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  1. Is this a case that the further west you are of the Hudson and west of the storm track ( 100 miles west) and have good elevation one would be in better shape?
  2. just checked Hawley 1,200 ft elevation. NE PA you're going to have at least mixed I would venture to say
  3. Are the catkills at 1500 feet on up still game for snow on Saturday?
  4. 11.1 in Liberty NY now forecast low ZERO
  5. A solid 3- 6 in Liberty NY and i'll be very happy
  6. Relocating in the not too distant future between Delhi and Walton and getting 500 to 600 feet higher in elevation too! Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  7. What is the qpf for the catskills for this storm let's say at KMSV? Thanks !
  8. Liberty NY 11:40 PM Moderate Snow 31.8 degrees Coating already
  9. I usually start worrying during the 2nd week of February when the daily means start to inch up
  10. Better run for the Catskills?
  11. Looking forward to maybe an inch here in Liberty NY (Sullivan County)
  12. Up here in Liberty NY up to .2 qpf available next couple of days with 20:1 ratios Any thoughts?