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  1. Temp is at 10 here and has been snowing on and off all morning. Feels a hell of a lot colder than that with the wind. Even my dog didn't want nothing to do with being outside this morning Haha.
  2. I'm pretty sure 99.9% of the people who live in Redfield have Yerdon as a last name lol.
  3. Line just went through here, ground is barely covered and very lightly snowing. Wasn't nothing like all the warnings i kept getting on my phone were saying it would be lol.
  4. Picked up about 4" of fluff here this afternoon, just a few flurries now. Love looking out seeing fresh white gold.
  5. A nice band of les sitting right over my house right now. Big fluffy flakes. Hardest I've seen it snow so far this winter.
  6. Big ole wet parachutes falling here in Hannibal, coming down pretty damn good. Couple inches so far.
  7. About 6-7" total here so far. Crust of ice underneath makes it hard as h e l l to shovel.
  8. Ohhh ok. Crazy how much different weather can be just a few miles away.
  9. Ice is really starting to add up here. Dumping frz rain. Hope it don't last much longer.
  10. Keeps flipping back and forth here with snow and a mix. I'm in Hannibal.
  11. Chance of snow next weekend? Perfect, i pick my new snowmobile up from the dealer next Saturday, maybe I'll be able to take it for a rip around the yard lol.
  12. Very cruel joke mother nature. Easily 6" or so here. Mother nature is screwed up lol.
  13. Yeah i think we are already at the weird part.