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  1. Driest yeah, the heat, ehh.
  2. This summer has been very dry, last 4-6 weeks, but it hasn’t been oppressive heat. Quite nice actually aside from a few torrid days and very few triple H days. Today and tomorrow actually glorious summer days. Been so many deep blue sky days.
  3. Black bears here in NJ and the Poconos can get to 800+ lbs. I’ve had several 600+ in my yard this year.
  4. please stop posting that ridiculous thing.
  5. Very mild summer. No heat, great breezes. Been beautiful.
  6. I’ll sell you mine lol
  7. Absolutely no heat so far this summer and none in sight.
  8. If long range is right time is gonna start slipping away on this summer. 72 at 1pm full sun in late June. Not heat next couple weeks puts us well into July. By August it obviously can be hot but some of the sting is taken out and thoughts turn towards school and fall. Heat has about a 6-7 week window right now and it don’t look great.
  9. Surprised at your forecast a bit Don. Seems light on precip. Models indicate a widespread 1-3” of rain and we know how wet these recent storms the last few years can be.
  10. I would have thought the Subaru would have been official car of VT. Complete with a Coexist and I’m with her sticker.
  11. It is true. $80 I believe it was. Biggest reason, trying to keep the jokers off of it. Not meant for most.
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