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  1. With PNA going positive and AO going negative in 2 weeks. Also there is a high chance PV will split so I don't see warm happening in GL in March/April.
  2. Winter is not cancelled at least until mid April.
  3. Why are you guys giving up on winter already. Usually if we see early warmth, it's going to be the oppsoite for March/April. There are several signals that AO will go deeply negative in 2-3 weeks. We have a shot of seeing 1-2 monstor snowstorms in March.
  4. Do you think great lakes ice cover has shot of hitting over 80% in next 2 weeks since GFS is showing well below average for NE for next 2 weeks.
  5. I'm not sure what you're talking about. That's a pretty good signal for -EPO at hour 240 on the EPS and around ~216-240 on the GEFS. That ridging in the NE Pacific is what we could call a -EPO. If there was a trough there it would be a +EPO. Now for real cold you do need that ridge to build northward more for cross-polar flow, but with it being 240 hours out that's completely on the table. The main issue is that it is 240 hours out and can completely change by then.
  6. Who would want to wash car in February, what a waste of $$$$$ Wait until April/May.
  7. It will be much higher than that. Give it 2 more days and snowfall totals will be 2x more.
  8. First call: Buffalo - 21" Rochester - 30" Syracuse - 5" Albany - 2"
  9. Ha ha I know. I'm kidding. I have solid 10 inches of snow in Rochester, NY. Hopefully it doesn't go away 100%.
  10. Judah Cohen said February will be brutal cold month so where's the blowtorch guys?
  11. I'm not seeing any blowtorch? Stilll showing 3 days of low 40's then back to 20's. Again I was right!
  12. Short-lived warmth. 2-3 days tops then back to frigid for several weeks.
  13. Cold is here to stay in next 2 weeks and no end in sight. Feb 2015 repeat?
  14. There is no signs that pattern will break down in 2 weeks. So far the models are showing cross-polar flow & deeply negative temperature departures for the eastern US, most likely well into March with a delayed spring. Hot & bone dry out west most (if not all) of the time as well. Back to the ridiculously resilient ridge pattern!
  15. Looks like Rochester, NY is in the jackpot zone - high chance Roc will get 24" of snow.
  16. There will not be a spring until early May. Trust me.
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