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  1. Picked up about an 1" overnight melted off pretty quickly when the sun came up, as BO said hopefully April/May bring warmer temps.
  2. I think a relaxing of outdoors type of events should be feasible, would be nice if my campground would be open, also boating, golfing. As others have said perhaps opening up some stores on a very cautious social distance. We were going the right direction regarding new cases and deaths until today. Deaths shot way up and cases also increased from previous day although they did change how they are reporting deaths now.
  3. Michigan is definitely on the downward swing with new confirmed cases (sufficient testing?) and deaths. If trends continue I do see Whitmer pulling back some of these restrictions.
  4. Picked up about an inch of snow/sleet in about 10 mins on some of the heaviest snow rates of the season lol.
  5. Yea I saw May, June, July and so forth are all over $2, will be curious to see what June's contract actually subtle down to beginning tomorrow.
  6. Anyone else paying attention to Crude today, what a dumpster fire for the oil industry. US crude hitting -$40 per barrel? Not easy to turn the tap off so to speak. Hard to fathom the long term economic implications COVID-19 is going to have on the world.
  7. Been pickup up a few inches of LES each night, luckily its been mostly melting off throughout the day. Although its nice to look at while sitting in my home office.
  8. I have almost 10k in the x590 with 54" deck and 47" blower, I have a cab too just didn't have time to put it on this year so been without it. It eats snow no issue, blew though 24" without even trying only issue I have it my driveway is so long and wide near mu barn it takes forever snowblowing. I am seriously considering a plow setup either with truck or sxs as I di have plenty of runoff areas to push the snow and will cut down my 2 hours of blowing to about 15 mins of plowing plus would be much warmer.
  9. Awesome glad you had a good time definitely the best weekend for off trail riding of the year, I was around 28-30" imby which was the deepest of the year for me, most years usually hit around 35"+. I know a couple honey holes I used to hit that I bet were around 35-40 deep untouched to bad I sold my sled but just dont have the time nor the friends anymore. Plus the cost would rather spend elsewhere.
  10. Here are some pictures from snow blowing a second time today.
  11. I'm about two miles from LON we have a ton of snow light fluffy LES but at least its something. Picked up around 16-18" since yesterday.
  12. Been getting hammered since last evening, picked up another foot so far, easily the best LES of the season which is definitely not the norm but the torch winter has impacted the whole region.
  13. Yea, the above avg temps and the strong SW winds that cleared what ice we had on Lake Mi is really helping the cause. Sadly this has probable been one of the biggest LES events of the season so far.
  14. Heard reports a few places around Kalkaska picked up a foot so far today. I have about 6" imby today another 8-14" possible.