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  1. 71K new cases yesterday, yikes. New record in the US and it's Only October 17th. Winter hasn't even started, oh boy we are in for rough winter. I wouldn't be surprised if we see 100k cases a day soon in few weeks.
  2. The weather channel just released their 3 months outlook for DJF (including November) all 4 months above average in the northeast, do you believe them?
  3. United States cases are rising, do you think we will have second lockdown again in NY?
  4. GPS is showing the opposite, deep cold pocket in the east
  5. So there's a chance we will be seeing Cat 5 hurricane?
  6. Nah it will be short lived above average. EURO and GPS is showing trough in the east middle of October.
  7. I'm from Rochester, NY and the forecast from few days ago and today shows still the same to me for next week. Maybe it's different form where you are from?
  8. Signs of harsh winter coming for NY this winter, hopefully!
  9. Yup getting ready for second lockdown in NY, not surprised about it.
  10. So is there a possible we will be seeing a major hurricane in the brewing?
  11. Please no so that way I don't have to mow the lawn for rest of the year
  12. LOL just stop giving us wrong data information.
  13. Remind me of Katrina - same path so are we going to see CAT 5 in the making?
  14. Saw this morning, what does it mean for upcoming winter in NY?
  15. With economy going back to normal in few years, your house will be back to where it was unless you want to sell it now to make some profit It's good time to refinance right now, I did mine last week 15 years for 2.15% and only have to pay $850 monthly (included taxes and insurance) - GOOD DEAL!