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  1. Winter...one week of Spring... and now Summer for the next 5.5 months. Seems about normal anymore...
  2. Thanks. I haven't been intentionally avoiding it or anything. It's been an extremely busy several weeks.
  3. Aw, so you didn't get the opportunity, but I'm excited you will have this weekend to enjoy it. Thank you for your continued service in the medical service fields of society!
  4. Disagree. The wind was certainly chilly but the late April sun is MUCH warmer on the skin.
  5. Pfttt... What happened to the below normal start to May? Warm warm warm biased climate.
  6. I see you tossing weenies out, @Thinksnow18 and @BuffaloWeather. Take this!
  7. Let me guess...we won't see those types of anomalies ONCE next winter! Gah!
  8. Yay! Bring in that colder air! I'm already tired of sweating...
  9. It kills me that we can't seem to get these great patterns in WINTER...and they continue to show up in Spring when they're of little use for us winter lovers.
  10. Why do you torture me so? Projected high for Syracuse is 77 on Sunday...which means we'll be kissing 80 with Dansville.
  11. Hey, Brent. Thanks for the apology. It stinks...but sometimes/often we have to deal with the consequences of our actions. It' definitely not fun to go through. I, like you, love cooler weather. I don't mind below normal days! I hope you enjoy the sunny day!
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