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  1. Up in Cicero NY now which will be for 2 weeks straight Getting use to local tv channels I like CBS TV5 as they mentioned poss 3-6 maybe from route 31 north( I am right off rt 31) I just wish to see my driveway cleared of snow by the company I hired for the season Hopefully fun times ahead
  2. Gonna be fun, have the driveway markers for snow blowing, not plowing. $385 for the season I have a problem with lawn care $1,800 for lawn cuts ( 27 cuts or so) and weed killer and grass seed But for Landscaping they want $2,500 to trim hedges , bushes, plants etc, then another 1200 each for spring cleanup and fall cleanup I pay $1,500 for EVERYTHING on Long Island and in the Catkskills I cut my own grass Recommendations taken happily
  3. Matt, Any worse then on Long Island winds going from Northeast to Southeast? Hopefully I'll see 6 inches in Cicero between Late tonight and Saturday afternoon when I leave I have cameras mounted so I can always "see" the weather from Cicero wherever i am and same with two other houses Now do I dare go into outdoor hot tub owners left ( brand new). Heard it's awesome but can't imagine walking out from it
  4. Three houses I own, one in Lynbrook in Nassau County, one in Liberty in Sullivan County and one now in Cicero (Ononangda County.) After T day turkey in Liberty later heading for Cicero this evening since LES kicking in. Kitchen update being redone so just a mini fridge and mini microwave there Takeout 1-2 miles away, hope my AWD SVU will handle roads up there well but I heard with 3-6 inches it shouldn't be too bad to go out ( hope so) Learning about the sweets pots of where heavier snows fall, almost like the Heavier snows for NYC are usually to the North and West of the city Jeff
  5. Your neighbor here in Cicero where i Just relocated to. Clay and Cicero similar snow wise, right? Also, what do you mean by fake snow? Jeff
  6. Hey all, I am now a proud owner of a home in Cicero, NY around 10 miles North of Syracuse on I81 Still shuffling between Liberty NY in Sullivan County's Catskills and Lynbrook Long Island (Nassau County ) 10 minutes from JFK airport. I do have a weather cam set up there to monitor my property and snow. House getting a new kitchen so won't be there for an extended period of time until the end of December Looking forward to sharing observations with my 3rd acurite weather station and really seeing LES Be interesting to see how Cicero ranks against neighboring areas I know of like Camilius, Manlius and Brewerton in comparison Most interesting to me will be to see is if Cicero outperforms downtown Syracuse (Snowiest USA major city. I can see historical records for SYR but not Cicero If you are around Cicero give me a shout here My wife and I love the area and I am happy to be there and as I might have said in an earlier post; I can also go to Liberty NY or Lynbrook Long Island if that is where the snow action is. Hopefully, fun times ahead!
  7. Checking in to my liberty NY weather station 2.5 inches so far, identical unit in Lynbrook, rain gauge decided to malfunction today
  8. I am beginning to feel more confident that here in SW Nass Cnty (LYNBROOK) I might not have to switch on my backup generator since the wind threat seems it will be much less than first thought.
  9. Anxiously awaiting the NHC's 2PM and 5PM forecast cones My Long Island town of Lynbrook has lost power with 40mph gusts. Glad my New 12,500 Watt Backup Gen is hooked up, with a couple of 50 foot and 100 foot extension cords to help out my neighbors too if need be
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