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  1. This is and always has been a Canadian Maritime storm. The one behind it could be more interesting though.
  2. Stick with climo, not DIT lol
  3. Southern Greens, VT. I’m at close to 2k feet between Stratton and mount snow. I average over 125” some years the area can get closer to 200, especially in the resort peaks. Wilmington, Dover, Manchester all very nice towns. Ski, golf, fall foliage, a larger year-round presence now. Beautiful lush rolling green mountains. I stole both my log cabins for under $120k each, both a bit over 1k square feet. Right place, right time. Can be there from my home camp on Jersey shore in an average 4.5 hours, often closer to 4.
  4. This summer basically never got started. Are there any signs that we break into a real summer pattern any time soon? Hot, sun, beach, pool weather. The 85-95 with sun for an extended stretch, pool temps warm and you can go to the beach with a confident hot and sunny summer day type weather?
  5. Secretly Forky enjoying this weather. What a summer lol, feel the chill
  6. It’s early but this summer better start summering or it just might not at all.
  7. We use only organic product, bone meal, etc. I know what you mean though, but in suburbia I’ll take a nice green lawn for four or five months.
  8. Been wet and cold with probably 5” on rain in the lowland home front. Lawns are green though.
  9. Jackson Hole just phenomenal. Crazy to think they close Sunday with just an epic amount of coverage.
  10. Aside from K-Mart looks like things winding down next two weeks. I know the last month has made up a lot of ground but to be honest all in all I would rate this ski season pretty poor. Very slow start, terrible middle and a strong third quarter followed by not so great finish. Mostly though, it lacked the cold, the number of chances and the overall ski vibe to me. The lack of any winter in the population centers I feel hurts the overall ski vibe too. A really, really good month long stretch saved it from being a disaster, but was not a great year. One other factor often overlooked with ski conditions is the effect of rain, thaw/freeze issues even on top of a massive dump. For example, the 50” of snow we had in a couple of weeks skied as poorly as that kind of base can. Lots of glaze after and untimely thaw/freeze.
  11. Headed to Jackson Hole for the week.
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