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  1. I have almost 10k in the x590 with 54" deck and 47" blower, I have a cab too just didn't have time to put it on this year so been without it. It eats snow no issue, blew though 24" without even trying only issue I have it my driveway is so long and wide near mu barn it takes forever snowblowing. I am seriously considering a plow setup either with truck or sxs as I di have plenty of runoff areas to push the snow and will cut down my 2 hours of blowing to about 15 mins of plowing plus would be much warmer.
  2. Awesome glad you had a good time definitely the best weekend for off trail riding of the year, I was around 28-30" imby which was the deepest of the year for me, most years usually hit around 35"+. I know a couple honey holes I used to hit that I bet were around 35-40 deep untouched to bad I sold my sled but just dont have the time nor the friends anymore. Plus the cost would rather spend elsewhere.
  3. Here are some pictures from snow blowing a second time today.
  4. I'm about two miles from LON we have a ton of snow light fluffy LES but at least its something. Picked up around 16-18" since yesterday.
  5. Been getting hammered since last evening, picked up another foot so far, easily the best LES of the season which is definitely not the norm but the torch winter has impacted the whole region.
  6. Yea, the above avg temps and the strong SW winds that cleared what ice we had on Lake Mi is really helping the cause. Sadly this has probable been one of the biggest LES events of the season so far.
  7. Heard reports a few places around Kalkaska picked up a foot so far today. I have about 6" imby today another 8-14" possible.
  8. That's interesting that just across the big lake we are all running below normal on snowfall ytd, imby i'm about 20" below ytd. LES has been very anemic this year, majority of our snow has been synoptic driven or Lake Enhanced not true LES. I would say that in a normal year about 60" is synoptic while the remainder 100" or so I get i s primarily driven from the Lake Mich / Superior. With that being said i'm well over a 100" ytd so that is all relative.
  9. Awesome area, my wife has expressed interest in living in that area, she has family just up the coastline near Wilmington NC. Enjoy the warm weather and beaches.
  10. Also looks like our first decent LES event in quite a while for the next few days to go along with the 5-6" of heavy cement we got overnight.
  11. Yea that area is definitely not pristine outdoor living for Northern Mi standards. Also the snow differences is rather stark for that area heading east towards Mancelonna and towards my area. Are you looking for just property or a house as well, there are several parcels and even some houses available near my neck of the woods which would probably be more in line with what your looking for??
  12. I know the that area very well pass it everyday as I have an office in East Jordan. Snowfall is just okay in that area, I wold say they do alright for snowfall, however once you get towards Mancelonna the snowfall picks ups quite a bit, there is a decent elevation change as EJ is kind of in a ditch. Same way towards Bo's old stopping grounds as that area always has more snow on the ground then EJ area. I'd say my area probably almost sees 50-75 percent more on average. Now regarding other outdoor activities there are plenty of Lakes nearby, obviously Lake Charlevoix being a big attraction. Just take M66 up towards Charlevoix its a beautiful area along with some amazing houses along the lake. There is great hiking and biking in the area as well, snowmobiling towards Jordan valley is a great area, I'm sure you been there before and towards DeadMans Hill?? Also property is fairly cheap, taxes are okay, if you hunt it is a very good area for Deer, Turkey, etc. But just keep you expectations tempered especially regarding LES as it does fall short to other areas only 30-40 miles as away. For example I have about 22" OTG at my house and EJ maybe has 8" OTG currently. Although they can get hammered in a NNW flow or SW flow if the bands align just right (Both rare flows for Northern Mi).
  13. Picked up about 6" imby, nice to see the white stuff fly again been a very quiet couple weeks.
  14. Not sure how APX is getting the depths for UP, but its pretty close for my area give a couple inches here or there.
  15. I'm around 100" on the year about average surprisingly given the lack of any decent LES outbreaks yet, been a lot of 3-5" events. Many areas are below or barely at normal for the year. UP looking pretty good so far, those cutters earlier in the year really aided many areas.