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  1. This is truly a fall day. Mid 50's for a temp and lake effect rain falling on and off most of the morning so far. Love it lol.
  2. No idea on rain totals here in Hannibal but my front yard looks like a small lake lol.
  3. Seeing a lot of yellow and red colors showing up in my neighborhood. Barely any leaves falling sl far.
  4. Welcome to Oswego, i live 15 minutes from there in a little town called Hannibal. Once that Lake Effect kicks in look out lol.
  5. Just got back from Old Forge and the foliage is changing up there already, a lot of red and orange. Was up there for 3 day's. Had a great time.
  6. I have to mow my lawn twice a week, I mowed it this past Friday and gonna head out soon to mow it again. It's almost like someone put miracle grow on it Haha.
  7. Damn that is a huge nest. I've been on the lookout in every tree around the yard every time i mow the lawn for a nest. My biggest hate of summer is bee's, been nailed twice this summer. Are they white faced hornets?
  8. A nice crisp 50 degrees on this beautiful fall morning on the last day of July wow lol. It's a tad chilly out lol.
  9. Yup we got it, heavy rain and a little thunder and lightning, wind was calm as it could be. Now the wind is picking up pretty good.
  10. What a lightning show going on here. It's nonstop wow. Haven't seen a light show like this in a very long time.
  11. My idiot neighbor was mowing his lawn at 11:30 last night yes 11:30. I got back from the races at Oswego and pulled in my driveway and I looked out in his nq yard and was like WTF.
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