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  1. Friggin snowing out WTF. Come on mother nature, enough of this crap.
  2. Bring on the warm weather. Yesterday and today have been great working out in my shop with the doors open.
  3. I hope not lol. I want a nice sunny and warm day lol.
  4. Yard was getting pretty dry actually lol. Now have about a inch of white crap on it.
  5. This weather is bulls$%t. All i have to say for the day.
  6. Nothing worse than these damp, cloudy spring day's, and these last few cold springs suck. So ready for warmer and sunny weather. My yard is a disaster and needs cleaning up bad but yard is a swamp lol. This weekend is gonna be horrible.
  7. Ohhhh too late lol. It was a lake before we got this snow and will be a lake again later this week haha.
  8. Picked up a nice or two of fluff here this morning also, now the sun is peaking through. I'm so ready for a warm up.
  9. Snow has ended here, 3-4" of heavy snow, very heavy. Wind is blowing pretty good now also. Roads are clear already.
  10. 3-4" here in Hannibal and currently dumping pretty damn good.
  11. He was banking on that the colder air would take longer to get into the area.
  12. Jim Teske on channel 9 is saying 1-3 for my area, 3-6 for syracuse, 6-10 for the Tug Hill and the hills south of syracuse. I've seen so many different forecast i don't know WTF to believe lol.
  13. Made it to 42 and currently 36. Was great to see the sun today. So ready for warmer weather.
  14. About 4" here also with a nice layer of ice on top. Back to snow now and coming down pretty good.
  15. Sleet as arrived here now. Can hear the ping,ping on the windows.
  16. 3-4" here in lovely Hannibal. East wind and blowing pretty good.
  17. 52 with full sun, feels like 80 out. Spectacular late February day. Wish it would stay like this.
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