good measurement as its melting from underneath.
  13. Sounds good, didn't want to inundate your forum with Lake Mich/Sup LES if your mainly focused on Erie and Huron but would be happy to add perspective form NWL Mich. Haven't been a huge fan of the direction of the GL Sub so lost a lot of interest.
  14. Haven't seen Bo post in quite some time, him and I chatted a bunch in PM in the past but been MIA.
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