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  1. BGM has these numbers for tomorrow night into Saturday, but only "50% chances." This map is the same as their "highest totals" though. BUF's is below that. (Looks like another jackpot for Blizz over to Tully and Cazenovia.)
  2. The general public couldn't possibly handle a year with Covid AND a removal of weather advisories......
  3. Thanks for this great summary of your local climate!
  4. Moderate to Heavy snow here for the past hour and a half. Ground almost completely covered. Tapering off now. We'll see if it picks up.
  5. Curious if that's up at the airport on the hilltop or downtown. Downtown BGM and along 81/17 they seem to get waaaay less.
  6. The other models show it even more. Southern Onondaga, Northern Cortland, and SW Madison (all higher elevations) cashing in.
  7. Thought I'd post this on the conversation we're having...
  8. Haha! Yep! They have bulls-eyed all winter! I wish somebody down there in the Tully area kept track this winter...they are probably over 100 inches on this winter..wouldn't be surprised if some spots had double what we've had.
  9. They put that in there just to troll me, I swear...
  10. 18Z Nam 3k and Rgem especially are showing a nice little event for Friday night into Saturday.
  11. Ha! Those have been the two main tracks these past 5 years. Up Lake Michigan or up Lake Erie.
  12. A hit for Buffalo...Lol...can a low pressure go somewhere OTHER than SW NY this season? Even though it's 10 days away......
  13. Wow, I actually made it to the end of one of your posts.
  14. Good point. My first spring here consisted of several snowfalls in April with the last week of April having a couple ground-coverings. Then last year, there were snowfalls through April with the last one in Mid-May when we got 2 inches during the middle of the day.
  15. Yeah, lots of chatter about the 2nd half of March turning wintry.