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  1. Liberty NY low -7.2 degrees Lynbrook Long Island low 4.5 degrees
  2. Liberty NY stats at 5:40PM
  3. HRRR says so but it's hard to get that low but upper single digits is more likely. Nice surprise if 5 or lower is reached though
  4. 6.5" with .10 ice accretion Temperature never made it past 32.0
  5. 4:30 PM 9.0 degrees here in Liberty NY BRRRR
  6. 3:45PM 10.8 degrees in Liberty NY wow
  7. 15.4 degrees in Liberty NY now
  8. Can NYC hit 5 degrees tonight? Which model has lowest temps for 12z Monday?
  9. no runoff, minimal sleet
  10. Quite a spread of almost 50 degrees across NYS
  11. Liberty NY Mod snow Temp 26.6 degrees and dropping. Temp high during storm 32.0 degrees .10 ice accretion Snow total 6.5 inches
  12. Sleet has vanished here in Liberty, back to mod/heavy snow with 6.5 inches OTG and impressive echoes headed this way. Strange Storm !
  13. Liberty NY 1,600ft Sullivan County
  14. UPDATE: Back to the heaviest snow of the night
  15. Liberty NY 5 1/2 inches sleet mixing in 21 degrees