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  1. Can Sullivan County in the Catskills possibly get a dusting tonight?
  2. Currently Liberty NY 19.9 Lynbrook Long Island 28.4
  3. Hope it makes it s way a county south to Sullivan County
  4. I am hoping for a coating of snow Tuesday which is clearly in the realm
  5. Blue Iris Software, best for time lapse and remote viewing too
  6. Any hope for wintry weather in the Catskills before November ends or has that ship sailed? GFS has nada
  7. Maybe Sullivan County in the Catskills gets an inch from these streamers?
  8. Sunday Night/ Monday Morning Catskill potential?
  9. I have 1 hour until I conk out; have to be up at 7 to help wife log in to remote instruct from my PC
  10. Radar shows frozen precip just north of Liberty