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  1. Back in Cicero, will gladly take mood flakes tomorrow into Wednesday A trace on the grass a bonus!
  2. Going to Liberty, WSW up already for higher elevation up to 1 foot ; I'm at 1,600ft
  3. On Long Island now' trying to decide whether to spend tomorrow night into Tuesday in Liberty or Cicero since I do have to return to Long Island until the weekend regardless of the location I choose. I guess I'll make the decision based on tonight's 00z runs
  4. Nice to have hope in Mid April, last year I had a trace of snow on Long Island on May 9th If models have this a week from now I'll be amped up
  5. It would be a cabin, bare basics just to ride out the best parts of winter when necessary can't afford more, I'm on a pension after taking early retirement
  6. .67 in rain bucket since midnight. Hopefully some occasional mood flakes this weekend?
  7. Looking forward to November; this season is done perhaps for a random dusting in early May as luck would have it
  8. Well back in Cicero, what a major bust this winter was for my 1st year up here. Hopefully 7 months from now 2022-23 will be better unless there's a last minute surprise this month here which i highly doubt
  9. Not much to write home about here in Cicero. Maybe more with LES tonight or clipper tomorrow?
  10. Cicero 12:20AM White rain I'll take 4 inches as a win in this winter; anything more than that? Gravy
  11. More snow on the ground now on long Island than Cicero
  12. Heading back to Cicero at week's end after a 2 week hiatus on Long Island Hopefully a nice snowstorm to look forward to!
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