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  1. Beautiful fall frosty morning. Down to 32 here in my neck of the woods, coldest morning of the season so far. Love it.
  2. Snow showers in the high peaks of the ADK'S. Whiteface mtn posted a video of snow falling. It's a chilly one here today, that wind makes it feel even colder.
  3. Took a day trip up to Old Forge and Inlet area Saturday. The fall colors up there are absolutely beautiful right now, was such a beautiful day for a ride. Old Forge was a zoo, crazy how many people were there. Even the fall colors on the southern part of the Tug Hill were beautiful. On the way home stopped in Redfield, damn is the reservoir extremely low, never seen it that low. So glad i got to take the trip for the day. Leaving Old Forge the traffic on 28 heading into town was back up a good 2-3 miles.
  4. Not sure about where everyone else lives but the tree's around my area, are changing crazy fast. Atleast 2 weeks early it seems like. Loving this weather though.
  5. Finally had the first frost of the season here in Hannibal. Loving this beautiful cool weather.
  6. A little bit of color has popped here in the Hannibal area. A little orange and red's. The neighbor has a big maple tree in the front yard that is always the last tree in the neighborhood to start to change, well not this year it's the first to and would say it's 25% changed already. I love this time of the year, cooler days and chilled nights are so nice. Today is for sure a fall day, teml is at 60 with a breeze it's pretty damn chilly out. Can't wait to take a trip up into the ADK'S later this month, love it up there. And snowmobile season is getting closer and closer. So ready to ride.
  7. Well that was kinda let down, some heavy rain but hardly any thunder and lightning and the wind was calm as it could be.
  8. Hell of a line of storms about ready to nail me here in Hannibal. I've heard rumblings of thunder for a half hour and getting very dark to my north. Love a good storm.
  9. I live in Hannibal near oswego and my lawn is completely torched and so is everyone else lawns around here. We have had some rain on and off but not nearly enough to keep the lawn nice and green.
  10. Damn that rain on the on the shore west of Rochester hasn't moved all afternoon, gotta be some impressive rain totals put there.
  11. Looks like mid to upper 80's to me for the next week and possible low 90's early next week. Doesnt look like a bust to me. Atleast for CNY area.
  12. That line of storms rolling east looks nasty. Several tornado warnings and severe tstorm warnings. If that holds together western and cny is gonna get nailed good.
  13. 94 here in Hannibal, friggin brutal out.
  14. I mowed a week ago but still looks like a hay field still. I never cut it very low to try to keep it looking nice, but it's getting brown in spots and will only get worse. All my neighbors tell me i mow my lawn too much lol. I'm just a little crazy about my lawn looking nice.