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  1. KBUF STILL down... Too bad, lots of nice storms last night - had to use Montague.
  2. When is KBUF gonna get their radar reliably functioning?? Flash flooding situation and no radar...just ridiculous, unprofessional, and potentially dangerous.
  3. Had 9" one May in the 1988-1991 timeframe...
  4. Interesting that the lightning is mostly behind the line in WNY...
  5. What a radical difference for BGM from last season...over 100" more!!
  6. Bristol Mountain webcams support your statement...looks like they can reopen for the weekend...lol http://www.bristolmountain.com/webcam/
  7. This being an anomalous event with a tricky forecast, the event will be closely watched for any possible expansion of Winter Weather Advisories or even an upgrade to a Winter Storm Warning if QPF and SLRs are higher due to dynamic and evaporational cooling if the low deepens further than current model guidance and rain changes over quicker to snow. Toronto flipped to snow @35...BUF to follow soon @36. Radar looking 'snowish'.
  8. WWAs for some counties in WNY 3-6"...
  9. Dynamic cooling can really surprise...
  10. For now, the forecast will only carry a few inches of accumulation across higher terrain, but there is a chance snow accumulation will be more widespread.
  11. Too bad, this LP track would've been great with more cold air.
  12. Nice little 'event' going on right now...1" in about 20 mins.
  13. Snow pretty much ended here, yet the radar doesn't look that way.
  14. 30-36" ???
  15. Water vapor imagery is very impressive...this LE will continue for quite a while!