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  1. Anyone have stats to show how many untested samples there are left? You can't take these numbers at face value unless you know how many real time new cases there are (vs backlog cases).
  2. As long as this thing doesn't mutate a ton the vaccine, when developed, will take care of it for many, many years w/boosters - similar to MMR, Tdap, etc. That's the hope and a good - case scenario.
  3. In light of the current virus situation, it's smart to both support the American people directly via checks and unemployment boosters, as well as providing incentives to both small and large corporations to keep their employees by supplementing a percentage of their income. It takes a large amount of cash ($500B+) to do this - in order to keep things as close to normal as possible when this virus is behind us. Even the Democrats will support this...all the other stuff is just partisan fluff and not necessary at this time. I think there should've been a part 1 and part 2 with the partisan fluff in part 2.
  4. So it's very likely the true mortality rate for cancers are too high then. Similarly, until there is broad based testing for Covid 19 we won't know the true mortality rate. Just read your edits, makes sense.
  5. Please take your hatred for our POTUS to the other thread, this is a weather forum guys & gals. Thanks.
  6. The small businesses in America can't handle a 6+ week lock down. That's the problem the POTUS is dealing with. The answer is this: they need to get everyone tested ASAP so they can smartly quarantine those that are sick and those in close contact, but let the rest start to get back to normal. Estimates are about 10 days from now we'll have everyone with symptoms tested, this will allow a new plan to smartly quarantine and understand the trends, hot spots, etc. and attack it on a more localized level. When people are allowed to start returning to normal, the fear will start to subside as well - and that's a good thing. And hopefully we've all learned a lesson in good sanitizing practices... This isn't easy for anyone, especially those in Office making huge decisions, so be patient, encouraging, and unified so we can get through this and be stronger than before!
  7. "Newsom said in the letter that California has had 126 new COVID-19 cases in the last 24 hours – including 44 news community acquired transmission – a total increase of 21 percent. With the case rate doubling every four days in parts of the state, Newsom projected some 25.5 million Californians would eventually contract the virus." What the data isn't saying here is that they're just starting to ramp up testing so there will be a surge of already existing cases. We have to wait until the data stabilizes to get a true curve of new cases. The POTUS briefing mentioned this a couple days ago...specifically told the news outlets to explain this.
  8. We're not in NY and there just isn't a lot to go around. I respect the fact that people don't want to go out to grocery stores every week or 2, but if everyone buys for 2 months out, there will be major shortages for those in need.
  9. Dude, I've got 5 to feed and no chicken...people are hoarding.
  10. Summer temps, humidity, and people generally spending more time outdoors will help keep it at bay, just like the flu and cold viruses. If the US would just end school early this year, that would help tremendously for everything.
  11. They don't actually measure, just take the meso average.
  12. SB Cities The 2019 - 2020 Snow Season Normal Average to Date This Time Last Season Normal Seasons Average All Time Season Snowfall Record Rochester 81.0 77.4 73.9 99.5 161.7 inches (1959 - 1960) Syracuse 70.9 100.2 90.1 123.8 192.1 inches (1992 - 1993) Binghamton 59.4 62.7 69.4 83.4 135.2 inches (2016 - 2017) Buffalo 57.5 77.7 102.4 94.7 199.4 inches (1976 - 1977) Albany 42.2 46.0 41.4 60.2 112.5 inches (1970 - 1971)
  13. Someone under that LO band? Looks like it's starting to crank up. http://www.oswego.edu/webcam/