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  1. You guys will be growing bamboo pretty soon at this rate.
  2. Several inches of rain in Baldwinsville last week. Several inches since yesterday morning. The grass is turning nice and green. Perfect timing for hopefully some beautiful Fall colors starting to show in a month.
  3. Across the state from Pitt in Scranton, they have even more than Syracuse and MUCH more than Pitt with 17 days this summer of 90 degrees or above. Sort of the opposite of what one would think.
  4. Stupid Sizzlecuse had a nice June, but then once it got hot in July, it's been hot. 13 days of above 90 degrees and then 8 more AT 89 degrees. If the temp goes above 83 degrees here, it SOARS through the 80s and sits at 89 to 92 degrees. It's like the "set state" for afternoon highs here on hot days. 3rd consecutive summer with over 20 days around 90 degrees. The gateway to hell.
  5. No matter the wind direction, Sizzlecuse torches. The lake doesn't do a dang thing to cool us down when temps are scorching, but it will warm us up when a cold front moves through. haha
  6. So over it. The entire time I have lived in Syracuse, it's been consecutive much above average 90 degree day summers and consecutive loser winters.
  7. Ha! For real... More snow on Easter than Christmas lately...
  8. If it continues, Buffalo averages will certainly surpass Syracuse. For Syracuse to get those greater amounts, it seems we need the low pressures off the East Coast to sweep moist, cold air over the lake. Those lows and the cold have been lacking. With going into a more neutral winter, it will be interesting to see if the "new normal" continues. It will be somewhat telling if we still can't break 100 inches of snow here.
  9. Yep, I have been reading up on that one during these dog days of summer! It's been a while, but apparently Syracuse CAN get some good 3 to 5 foot lake events!
  10. Average highs in December are also still mild enough that "above average temps" more commonly can lead to rain... Whereas "above average" in January can still bring good chances of snow. Though, the above average Januarys of late haven't done so well in leading to snowy conditions. Below average temps in December can really work with those warmer lake temps to produce the good snows too.
  11. In fact, I got a picture of @Syrmax sneaking by the thermometer at SYR Hancock airport....
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