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  1. Ehh not so much, we have been seeing alot of 30k+ cases and 2k+ deaths for last 3-4 weeks now, no improvement yet.
  2. It's because of weekends. The death numbers will be back up again tomorrow-Saturday. You should know that!
  3. I use infection2020.com to keep track of how many new cases/death per day but the website seems not to be working lately. Do you know another good site to keep track of cases?
  4. Now i believe we are almost at peak since 38,764 is all time high cases yesterday.
  5. Lol not happening, I bet we will not see any 70's in NY for next 3-4 weeks.
  6. Told you, like i said few weeks ago. We will hit peak on last week of April before everything goes down.
  7. Sorry bud but accept hard, Rochester is the winner this year!
  8. See, we tried to tell you. It will extend into July. When will you start listen to us
  9. Let's hope we have a year without summer this year, we are overdue for it!
  10. This picture was taken today. Cuomo didn't wear mask in public, what a joke he is.
  11. It's weekend, you should know that so it's not better news yet. It will be back up again tomorrow.
  12. Let's hope we see more snow in MAY and even in JUNE! A year without summer this year?
  13. Told you! We haven't hit peak yet and it's going to get much worse next week.
  14. Highly doubt it, my best guess we will see peak on last week of April.
  15. It won't happen, we all know how it turns out lol. I bet we will have cold March and first half of April before spring comes.
  16. Hi guys, I'm new to this forum. I wanted to see how is it looking in Henrietta, NY for this storm. Any idea how much we will be getting? (in Rochester, NY area)
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