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  1. Whoa! I just looked up average home prices for there...300 to 400 thousands....3 times more than Pulaski. I hope you saved up some money... Or, found a sweet apartment!
  2. Hey, now. Why are you getting me involved here... I saw the "almost" in there...
  3. I wouldn't step in any of the lakes around Syracuse....I'd be glowing... It might be easier to just "hop in" a friends pool if I had kids. Otherwise many people just want to enjoy their pools in their privacy. The community we live in has a public pool available, but that's...well....not available right now. The Y has an awesome indoor water park...but...well, that's closed still. We will find some opportunities to enjoy beach days, as we do every summer. With work and other projects, months of 80s and 90s are unnecessary for me personally. I will be happy for you on the sweltering days that come this summer (while I hibernate inside in the A/C. haha)
  4. Yes! It definitely feels like a fall weekend when a cold front hits and you have lake effect clouds and rain showers. It was really nice Saturday morning with sunshine and 60s through the day...then it got overcast with a rain shower in the afternoon that dropped the temp to the upper 50s/60 degree mark during the late afternoon.
  5. The next week is looking like my kind of summer weather! 60s to lower 70s. Perfect for what I enjoy doing during the summer. Hiking, working with my plants, lounging on the balcony. opening up the windows and sleeping GOOD! THAT is why I like this weather over 80s and 90s. If i had the luxury of a pool or a beach nearby, maaaaybe 80 for a week interspersed within cooler periods would suffice.
  6. The highest it got here today was 87, so you actually beat me out. Massena got up to 94-95 degrees! The 60s coming up look delightful.
  7. Congrats! How exciting! I would love if this was the only time we hit 90s for this summer. People can't understand why I like cold...I can't understand why anyone would like 90 degrees...so many people are like, "I LOOOOOVE this weather!" Really? I don't like weather that makes me sweat and want to pass out the second I go outside. Bleck.
  8. Beautiful shots! It was sunny here all day and then thick dark clouds took over just in time for sunset. No beautiful colors like you saw, but there were some fun looking cloud structures and types to look at.
  9. Hey, now! Not all of us "Cold weather" freaks are trolls. I'm almost normal when you exclude my obsession with the white powder........
  10. If it was 70, low humidity, gentle breeze, with showers during the nights to water everything June through August...I would be in summer paradise.
  11. 40s have literally been the theme since November. Going on 7 months now! haha
  12. 65 to 70 is PERFECT weather to me. It could be those temps all summer with an occasional day of 80s thrown in there for pool/beach weather.
  13. Snowing here too. Could this be the last snowfall of the year? lol
  14. The ROC permanent Radar Image during any snowfall...