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  1. Or 5 feet of snow
  2. Now this is a 10/10 day
  3. Obviously moving to your own place for the first time is a gigantic learning curve. It would be helpful to know what kind of bill we will have for electric and gas. This might help determine what kind of money might be left over. im almost tempted to ask the current tenants what they pay for utilities roughly per month
  4. Thanks for all the advice guys. Definitely a lot to consider. After calling around again today and being a little more stern and specific about what exactly I wanted/need... the price came down a little bit from what it was looking like yesterday. Could probably get what I'm looking for for a shade under 100$ month. Sling tv is definitey something I'll look into, especially if there are some sports options. i do agree though that you have to be careful if you go the non traditional route. By the time you add up Netflix hulu etc etc... the price may be comparable to just gettin cable. as others have also mentioned.... when you only buy a single service... the price is jacked up... in hopes you will just go ahead and buy the bundled offers since the price difference is usually small.
  5. The base package was like 74$ which seemed reasonable to me. Then they add all the rental fees taxes, and I said I'd like local sports. So that was like another 7-8$ bucks and before you know it... the final total was 122$. I think I may have gotten porked also because I can't commit 2 years. Our lease is year to year so I'm not going to commit service to a place I may not be living in a year from now. Ill do without Ultimately if I'm going to be taken behind the woodshed. I live with my parents at the moment and the verizon bill is about 170$ a month... which includes 6 full capacity boxes for tv, internet, and home phone. Obviously my needs will be substantially less, but the price is a little more than 40$ difference, which just doesn't seem right
  6. Doesn't it matter in a sense for how much coverage needs to be provided for wifi or whatever? Maybe I'm wrong about that... but I figured the less space you need to provide that service the cheaper it would be? they advertise these double play deals for 49$. 59$ but in reality.... that includes basically bare minimum without equipment rental, installation, etc etc.
  7. Unless I get something that's a lot better from someone else, it ain't happening at that price... we'll try Comcast next but I'm not optimistic. Im going to have to bite the bullet for internet and wifi so if we have that we can utilize Netflix among other things at least for now. I can't believe what they want for 2 tvs and internet service in a small apartment... just laughably expensive like everything else
  8. Anyone have any advice on cable companies when moving into an apartment. Will be moving into my first place on July 1 and we basically just want basic cable to watch sports and some other shows and internet to connect to wifi, etc. Verizon just quoted me 122$ per month for tv and internet service in a 400-500 square foot apartment. With a 90$ install fee. There is no way I'm able to afford that at this point. Am I going to have to go without and just get basic internet access or is there a way to really lower the price through someone else?
  9. I feel you there. I'm currently working a couple of part time jobs that don't pay particularly well and one is quite stressful and can be particularly draining. I just interviewed with a warehouse and as messed up as it is, the warehouse position would be my highest paying option so far, and would be full time. Despite not being what I ever imagined, I may have to take it just to have a consistent paycheck until I hopefully find something more suitable to my education
  10. That's exactly it, I may get a job.... but it certainly doesn't require a degree, which makes my time and money spent useless in a sense. I have a BS in Criminal Justice. And I've had virtually no leads within that field for a number of reasons. A lot of these jobs want experience that it's impossible to have just coming out of college. Ive also noticed a shift towards a lot more part time employment. At least in my view, it seems like a decent number of companies would rather hire numerous part time employees as opposed to a few full time. Presumably this saves them money on having to provide benefits and other incentives. Ive definitely been open to working outside of this immediate area, but I just haven't had really any solid leads to this point. ive had a few friends have the resume professionally done and it has definitey helped them a bit getting some more traffic. I just hate the idea of spending hundreds of dollars for something that may ultimately not help
  11. I'm pretty much open to anything, even if totally unrelated to my field. Sometimes having the gall to do something like you did can be a life changing experience for the better. It seems to have worked out well for you
  12. Job hunting again FTL. Quickly coming to the realization that my $40k degree is doing very little to help me out here
  13. Yeah, I think everyone is pretty much in the same boat on that one. I'll believe the -NAO stuff when it is actually occurring, otherwise, means nothing to me
  14. Meh.... barely a shower..... no thunder... no lightning
  15. Deluge