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  1. Yeah, wow. 1.83" here seems high, but water level in pool easily up 2".
  2. Ditto for all 3 events. Sandy and Isaias were power-loss champs too. 2019 microburst knocked neighbor's tree into yard, crushing fence. When it was removed, they inadvertently cleaned out my compost pile as well.
  3. I concur. Almost always radiate better than KISP. 28° as well this am.
  4. Already into the 11-day powerless odyssey here as well.
  5. "Forever Autumn" The Moody Blues
  6. Another area of showers,some moderate to heavy, persist over Eastern Nassau and Western Suffolk. FRG received 0.49", of which 0.31" fell in 17 minutes.
  7. Thanks. Time is an interesting quantity, as it is almost 6 years and sometimes it feels like forever and then sometimes like yesterday. My favorite memorabilia, besides her bunny figurines that she loved might be a skywriting depiction of our names together. Regards
  8. I feel and know your pain. Sad, but wonderful memories also keep my deceased wife alive, especially today, her birthday.