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  1. You might be able to...never know. I want to jump in, but hesitant since this week saw big gains...wondering if next week will be a correction? Thoughts? I like Cardano and XLM as well.
  2. I'm gonna jump into this blockchain arena. Just trying to figure out the best way in (trading and wallet).
  3. Hoping to get some of that warm frontal nocturnal elevated convection this season.
  4. 45 is pretty young. Assuming he didn't have the vaccine yet? Is he generally healthy, a smoker? Asthma? Just curious. Will pray for a quick recovery regardless!
  5. I'm for gun rights, but also for more strict training and background checks at the same time. If we're going to have civilians packing heat in public, they need to be well-trained and well-vetted. In fact, I think there should be an initial test and ones that need to be passed on a annual basis to keep up with training.
  6. According the data from Phase 3 Pfizer, you can have up to 89% efficacy after 15-21 days from the 1st shot only. That's quite remarkable considering we all get annual flu shots with efficacies ranging in the 30-60% range. Not quite sure why this story's author calls the 2nd dose "crucial", considering the J&J max efficacy for a single dose is in the 60s. I get that they are going along with the phased trials recommendations, but I think the 2nd dose could be a bit overkill in many cases (especially younger people with healthy immune responses). Regarding symptoms, everyone I know got a headache and fatigue from the 1st Pfizer dose, including me. My brother had a massive headache after the 2nd dose as well. I, for one, feel comfortable with just 1 dose, but unfortunately I'd be demonized as a non-completer.
  7. Nice bands rolling through Caz...enjoy it while it lasts. Likely winter's last hoorah!
  8. Not much coming off GB, but thinking the water temps are much cooler (so less delta) than LH or LO...