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  1. sferic

    March 3rd-4th Shellacking threat

    Sub Zero as in temperatures?
  2. WWA up here in Liberty NY for .1 ice accretion tonight into tomorrow morning.
  3. sferic

    February 20 - 21 Winter Storm Threat

    Liberty NY 6:20PM 19.9 degrees Light Freezing rain
  4. We have 6 weeks of real potential left. I think we'll be good this month
  5. I assume reservoirs are at 100% +
  6. Liberty NY low -7.2 degrees Lynbrook Long Island low 4.5 degrees
  7. Liberty NY stats at 5:40PM
  8. HRRR says so but it's hard to get that low but upper single digits is more likely. Nice surprise if 5 or lower is reached though
  9. 6.5" with .10 ice accretion Temperature never made it past 32.0
  10. 4:30 PM 9.0 degrees here in Liberty NY BRRRR
  11. 3:45PM 10.8 degrees in Liberty NY wow
  12. 15.4 degrees in Liberty NY now
  13. Can NYC hit 5 degrees tonight? Which model has lowest temps for 12z Monday?
  14. no runoff, minimal sleet
  15. Quite a spread of almost 50 degrees across NYS