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  1. Curious, are sst at normal or below for this date?
  2. Moderate snow showers in Liberty NY now, maybe up to an inch tomorrow morning with Chicago system moving through
  3. sferic

    March, 2019

    Stunning photography, what kind of camera was used?
  4. sferic

    March 3rd-4th Shellacking threat

    Sub Zero as in temperatures?
  5. WWA up here in Liberty NY for .1 ice accretion tonight into tomorrow morning.
  6. sferic

    February 20 - 21 Winter Storm Threat

    Liberty NY 6:20PM 19.9 degrees Light Freezing rain
  7. We have 6 weeks of real potential left. I think we'll be good this month
  8. I assume reservoirs are at 100% +
  9. Liberty NY low -7.2 degrees Lynbrook Long Island low 4.5 degrees
  10. Liberty NY stats at 5:40PM
  11. HRRR says so but it's hard to get that low but upper single digits is more likely. Nice surprise if 5 or lower is reached though
  12. 6.5" with .10 ice accretion Temperature never made it past 32.0
  13. 4:30 PM 9.0 degrees here in Liberty NY BRRRR
  14. 3:45PM 10.8 degrees in Liberty NY wow
  15. 15.4 degrees in Liberty NY now