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    Hannibal, Ny.... 10 miles southwest of Oswego, Ny
  1. Got about 2-3" here in Hannibal. Be gone tomorrow lol.
  2. This cool weather can stay the rest of the summer. I'm loving it but all the rain can leave wow. Rain, sun, Rain, sun lol. Every half hour it rains then sun pops back out.
  3. Everyone hibernating till winter haha. Pretty quiet around here.
  4. Wally world closed wtf lol.
  5. About 8-10" of sand here. Windy as hell.
  6. A avalanche is being reported in Tunkhannock PA? Route 92 closed. I'm still waiting for Stella to arrive. Maybe 2-3" here so far.
  7. It's the same way here in southern oswego county haha. It's barely snow and ground is barely covered. Guessing that will change at some point today though.
  8. I'm hoping we don't get any damn snow since i sold my snowmobile haha. All snowmobilers can thank me for the snow haha.
  9. I have lived in CNY my whole life haha.
  10. Freak you need to calm down man lol. It's not the end of the world haha.
  11. 7:30am on February 25th and it's 62 out, WTF is wrong with that picture. This weather this winter has been so screwed up. Yesterday at my house here in Hannibal it was 59 left and went to Oswego it was 41 there, what a difference in about 10-12 miles. All being next to the cool lake ontario.
  12. Yeah forecasted high was 48 for today and it's currently 58 haha.
  13. 56 amazing degree's here in Hannibal, Windows open in the house and a nice breeze coming in. Looks like possible 60'so end of the week? This is crazy. Yesterday i was snowmobiling up on the Tug, absolutely beautiful day up there. Crazy how much snow they have.
  14. Well that was a flop , maybe a inch overnight haha. Few flurries this morning and windy. I'll see some snow tomorrow as i am heading up to the tug to go riding for the day. I'll try to get some pics.
  15. Hahaha, yeah horrible winter up on the Tug.