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  1. I think, for a change this year, we're seeing some blocking involved to limit how much more north this can go. Tricky, because at the same time, these have ended up tracking farther north at go-time than modeled.
  2. This could end up being a great week of winter for you guys! Would you have preferred futility or most of you excited for the chances?
  3. Hey, all! I'm back in Upstate NY now. Sorry there wasn't much fun winter to talk about when I was there. Came home to lake effect falling yesterday and then we had another 3 to 4 inches fall today. Thought I'd share the winter wonderland on my car from the past couple days. Hopefully you guys can get some of this during the upcoming week!
  4. That's discouraging when it looks good on radar and then...virga. Euro trended much better for you guys to get an area wide snowfall. New Englanders aren't happy, but maybe it will benefit you guys.
  5. Wow, what a change from days ago. The Euro has been awful this year. The "upgrades" they do with these models are questionable. Perhaps it ends up being close to correct here, or hopefully things end up better.
  6. Living in the lake effect belt, I have lots of experience with fluffy snow. At this time of the year, once the sun comes out, it obliterates a shallow layer of fluffy snow...so get out there and enjoy it! Wow, thanks for sharing! It's been so mild this winter, there was bound to be new vegetation sprouting down there. I am assuming within the urban corridor that most plants will be ok even if we do actually winter in March. Well, there is a cold air mass. It, like any other cold air mass this winter, is just sliding out super fast. To everybody else in the NYC sub who got snow, congrats!!!! I'm excited for all of you and the opportunity to actually enjoy something other than eternal November.
  7. Yeah, obviously there are different interpretations. Williamsport is sort of in its own little world. The Scranton stations include them in their news and weather reports, but they're sort of far over from there. It sort of gets "semi-included" in the newscasts out of Harrisburg, Scranton, and Elmira. I would almost consider them more a part of the Corning/Elmira/Mansfield area. But considering it is located ALONG the West Branch of the Susquehanna, it's ridiculous that some think it is not part of the Susquehanna River Valley.
  8. Interesting! I have never truly lived in Danville, as my parents moved here after I was an adult. They've been in this area 19 years. I always remember WGAL when I was growing up in the 80s and 90s in the LSV referring to this area up here as the "Upper Susquehanna Valley" when discussing winter storms and referring to their snowfall maps.
  9. Snowing heavily here in Danville in the Upper Susquehanna Valley! HUGE flakes covering everything.
  10. What an April day here at my parents place in Danville. Rain in the morning, then Gusty winds and sunshine, then all of a sudden several rounds of thunderstorms...and then finished the day with clear skies. The northeastern counties near Scranton had a layer of fresh snow from snow showers this morning and then Severe Thunderstorm warnings this afternoon!
  11. Haha...yup! At least if it's another flop it won't be hard to take since I'm down here. 61 degrees here in Danville today.
  12. You had more winter than most of Lancaster... in ARKANSAS.
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