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  1. From the BUF AFD: Consecutive 90+ Degree Days in Buffalo (Ending Date) 1) 7/10/1988 - 7 2) 7/1/1963 - 5 3) 8/14/1947 - 5 4) 7/6/2020 (ongoing) - 4
  2. Interested stats. Also it seems that ROC will finally get into the heat as winds are now shifted and DPs are already 5 degrees higher than this time yesterday.
  3. That's likely part of it. Hoping the weaker mutation is real like that Italian virologist suggested.
  4. Heat advisory for 4 days. Anyone ever seen that before around here?
  5. Hoping a couple of cells make it across the lake:
  6. I would argue that a mask helps the wearer just as much as it prevent them from touching their mouth, nose, even rubbing eyes - main virus entrances.
  7. Bring it on, just don't wake the kiddos thunder!
  8. Lol, I'm thinking today is Friday. Been a busy week! BUF talking about potential MCS...we know how the last one turned out!
  9. Potential for some nice elevated warm-frontal storms overnight...
  10. I was thinking the pre-frontal stuff would strengthen more...hardly any lightning with it.
  11. The atmosphere is warming up nicely...could get interesting in a couple hours.