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  1. Wouldn't we rather have a warm mid-fall time as it will keep those lake temps a bit warmer for when the real cold air comes?
  2. Teleconnections (click on the pic for the latest one - it's not showing the right one for some reason):
  3. More of these to come...fun times ahead.
  4. Hopefully the leaves are off by then if this happens!
  5. Atmospheric thermodynamics are quite amazing.
  6. Exactly a 30 degree difference from 24 hours ago in KROC (88/58). Quite the change!
  7. Well, the forecast surely looks like a fall pattern has set in. Time to start thinking about this next winter season!
  8. Hopefully those lake breezes will help out today.
  9. They were relatively tame near the lake, but looks like a Tornado warning around SYR.
  10. Lol, was just looking at the radar and noticing that!!
  11. Think we got a small hole in the line as it was quite mild with gusts maybe to 40. No hail & rain was just moderate.
  12. Well it's back together now and looking strong! Looks like a bow echo is forming.