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  1. It’s still dog food for 2k in southern Vermont in late Feb. he should probably have like 3-4 feet on the ground
  2. As usual, unless you live within 5 miles of the water, it’s a fine day.
  3. Looks like great golf weather if we can dry things out just a bit
  4. It helps people sleep at night to just dismiss it as some random cyclical deal that happens all the time. The response it elicited is about what I’d expect lol.
  5. I actually agree with this. I find the rhetoric of garbage springs around here to be pretty greatly exaggerated. Sure, if you live in the beach it’s probably not great, but otherwise, meh.
  6. The bill has come due for all those amazing years around here. Might as well be a lifetime ago.
  7. Thanks guy, appreciate it. And who knows at this point. We’ll see what happens in the coming weeks/months, I’d love to move north
  8. That Saturday deal looks pretty good coming out of the Midwest and then it just flys right offf the coast. Not even an attempt to come north
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