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  1. The next 10-15 days look pretty lackluster for any meaningful snows for anyone East of the rockies. Log range euro and even GFS shows some potential cold air troughing working down with potential but seriously doubting opening sledding day at this juncture.
  2. Nice vid! I remember that outbreak very well, I had about 36" in a few days was rood raking before Thanksgiving, then got hit again the following week but not as bad. Thought that winter was going to be epic then we went into the freezer and never came out. Lakes froze and it was game over for everyone
  3. Yea I am pretty happy where I am :). If I had one wish it would be for Lake Michigan to be about 500 miles wider
  4. HHmmmm, wonder if I can get my wife to relocate
  5. Picked up and inch or so since late last night. That would be awesome living in the Tug to exp the 3-5' events they get. You are able to find work in that area?
  6. I just lost the remaining of my snow as well, had snow otg for about 2 weeks. Cold and rainy now, may get an inch or two through tomorrow.
  7. I agree, not as optimistic as I was earlier, will get some snow but dont see a major LES outbreak in the relative near future.
  8. Liking what I see out of this.
  9. Its a little ways out but Euro showing some more cold coming back around Turkey week.
  10. Ended up with about 11" imby, this morning was 6 out with a -6 winch chill, felt like mid Jan not Mid November.
  11. True, LES is so hard to pinpoint +the main bands setup basically a guessing game. I bet a some where is alger county in the UP is 20"
  12. Its 19 at my house. Been under this dominant band for quite some time, was forecasted earlier to push south west towards the shore but actually backed more over my area. Will be over a foot by morning if it persists much longer. Easily 1" per hour with the Lake Superior connection.
  13. Yes, def didnt hurt
  14. I had close to 8" last week so pushing 20" for the season already BTW my house is located here
  15. I've picked up about 10" so far may eek another 1 or 2" through the night.