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  1. josh_4184

    2018-2019 LES Season

    It's that time again to fire up the LES Season thread for the Great Lakes area. Although last year I would rate as just average especially for Northern Michigan, hopefully this year we are cash in. Tonight through tomorrow looks like a few areas may pick a a few inches before it melts, this coming weekend may bring another round of more widespread LES. Lets pile it up!!
  2. josh_4184

    Fall foliage thread - 2018

    Weather hasn't cooperated this year for getting good pictures during peak color, so these were taken today which is a little past peak for best color. But first weekend without rain. I was able to get my first leaf clean up which was nice.
  3. josh_4184

    October 2018 General Discussion

    Picked up our first LES snow last night, had a coating on my roof of my house and pole barn. NWS down the road made a snowman, they have been doing this for the last couple years now.
  4. josh_4184

    Fall foliage thread - 2018

    About peak in my area, to bad the weather has been horrible the past few days to enjoy it and get some good pics.
  5. josh_4184

    October 2018 General Discussion

    Nice Bo! Although i am not even remotely ready to start seeing the white stuff fly, got way to much to do still for yard work, prepping my tractor for winter duty, and getting our RV winterized/relocated. Man where did summer go?
  6. josh_4184

    October 2018 General Discussion

    Awesome Man I am glad you finally were able to make your dream happen! I would love to exp a tug winter just once. Hopefully we have a great LES season for everyone. Can you provide a location on a map close proximity to your home? I assume you found work outside of the Tug? FYI, I think its getting about that time to fire up a new 18/19 LES Thread.
  7. josh_4184

    October 2018 General Discussion

    Nice Pics Bo, was in Petoskey all weekend, cold, windy, rainy which put a small damper on our last camping trip of the year. My area is about a week a way from peak color.
  8. Normally don't join in on Tropical Discussions but wanted to wish everyone in the path of this monster to stay safe. We have family that live on the shore of Oak Island, NC just south of Wilmington and not looking very good for them right now. They are planning on evacuating by tomorrow morning at the latest. Also it appears that the EWRC is almost completed for Florence on the last few frames of the IR.
  9. josh_4184

    June 2018 General Discussion

    Pretty crazy heat for Northern Lower, APX issuing its first ever excessive heat warning.
  10. josh_4184

    Highest heat index by state

    I cant even fathom a dewpoint of 90. The highest I ever felt was 82 and that was beyond miserable.
  11. josh_4184

    2017 - 2018 Winter Sports Thread

    Congratulations on the house purchase, I would of loved to buy a house without a mortgage but wouldn't be able to buy my current house without it. If your looking at used sleds now is a great time to buy especially when its a 100 outside. People sometimes let them go for lot less then they will in September onward. I'm looking forward to my upcoming camping trip except the heat.
  12. josh_4184

    May 2018 General Discussion

    Been pretty dry here as well, but we are fully greened up, mowed my grass for the first time last weekend. Upcoming memorial weekend about as good as it gets for late May. What a change from April.
  13. josh_4184

    Current Snow Pack and Depths

    Yea my snowback has taken a serious hit in the past two days, with this sun and mid 50s, down to under a foot now.
  14. josh_4184

    Seasonal Snowfall totals?

    APX NWS Gaylord is @ 140" right on average thanks to April. My area about 10 miles west of APX is around 175" on the year.There are a few areas in the Leelanau Peninsula around 200" thanks in part to a rare dominant NNW flow for much of this winter.
  15. josh_4184

    April 12th-15th Winter Storm

    I agree, snow is great for about 4 months, then would rather switch to warmer activities. Michigan has some of the best outdoor activities of any state in the country. Camping, fishing,hiking, boating/swimming and all the awesome state parks. Usually by Mid February I am already looking forward to warmer months. Unfortunately from Northern Mi to the UP its a lot more abbreviated especially Spring which generally we don't get one compared to southern Michigan more so in the UP.