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  1. Oh, Sizzlecuse...how you kill me. The highest we got here in the NW burbs was upper 50s. But the Sizzle was at 60, then jumped to 64 to 65 for less than an hour....and then down to 61. These dirty high temps... Meanwhile, Watertown is in the 40s!
  2. That clearing in the background.... I can already see it: ADKMatt's house!
  3. Hanging in the mid 50s in Northern Onondaga county with dreary skies, but I see the southern border of the county up in the hills is 10 degrees warmer in the mid 60s.
  4. I looked through the forums this weekend...and noticed some interesting things. I'll post later. However, it looked like 2014-2015 was a great winter. There was the typical blahness from the Holidays through the first half of January, and then the rest of the winter rocked.
  5. Another record broken? Shocked.................................. Also, that kind of system at that latitude in the Pacific goes along with my idea of doubting any cold getting here soon.
  6. I am greatly "amused" how the warmth maxima curves at its highest latitude right over the Syracuse area. It's like reaching out just to tick me off.
  7. I am doubtful of any legitimate cool downs in the extended range. We've seen this show before. Already, the past two weeks have ended up 10 degrees warmer (at least) than they were forecasted to be in "the extended range." We were "supposed to cool down" this past week and we freakin ended up in the mid 70s (at least in the hell furnace of Sizzlecuse) two days. This upcoming week was supposed to be low 50s, and here we are.... 65 degrees tomorrow and then maybe a couple more 60s days. I refuse to get excited about any cold unless it's actually here and dense and not going to leave at 10:30pm some random night.
  8. There was frost on the cars and rooftops at 1 in the morning last night. I knew it would all be melted overnight with Sizzlecuse always producing its own heat (with the aid of the relentless southerly breezes and clouds).
  9. Same up here. It's the most bland/drab Fall color season I have ever witnessed. Leaves just falling straight off the trees, gray/brown, or extremely muted. Having a 12 degrees above normal October probably affected it...
  10. You're hilarious. Question: Is it normal for men to cut off their penises and throw them in urinals there in Amsternosizzle? Asking for a friend...
  11. First official frost of the season here. Just went out to the dumpster to throw out garbage and scope things out. Pretty thick frost on cars and rooftops. I live at the top of a hill too, so it may be even heavier at the bottom.
  12. I see it's near 50 degrees along the Lake Ontario shoreline, especially in the Oswego/Fair Haven area.
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