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  1. I just KNEW somebody would have a response.... LOL... Except I thought Syrmax would say it...
  2. Sure! I actually lived in Redfield for a year. There is an Aldi in Pulaski... ... Pulaski and Camden, both about 25 minutes from there, are charming towns with "some" business. Otherwise, you drive 45 minutes to an hour to Rome, Watertown, or Syracuse to do your business. I was going to suggest Central Square to you, as it's close enough to Syracuse and does better snow-wise. It too, is growing...I like Oswego County. You can get more for a house there than you do in Onondaga. But, selection is less there, and there is definitely some poverty. Cazenovia is a great village. Beautiful area and homes. It's at a higher elevation. It has high wealth, so it's expensive to live there. I find Madison County to have BEAUTIFUL countryside.
  3. There isn't really that big of a difference between them. Brewerton sees slightly more than the rest due to a slightly more north latitude. Clay and Cicero are about the same. Manlius probably sees the least Lake Effect Snow. However, it's closer to the higher elevations, so that might help a bit with synoptic snowfall and snow retention. All of them are suburban sprawl towns. I personally would choose Brewerton or Manlius...Brewerton for better lake effect potential and open land....Manlius for the rolling hills and proximity to Cazenovia. Cicero and Clay, to me, are flat and monotonous with development after development and very little natural ecosystems (other than some nice wetlands on the eastern side.) But if you want to be super close to Big Box stores and chain restaurants, you can't go wrong with them.
  4. It's disturbing that we're one of the "coldest" places, as it's barely been below normal. No doubt about the winter. Seems to be a repeated cycle lately...
  5. Lol! I wish! But, just a little over 2 months and we'll all be talking about possible flurries/frosts in the long range discussions. This is the time of year I start watching snowstorm videos on YouTube.... It's been in the beautiful Upper 60s here on the other side of the front today...feels like Fall! Love it.
  6. Temps start to decline and there are cooler evenings starting in a month.... Yay!
  7. Just getting indices to work out has been a struggle. The +AO we've had lots of creates a flat jet stream of mild Pacific air....or the PNA or NAO aren't in our favor and instead of getting some cold air to lock in (and not too deep) we get a buckling jet stream that brings a ridge up before a system and then a weak trough behind... I think the pattern we've been in for the month of July would have been a great one in winter for the NE.
  8. Absolutely loving this temperature in the Upper 60s. No need for a pool... No need for an A/C... Screened door with windows open taking in the fresh breeze...
  9. Yikes! Just breezy here right now. Looks like what's setting up may start to train from west to east more.
  10. Starting to see some prefontal single cells forming too. Our friend in Hannibal about to get hit.
  11. Yikes! No severe weather needed...especially in the Mohawk Valley! They've had enough.
  12. Like we said before, even with corrections (if they were done), silly Syracuse is still hotter than everybody else today. lol... (Danville is 1 degree hotter as of 1 pm...we'll see if that holds.)
  13. Excellent discussion and research, guys! It seems as though they should have an office/professionals that travel to the NWS sites across the nation to ensure that all stations/sensors are in a very similar setup and running correctly. I realize they probably have people at each airport/site that do that...but it doesn't mean it's consistent across the board. Having as much of a controlled environment (as much as possible within the world of weather....tricky) that provides data that can be accurately compared to other sites and an own sites historical data seems important to me. But, then, I am a weather geek, and doubt many people care as much as I/we do. lol
  14. Looks like Westernville and the same area that got hit by the tornado is getting slammed by this one. Geesh.
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