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  1. Those are my people lol. Another beauty today at the Sick Day Inn.
  2. Another amazing day in the Greens. High 70s, bluebird.
  3. Another gorgeous day in the Greens. Saw an 81, bluebird sky, just splendid summer weather.
  4. Another gorgeous day in the Greens. Saw an 81, bluebird sky, just splendid summer weather.
  5. Got a steal on it. When I think what I can get for my primary in Monmouth county NJ and could pay for that place. What the hell am I doing.
  6. Incredible day in the Greens. Fires are burning in the highlands.
  7. I've been all over the state of VT the last two days, at my cabin in West Wardsboro and then in the Waitsfield and then Stowe area, helping some friends. A huge difference from when I was up three weeks ago when the place was bustling with out of staters. They've all gone home, I guess they are feeling better about staying in NY, NJ, CT, MA with Covid numbers way down. Mostly left up here now are locals. Seems like the metropolitan crowd has moved on from the head to the rural highlands fear. Seemed much more like a typical slow, fly and mud season local crowd. On a side note, the Southern Greens, Dover to Stratton, Winhall, Jamaica, Manchester, Dorset is the nicest area of the state.
  8. The initial shock was fast and steep. The recovery nearly equally. Who knows the short-term here, perhaps the market is whistling past the graveyard. But to be accurate, there has not been much damage in the market for the diversified investor. The Nasdaq is positive for the year, other indices down modestly. Maybe it won’t last.
  9. Decimated? I’m a CFP and most diversified client accounts are down about 10%. That’s off of all time highs. Let’s keep the facts straight.
  10. Your months and months and years and years going down in flames.
  11. At least all clear in the stock market. Nasdaq now positive for the year, markets roaring back. All clear!
  12. These are actually good points. Fauci doesn’t take much heat but was asleep at the wheel here. Those who are supposed to be lifelong experts on just this matter, struck out looking.
  14. Ok I agree. I was gonna stop by powderfreaks house, give him a NJ hug lol but I’ll stay away.