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  1. Comparing Bretton Woods to Stowe is like comparing a chihuahua to a Siberian husky. They are both dogs but not the same animal
  2. I was talking with my late teen son about N NH/Whites vs. VT/Greens and the culture and geography of the states. I came up with that NH is the blond with that big rack that you have a good time with. A little bit trashy. VT is the cute smart nerdy brunette that you take home to mom. Each has their own appeal.
  3. Getting crushed here in monmouth. Very heavy snow several inches already
  4. The snowy week went poof. No snow and then a rainstorm, can’t win em all.
  5. Dude what do you want, you live in Coney Island lol
  6. Rain picking up here in Middletown NJ, Monmouth. Warmer than anticipated. Going to be a period of rain along coast and boroughs.