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  1. How’d GEFS and EPS look in that longer range any better?
  2. Euro and GFS starting to look more promising beyond day 10.
  3. Agree, they should not implement any of these restrictions. Let it run it’s course with the help of therapeutics, vaccine eventually. Disease worse than cure for the vast percentage
  4. You guys are too much. We could just as easily have a record-breaking snowfall season or futility. You just never know. Long -range forecasting is fun and sometimes useful, but it's glorified guesswork at this point. A month from now we could be staring down a split PV AND a monster -NAO, or a historic SE ridge and an Alaskan pig. Either is just as likely as the other.
  5. well you are 10 years older than sorry Jerry
  6. I’ve got four, oldest 18, youngest 9, wouldn’t be the same without them.
  7. My primary residence down here in Monmouth County, NJ, city dwellers fleeing, forget it, through the roof.
  8. I bought my cabin for $109,500 in the southern greens two years ago, albeit a bit of a motivated seller. It could go for $250-$275k now, although it means more to us than that.
  9. We have coyotes in VT now that are coyote/red wolf hybrids. Massive.
  10. Heavy squalls down here in the Southern Greens. The wind is hellacious. Inch or two around the general area here at 1,800, taking a ride up to Stratton and Searsburg in a bit where a couple more inches have fallen.
  11. Of course COVID numbers are spiking through the roof right now, we are three days from Election Day.
  12. Will what do you think for the Stratton area?
  13. Could be a few inches in the Southern Greens with elevation. I know, nobody lives here.