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  1. Why not just buy a pass for those who want to enjoy it. People buy gym memberships and pay ridiculous amounts of money, you can buy an ikon pass at their discount rate and you get a renewal discount every year and generally can get it for under $1000 a year. I ski 20 to 30 days a year cost me maybe $30-$40 per day of skiing. i’m not trying to poo, poo it for the average middle-class family on a budget, but the idea that skiing is too expensive of a recreational sport I just don’t buy. You can generally get equipment for almost nothing or even for free. People give it away all the time on Facebook marketplace or you can go to local ski swaps and buy pretty decent equipment, plenty good enough to enjoy the sport for nearly nothing. And you can look for discounts on lift tickets, season passes, or some of the Indy type passes that give you plenty of mountains and it’s a very reasonable cost for the whole season. And mind this is coming from somebody who has four kids and we ski a lot. Most ski rental shops will rent you a decent pair of equipment for the season for pretty cheap and they come along with deep discounts on Lyft tickets, or even a free ticket here or there to many local mountains.
  2. I believe the original quote was, it’s been a scary warm winter from end to end
  3. I never thought I would read this and find it very sad!
  4. Who was below normal out west? My son lives in Bozeman, MT and it was a hideously warm and snowless this winter this year. People were very concerned about it. Many of the liftees told him they haven’t seen a winter like that in 50 years of living there.
  5. Over a foot at Stratton as of 7am
  6. Actually its’s not hook and ladder. That’s a fire house. In football terms it is hook and lateral, which as a play on words is often referred to as hook and latter.
  7. I have a place in Lake Naomi in Pocono Pines and compared to resort areas in the southern Greens of VT or Big Sky MT it’s definitely podunk.
  8. I’d definitely cast a vote for the Bozeman/Big Sky area of MT. Expensive, but plenty of infrastructure out there and good jobs moving in, and a great dry climate, but plenty of cold and snow.
  9. Yeah if you want crappy Podunk poconos. Much better options are Green and Whites.
  10. Probably the most accurate thing you’ve said all winter. Enso, mei, mjo, it’s all voodoo. It’s as accurate as the junkies giving gambling pics on the 1-800 line, sports pundits giving predictions during the pre-game show, or Jim Cramer. Info-tainment I call it.
  11. Meanwhile my son in Montana rode the loft with an older gentleman at Bridger Bowl yesterday and he said it’s the worst winter for snow there in 50 years.
  12. Where is the NWS coming up with these 6-7” forecasts in monmouth and ocean county? Every piece of modeling indicates 2” maybe abs have been getting drier?
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