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  1. Damn that rain on the on the shore west of Rochester hasn't moved all afternoon, gotta be some impressive rain totals put there.
  2. Looks like mid to upper 80's to me for the next week and possible low 90's early next week. Doesnt look like a bust to me. Atleast for CNY area.
  3. That line of storms rolling east looks nasty. Several tornado warnings and severe tstorm warnings. If that holds together western and cny is gonna get nailed good.
  4. 94 here in Hannibal, friggin brutal out.
  5. I mowed a week ago but still looks like a hay field still. I never cut it very low to try to keep it looking nice, but it's getting brown in spots and will only get worse. All my neighbors tell me i mow my lawn too much lol. I'm just a little crazy about my lawn looking nice.
  6. 8:55am and it's already 82° dewpoint is sitting at 72 gonna be a brutal day. Even though we haven't had much rain my yard is looking like a hay field but too damn hot to mow it.
  7. not good not good at all. So glad i have city water or the well would be done dry.
  8. What the hell tunnel you looking down lol.
  9. What is it with this guy ^^^^^^ and his oddball post? Fall is a long ways off.
  10. That's my next project with my deck. Just finished replacing a few deck boards a couple day's ago, now i gotta pressure wash, then paint. Hopefully this week i can get that done. Today I'm being lazy and taking it easy with a couple brewskis and a rack of ribs in the weber kettle smoking away.
  11. Yup perfect weather day today. I would take today's weather all summer. Love it.
  12. Man it's a scorcher out there, temp is 92, dewpoint 77 and reel feel is 104 yikes. Glad it's only for one day lol. A/C feels great lol.
  13. One of my friends posted a video from out buffalo way on Facebook, wow the lightning was unreal, crazy. We are getting some lightning here in Oswego County but nothing like out Buffalo way.
  14. This weather is perfect. Absolutely beautiful last couple of days.