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  1. For sure. And every winter since, many say, "It couldn't get worse" or "next year will be better." And here we are. Winter #6. Pacific Jet and horrible NAO are killing us...except for in Marches. Hah
  2. Looking through the long range is maddening....huge ridges traveling across the country. Lows cutting up and across the Northern Plains/Canada...once in a while a deep trough that suppresses things. This winter blows. Enjoy your slush balls, friends.
  3. It has that one miss way to the East, and then a couple days later a CUTTER through Minnesota and the UP of Michigan......LOL....enough with the flipping cutters already!
  4. Moderate Wet snow here. Temp continues to hover between 32.5 and 33 degrees. Roads have that very slippery slush on them.
  5. Very wet snow here for the past hour. Looks like it's starting to cover colder surfaces. 33 degrees
  6. Looks like it is snowing and laying in parts of Buffalo. http://buffalowebcam.com/live-webcams/buffalo-ny-elmwood-ave-posterartusa-mr-pizza
  7. Looks like Dunkirk and Niagara Falls have both dropped to 33 degrees with light snow. There's a liiiiiiiiiittle bit colder air moving in.
  8. Hey, I'm glad you got to vent. Won't hear any judgment from me. It's been November for months. Just like last winter...and the winter before... I'm sitting here at the end of January hoping for the temp just to drop near freezing so my extremely slushed snowpack will stop hurting.
  9. Is it snowing there right now" Looks like a good blob of precip. moving over your area. right now.
  10. Made it back to Bville area. It has surprised me this year how often there is much more snow here than in the city of Syracuse. Talk about an Urban Heat Island. Barely any snow there...as soon as we got by State Fair Blvd. on 690, the ground was covered. By the time we got here, there is still a solid 4 to 5 inch snowpack. Very, very waterlogged, but here!
  11. Went past Binghamton a little bit ago on our way back to the Cuse. What a snowhole Bing is! Glad I didn't move there. Lol. Always has the least amount of snow during our travels back and forth. Their airport on top of the mountain doesn't accurately portray their climate. I guess the same can be said about many NWS obs sites. Going past Marathon now where solid snow cover has commenced, along with snow showers.
  12. Looks like we're going to have to continue relying on the northern stream to provide us with weak systems that deposit minimal snow and mild air. Indices...........
  13. We all know there will be some sort of rain involved next week. Has there been one clean system this year? That part of the pattern has not changed.
  14. No problem. I was just trying to figure it out. I love when people share their travel reports across NY. I like to do so myself. It sounds like you were probably somewhere around Weedsport when you hit the snow. From reports, there must have been an enhanced area of precipitation that was heavy enough to flip to snow over the northern Finger Lakes/Southwestern Oswego county. I am curious as to whether my area in Northwest Onondaga got it. I wasn't around to see it. Glad you made it home safely!
  15. What was your route? I'm trying to figure out where you would be going that is 20 to 30 minutes north of Syracuse. If you took the Thruway, you pretty much drove through the Northern Suburbs of Syracuse. Easily a 10 minute drive to downtown.