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  1. Hey, Central PA Weather friends! I've been following what's going on and was hoping the Lancaster county crew would luck out and get more. This storm is a reminder of why I searched for a snowier destination. I can't believe you guys had less than a few inches of snow total last year. Geesh! Hopefully you can join in more on other systems this season.
  2. Wow, you went at least 5 minutes without "snow"man weenieing you. So petty... lol
  3. When the weather is boring, it's easy to get annoyed. As an avid winter lover, I remember many sunny, windy days of looking to the skies NW of Lancaster and watching the puffy lake effect clouds evaporate into thin air. I am the opposite of most people, and hated the weather in Lancaster. So hot in the summer and mundane, blustery days in the winter. Yeah, the winters in Clearfield county are quite similar as far as cloudiness. Those clouds form and get hung up along the ridges. People get absolutely miserable here. Snow helps to brighten everything up and it used to be very common in the Great Lakes region. Lately........... Are you asking about last week's event? I got about 4 to 5 inches of snow that hung around a couple days before the weekend warmup. (I'll see if I can post a few pics later.) Yeah, most of the people I know from DuBois who move go to Lancaster. I did the opposite. I had never experienced what it was like to have doors freeze shut during the day or have to brush snow off the car multiple times in one day until moving up there. The summers were glorious as well, with MUCH less humidity than Lancaster. Although, I've noticed even the mountains are now getting 90 degree days with whatever this new climate is.
  4. Some of you guys would be tortured if you lived somewhere like Upstate NY during the cold season months. It is SO CLOUDY here from November through March. We can go weeks without a day of sunshine. There's a reason so many take extra vitamins...including myself... The Lower Susq. Valley actually gets quite a bit of sunshine compared to other locales. Those NW winds off the mountains do their magic...
  5. Hey, weather brother. You are absolutely NOT one of those aholes. The fact you took the time and thoughtfulness to write back proves that. I have always enjoyed your conversation. I am glad you guys are still able to do that, as we were no longer permitted to do so. (Although Bx sort of threatened it.) You have any plans to go up to the Northern Tier to find more winter this upcoming season? Thanks, Bubbler. I look forward to discussing our local mulch-whiteners this upcoming season! The real question is...will you give me the key? The wife and I will be coming to your neck of the woods a couple times throughout the winter to visit our family and friends in DuBois. Let us in!
  6. Hey, all! It's been some time since I last posted...ever since the mission of the board admin. to be total jackwagons to our Upstate NY sub forum. (We all have a much better, "safe" space now..lol) I have always loved coming here to check up on conditions in my home state of PA and hometown of Lancaster. What's happened to you guys? You've always been a friendly, charming bunch. It seems recently there's a much more jaded, cynical, pissed off vibe. Maybe it's the crappy winters...or a few posters I've noticed who display pompous, a-hole behaviors to everybody. Don't let them dictate the tone of your subforum. P.S. Climate Changer does the same thing on the now-dead Upstate NY subforum. It's quite humorous, as it appears he is talking to himself. Anyway, here's to hoping for a snowy winter for you all and a White Christmas for my visit to Danville during Christmas week!
  7. I think, for a change this year, we're seeing some blocking involved to limit how much more north this can go. Tricky, because at the same time, these have ended up tracking farther north at go-time than modeled.
  8. This could end up being a great week of winter for you guys! Would you have preferred futility or most of you excited for the chances?
  9. Hey, all! I'm back in Upstate NY now. Sorry there wasn't much fun winter to talk about when I was there. Came home to lake effect falling yesterday and then we had another 3 to 4 inches fall today. Thought I'd share the winter wonderland on my car from the past couple days. Hopefully you guys can get some of this during the upcoming week!
  10. That's discouraging when it looks good on radar and then...virga. Euro trended much better for you guys to get an area wide snowfall. New Englanders aren't happy, but maybe it will benefit you guys.
  11. Wow, what a change from days ago. The Euro has been awful this year. The "upgrades" they do with these models are questionable. Perhaps it ends up being close to correct here, or hopefully things end up better.
  12. Living in the lake effect belt, I have lots of experience with fluffy snow. At this time of the year, once the sun comes out, it obliterates a shallow layer of fluffy snow...so get out there and enjoy it! Wow, thanks for sharing! It's been so mild this winter, there was bound to be new vegetation sprouting down there. I am assuming within the urban corridor that most plants will be ok even if we do actually winter in March. Well, there is a cold air mass. It, like any other cold air mass this winter, is just sliding out super fast. To everybody else in the NYC sub who got snow, congrats!!!! I'm excited for all of you and the opportunity to actually enjoy something other than eternal November.
  13. Yeah, obviously there are different interpretations. Williamsport is sort of in its own little world. The Scranton stations include them in their news and weather reports, but they're sort of far over from there. It sort of gets "semi-included" in the newscasts out of Harrisburg, Scranton, and Elmira. I would almost consider them more a part of the Corning/Elmira/Mansfield area. But considering it is located ALONG the West Branch of the Susquehanna, it's ridiculous that some think it is not part of the Susquehanna River Valley.
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