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  1. What is the highest temp Central Park , Newark, JFK and LGA have reported so far this year?
  2. Up to this point what is KNYC highest temp to date for 2020?
  3. Snowing in Lynbrook ( SW Nassau County on Long Island) UNREAL
  4. Lynbrook (Nassau County Long Island )...Snow in the air..UNREAL
  5. I don't need a dusting or car slop, just a few mood flakes in Nassau County Saturday would do it for me
  6. May Have to take a drive from Lynbrook Long Island to Liberty NY to witness a rare May snow event Just wish NYC/LI could see snow in the air
  7. Unreal if this verifies and NYC ties 5.9.77 with latest trace of snow More phenomenol would be a slushy coating. Then again, who thought in late October 2011 we'd get measurable snow in NYC ?
  8. Would love to see a flurry or a sleet pellet this weekend. I remember 5.9.1977 as I saw flakes outside my college class window
  9. Pea sized hail here in Lynbrook, with a brand new car with 10 miles on it was afraid of ding damage from it. car withstood it, I think golfball hail would have done damage Not peas sized hail
  10. Is this a case that the further west you are of the Hudson and west of the storm track ( 100 miles west) and have good elevation one would be in better shape?
  11. just checked Hawley 1,200 ft elevation. NE PA you're going to have at least mixed I would venture to say
  12. Are the catkills at 1500 feet on up still game for snow on Saturday?