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  1. Those heavier burst keep coming through here every 10 minutes lol. Whiteout to nothing, whiteout to nothing lol.
  2. Didn't notice lol. It's dumping like crazy here right now. Complete whiteout.
  3. Man wasn't expecting this heavy snow, easily 4" in the last hour or so here in Hannibal and still dumping pretty good. Pure fluff.
  4. That's too damn cold lol. 3 above in my neck of the woods and that is too damn cold to me haha.
  5. Been snowing on and off like a SOB here all morning so far. Huge parachute flakes. Been yet every radar i look at shows nothing lol.
  6. Wind has shifted to out of the west/northwest here now. Also has picked up pretty good.
  7. Not even a inch here in Hannibal, all i heard all night was ping, ping, ping on the windows and still hearing it. Forecast was way off for my area lol.
  8. -27 in Saranac Lake this morning, that's just crazy cold for NY weather wow.
  9. Jim Teske on channel 9 news just said Carol Yerdon reported 5" of snow in a hour and 15 minutes time this afternoon wow
  10. Somewhere up there is gonna end up with 3-4' of white gold. Carol Yerdon has gotta be getting hammered. Textbook perfect band right now.
  11. That's a 100% fact haha. 99.9% of the town has the last name of yerdon lol.
  12. The wind is rocking and rolling pretty damn good here in Hannibal. Lightly snowing also.
  13. Getting pounders here in Hannibal right now, easily 4-5" so far this morning.
  14. Coming down pretty good here in Hannibal, big ole fluffy parachutes. Picked up a couple inches so far this morning.
  15. 6-8 in my neck of the woods on top of the half inch of crust on the ground now lol.
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