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  1. Ha ha I know. I'm kidding. I have solid 10 inches of snow in Rochester, NY. Hopefully it doesn't go away 100%.
  2. Judah Cohen said February will be brutal cold month so where's the blowtorch guys?
  3. I'm not seeing any blowtorch? Stilll showing 3 days of low 40's then back to 20's. Again I was right!
  4. Cold is here to stay in next 2 weeks and no end in sight. Feb 2015 repeat?
  5. There is no signs that pattern will break down in 2 weeks. So far the models are showing cross-polar flow & deeply negative temperature departures for the eastern US, most likely well into March with a delayed spring. Hot & bone dry out west most (if not all) of the time as well. Back to the ridiculously resilient ridge pattern!
  6. Looks like Rochester, NY is in the jackpot zone - high chance Roc will get 24" of snow.
  7. There will not be a spring until early May. Trust me.
  8. How accurate is he? 75% of the time his forecast is busted so I wouldn't count on him TBH
  9. Nah, we are done with winter for good in the future. We have already become mid-Atlantic so we will be lucky to see at least one snowstorm per year now.
  10. GPS and Canadian disagree so I don't see it happening, won't be torch for us, thankfully.
  11. Enjoy it because you won't be seeing it again until late April. Only 4 days of nice weather.
  12. Wouldn't worry about that because next 5-10 days is showing seasonable, no torch or anything so we will be fine. Cold weather will settle in about 2 weeks.
  13. No above average next 2 weeks. That's what it's showing, there's no way we will be seeing 2011-2012 for this winter.
  14. No end in sight for us, when will above average ever going to END!
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