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  1. Welcome! My wife and I really enjoy visiting Geneva. I LOVE the pathway along the lake and going into the State Park. It's not too far from where we live in the Baldwinsville area.
  2. The best snowfall I have seen the past two days has been after the warning expired, and before the advisory popped up. Too bad the really nice snow showers we had much of the morning into early afternoon didn't occur at night. The solar radiation was a detriment to great accums.
  3. La de da de da...been sitting between two snow bands all evening....I am guessing I should go with the 1 inch totals for tonight that BUF has right over the border in Oswego county...compared to the 4 to 5 that BGM has...
  4. I am hoping that as the pressure starts to move east that there will be some surprises that materialize. I think many of the models were over-emphasizing the "front end"...and perhaps as things materialize with the main part of the system, we could see the current HRRR snowfall numbers go up. We shall see...
  5. Awful winters tend to follow me around (Buffaloweather can attest to this). I went to Michigan and they had some horribly pathetic winters when I was there, then went to Redfield last winter...not one good blockbuster event...like I said earlier, sorry to the Cuse because I moved to the burbs here! I almost took a job in Rochester and almost moved there....hmmmmm….lol
  6. And it just keeps going farther NW! How much farther north and west is this going to rotate? lol
  7. What a great preparation for more let-downs to come this winter. At least those of us in Central NY aren't getting the shaft while a few miles north gets pounded. Although, it looks like Oswego city has been within the band much of this evening.
  8. You in the Radisson? Just went outside and it was a graupel storm.
  9. BGM still seems pretty positive for a decent snowfall overnight. From what I see, every run this afternoon has looked worse and worse for SYR. Not sure what they're looking at?
  10. Well, looking at the Euro, short term models, NAMs, etc...it looks like the northerly track won out. My 4 to 6 inch call for Syracuse a couple days ago is looking good. The NAM 3k looks absolutely horrific for the Syracuse area. "rolling eyes"
  11. That is definitely not uncommon for down there. I would HATE to be a winter lover there. Warm air easily pushes up on that side of the mountains into the Pittsburgh area. As a Pennsylvania native, the small mountains there create pretty incredible microclimates. My wife and I are renting a place in the Radisson, so not too far away from you. I just went for a nice walk over at Beaver Lake with a buddy. Approaching an inch here in Lysander as well.
  12. So, are the HRRR and RAP going to be correct? If so, Syracuse folks you can thank me for the crappy winter coming...………………………………………………..
  13. Got a dusting of snow here north of Baldwinsville. This part of Onondaga county looks good for a nice snowfall.
  14. Looks like pretty much all of the models bumped north again.
  15. Temperature in Fort Drum dropped 7 degrees once the rain started. Checked the Watertown webcam and rain is changing to snow right now. Wolfie, I have always thought that map is just DUMB. Let's skip 25 inches between each "zone" So it goes directly from 100 inches to 125?!? Poor map making