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  1. A 952mb low on the benchmark does nothing for most of our forum outside of LI if it gets there by a hook shot well offshore. This isn’t forming on the Carolina coast and riding a line to the benchmark. It’s well offshore and hooking late NW towards SNE. Keep that in mind when posting a static low pressure position. How it gets there is a big part of the story.
  2. I’m at Stratton right now and it’s absolutely puking. At my cabin in West Wardsboro which is about 6 miles SE around 14” new and 17” at my yard stake.
  3. Bustin your balls it’s all good. Congrats on that place bro. I’m slumming it in the southern greens, that Randolph view is sweet. Good thing you passed on Bennington lol
  4. That’s cool bro. Just don’t forget to change your tampon once in awhile.
  5. NAM definitely colder. Hope for the ski areas, settling back towards the globals.
  6. The NAM is often right when it has the far amped up solutions. Refer to last December when everything had NW NJ and Pocono jackpot and NAM was correct with the Binghamton to Okema getting the goods while everyone else dryskotted to snizzle.
  7. I think we know this is not gonna be a big deal for areas near the coast or even over much of SNE. The big question now is hows it going to do for the ski resorts that are in desperate need right now of a nice natural dump: that includes the Adirondacks, Catskills, Berks, Vermont New Hampshire and Maine. I wouldn’t say it’s desperation for them but it’s very much needed. They all pretty much staying white?
  8. How’s that Friday system? La La La La La La, lock it up?
  9. Similar story here in Monmouth County NJ to my place at 1800 in Wardsboro. You are right down the road from me. 2,300 ft great elevation, where you up at Boulder Ridge on 100?
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