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  1. That 26" in southern Duchess looks suspicious. That is practically over my house and there is no way I had 26". I would say 20" max.
  2. It's still snowing here. Nice moderate flakes. Definitely accumulating. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Agreed, this has been a fun storm, but nothing historic. We are still due.
  4. Back to snow here too.. Let's see if we can push out a few more inches. I am at 16" now, but it is so hard to measure. I tried to measure in a spot that is not suffering from blowing snow from wind.
  5. That burst of sleet has just put a whole new level of pain on the shoveling effort that I have to do later. Arghhhh!
  6. Not sure what is falling out of the sky right now, but it seems to be a mix of heavy sleet and mangled dendrites. Not good for accumulations but it is extremely uncomfortable to outside in it with the wind gusting....
  7. I have given up trying to shovel - fighting a losing battle. No snow blower FTL.
  8. Not long before the main show now. Visibility definitely starting to drop. I am super pumped.
  9. I just finished the first round of shoveling the driveway. Probably 6-7 inches so far. Strong start.
  10. Good morning all. Looking forward to seeing massive totals today. Somebody is going to get 30.
  11. 4:30 - 5am wake up call and immediate coffee is my plan too. Dream snow.
  12. The Para NAM High Res is still pretty awesome for our whole area. I think we are in a prime spot at this point.
  13. Oh I have been quietly wasting hours and hours of my time watching every model output! Speaking of which, looks like the 18Z NAM is causing some bridge jumpers
  14. Hey guys! It's been a long time coming
  15. No. needed more air in the tires of my existing ride. Recent cold nights have done a number on the air pressure, even with nitrogen. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk