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  1. Also, thanks for all the car advice guys. I ended up purchasing a 2014 Ford Fusion titanium fully loaded with 40k miles on it for a little over 16k. I was happy with the price... as it was marked below kbb value. Really nice vehicle with some cool features I haven't had before. Lane assist, heated and cooled leather seats, heated steering wheel, sun roof, navigation, back up camera, etc etc
  2. I personally love the euro run that gave Provincetown like 51 inches a few days prior to the mid march storm this year. I think verification was basically zero as well. that damn storm just wouldn't stop coming West
  3. Looks like sheet drizzle rest of the day
  4. I thought today was supposed to be better? It's pouring and radar looks wet
  5. Yup. Went there this winter. Great for my beginner GF
  6. And if that doesn't work... just fire the person and then indirectly threaten them. #fakeweather
  7. That's actually not true at all, but you know that. Enjoy your washout.... it's the only washout you've got
  8. Scheduled to go to the pawsox for a 615 game with fireworks on Sat night. Any chance that timeframe from like 6-11 is salvageable?
  9. Is tomorrow looking okay or is that crap too?
  10. this particular vehicle was Honda of Dartmouth
  11. That's how I did things with my current car... I paid off the loan before it was up and saved some money that way. Ive already been approved for finacing and don't have a trade... so they can't screw me on those two things. I would like to lease.... but on average I've driven up 18-19k miles per year since getting my current car...which I think would make leasing rather difficult
  12. He was firm on the price being non negotiable... I said that's fine... but I think we're done here if there will be no movement on your part. Well see if they call back... but I'm prepared to be completely done with the negotiation at this point. the whole process is turning out to be quite stressful and unenjoyable
  13. Sorry for the car question again, but is it common for a dealer to really haggle over $300? They listed the car at 16,000 and based on My research that is slightly over priced. I offered them 15,700 for the vehicle. I'm having a hard time imagining they won't budge over 300$, as I am prepared to end negotiations if they truly won't budge
  14. Thanks... yeah from what I've seen there are numerous ways they make money that most people don't know about. I've also seen they can come down usually 1-2k and still make a decent profit. I get they need to make money, but I refuse to get screwed like I did 5 years ago (which was mostly my fault) for not educating myself
  15. So for folks who have been through the process, how much do car dealerships generally mark up on cars? Meaning, how much can they/ will they come down off initial asking price. I have been pre approved for an auto loan at a rate that I feel is good for me, and I expressed this to them over email. I basicaly said, I'm in a position to buy, and just want to know what your lowest offer is. No bull crap basically. I also said that I am prepared to go elsewhere if the current numbers aren't negotiable. My goal is to basicaly go to the dealer to pick up the car and finalize paper work.. am I handling this correctly?