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  1. Funny thing is I'm there in discord with you guys. Now you see why this group is bunch of lying trolls.
  2. farmer almanac says no torch from late Oct to early May this year.
  3. Karma is a bit*h. I bet you learned a hard lesson and Tug Hill busted you when you said we have hit 90 degree 20 times this year when we only had 3 days of 90's. And you kept saying torch is coming when it never did. You got busted HARD. Now you have to deal with your consequence and enjoy your miserable vacation next week with 15" of rain.
  4. You said we will have super torch on August 4th, it never happened so pretty much your busted. Stupid troll you are.
  5. Remember this that you posted from few days ago for August 4th - SUPER TORCH? This is another example why you suck at weather forecasting. You have no knowledge.
  6. Weather channel is a joke, they never get it right so why post it here. you troll.
  7. Umm, where's the 90's? It's showing only ONE day of 90's out of 2 weeks. you guys are f... busted.
  8. GFS and EURO says what torch? It's showing bunch of low 80's so how is that super torch? Just stop trolling for hundredth times. Thank you.
  9. None, it's going to be just 70's and 80's.
  10. Looks like summer will be over in 2 weeks. We only had ONE day of 90's so I was right once again.
  11. And in a month or so, we will be seeing first 32 F somewhere in this map
  12. It's funny when people say heat is coming and their post get deleted right away. See who's trolling now boys!
  13. You guys got it right, I'm JI, you guys miss me?
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