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  1. I lived 10 miles west of that location in DuBois for several years. That specific location is located at 2200' asl and the locals call it "Clearfield Mountain." It's one of those spots that has an extreme microclimate. Very interesting weather location!
  2. Nearing 60 degrees in Sizzlecuse. Per usual, temps over-performing here and warmer than almost everywhere else in the state. Seriously, the only time we stay below "the forecast high" is if the cloud cover is so thick and dark. Otherwise, it seems like a continuing of a rapidly warming Syracuse.
  3. I have been amazed at how much your additional 700 feet over the Syracuse area has helped you this year....like a several feet difference.
  4. The bleach must be hiding in the same caves that our fast food workers are hiding in...the same place the world's supply of toilet paper hid for a short time as well.
  5. We're booked to go to San Francisco and then Cruise up to Alaska next summer. I'm so excited. My wife is honestly scared to go up there...because she thinks I'll find a place to live. lol
  6. Trust me... I've been thinking about it. 5 weeks until we start counting down until the best season..... FALL!
  7. Meh, I prefer things coming to life, fresh air, and not sweating OVER frying skin, dehydration, and smog-filled air.
  8. I wish I was here then! I'll have to go and check what the general patterns were like in those winters. I know there were a few really big synoptic storms thrown in during that decade.
  9. I know I'm an oddball, but I am looking forward to the 50s for highs the next week...if it holds. Seems like it often gets warmer as the long range gets closer... but 50s with the sunshine is delightful to me.
  10. We were holding in the 50s all morning...the sun poked out, and the temp, of course, soared at least 7 degrees in less than an hour in Sizzlercuse.