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  1. It's likely with these elevation based storms that NYC/LI gets in on some mixed in frozen precipation too. So many times in late March this happens without it being forecasted.
  2. Why aren't daily average temperatures simply all the hourlies added up then divided by 24. Of course we have a High and Low for the day but wouldn't a true average be as I postulated above? Wouldn't it be more representative then an fluke high at midnight skewing the day's average?
  3. I believe before April 10th there will be 1 more snow chance. On April 19th 1983 we had a WSW for NYC with 2-4 inches falling across the area.
  4. Anything remotely wintry worth tracking in the next 5-10 days?
  5. Why is radar "empty" ?
  6. Let's see what the GFS says shortly
  7. Lets see what the rest of the 0Z suite shows.
  8. OK then Quinn should not have said brand new run
  9. Before you say Vendor section, why did Lonnie Quinn just say that the 00Z Nam showed 9 inches for NYC? Do broadcast mets have access to the NAM before tidbits does?
  10. WWA for west of city issued, nothing for NYC Eastward..yet
  11. I expect WWA from Upton at 4PM for NYC and WSW for Suffolk and possibly Nassau
  12. Billy, your timelapse from your blizzard, what cam and software did you use?
  13. Ratios?
  14. Billy, I couldn't tell if you were joking or not about posting 12k nam maps