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  1. Hey guys This snow lover is relocating From Long lsland's Lynbrook and Sullivan County's Liberty NY Heading back up to Central NY state multiple times in the next 2 weeks in areas surrounding Syracuse Like I have mentioned, Looking for the sweet spot between LES and N'oreasters based on historical averages and maybe a little elevation thrown in too Can't be a rural hamlet since I need to heat with natural gas and have to have gigabit internet and NO radon areas and great schools These are the areas I am looking at within 10-20 miles of Syracuse in mostly Onondaga County North Syracuse East Syracuse Brewerton Manlius Phoenix Cicero Central Square Fayettesville Baldwinsville Pompey Camilius Minoa Cazenovia Chittenago Please feel free to PM me as not to clutter up this forum topic Thanks!
  2. Can we possibly see some frozen precip in that period?
  3. Ridiculously high is right but not like Long Island where my primary house is One house I saw in Jamesville or was it Fayestsville, I forget but it would go for 3x that price on Long Island. Past 8 months living at my liberty NY house ( we had a trace of snow this morning ) Just don't want to thread into areas that use propane or oil; want Natural Gas only Looked as north as Cicero too I appreciate the help Matt; I don't wish to clutter the forum with real estate, would you mind if I PMyou next time?
  4. @TugHillMatt My wife and I have been seeing houses mainly a few miles south and southeast of Syracuse in developments of nice houses I'm trying to find the sweet spot for LES, N'easters, Natural gas and high speed internet!
  5. @LakeEffectKing does Cazenovia NY do better than average then fayetsville/manlius or syracuse or was this just a fluke. Moving up to those parts so i am curious! Thanks!
  6. Thanks for what you directed me to! That was a great link.. Learning about Syracuse climatology since I am moving to a suburb of Syracuse
  7. @uncle W Oh, I thought I could just see jan 1st to dec 31st in one list and scroll up and down to see the maximum snowfall ever for any particular day of a year
  8. @uncle W love it, i couldn't though find snowfall records for any given day of the year
  9. Thank you so much !
  10. 34 - 35 that night in lynbrook
  11. I witnessed both and here in Liberty NY on 5.9.20 we had .5 of snow; barely a trace on Long Island @uncle W do you have a source where I can browse through in an easy way record high/Low temps and snow for each day of the year for Syracuse NY? Thanks !
  12. Up here in Liberty NY a half inch of snow is likely overnight into the early hours of May 1st