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  1. Fantasy, but interesting on GFS, Reminds me of 10.4.87
  2. 37 degrees now at Saranac Lake Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  3. With SST so very, very high how are we seeing temps in the upper 50's nearby?
  4. Awful here in Lynbrook 16 Days until Fall, can't come soon enough.
  5. My electric bill for KWH used to cool my house with 5 AC units will be around $800 for July and August; highest ever.
  6. This heat is too unbearable; give me -40 windchills any day
  7. My weather station current stats though I don't know why it indicated .01 of rain.
  8. 25 days until Fall, bring it on.
  9. Saturday, September 22nd, 34 days from now, Fall begins; Bring it on.
  10. It looks nice , let's just hope it doesn't dissipate as soon as it leaves PA
  11. This Friday (August 3rd) the NYC mean makes its first drop by 1 degree to 76 degrees. By Aug 31st the mean is down to 73 degrees.
  12. .80 from this storm so far
  13. Is Nassau County going to be in the screw zone?