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  1. Didn't even have to open it to know what he's predicting. He knows what sells subscriptions. Maybe he's right, who knows
  2. It's been bone dry here for a while. Everyone rains but this area. thats fine, we'll just steal everyones snow in the winter. 8-12 here while Western and northern areas smoke cirrus
  3. Dry. WIll we see any rain here today?
  4. Anyone here stayed at the North Conway grand hotel?
  5. Yeah... I just want to time it for best possible conditions, even though anytime of the winter can suck. If the conditions are good, she may like it better and want to keep with it
  6. I went to Sunday river the week before Christmas in 2009 I believe? The conditions were unreal. Tons of snow leading up to the mountain and at the mountain. ive also skied in pouring rain, which is probably the worst. January 2007. It just poured the entire day and it was just slush. Hasn't been a good winter up to that point either and it showed.
  7. Right... suppose you are always kind of gambling because there could be a cutter at any point in the winter. But as you said, it's basically 2+ more weeks of snowmaking and natural chances. We lucked out last year going the week before Christmas, and we liked going right before the Holiday. Ultimately though, I think the safer play, especially for someone still learning like my fiancé, is to go in Jan
  8. @powderfreak can you or or someone else who may know about mountain ops tell me how different conditions can be between the week before Christmas and say the second week of January? Even without much natural snow that is. I have a chance to change my trip from the week before Christmas to the second week in January for virtually no extra cost. As far as I know this is not a school vacation week?
  9. Couple of snow showers too I bet
  10. Yeah. Nothing impressive or exciting about flirting with heat wave status in the middle of August. Meh
  11. I thought 2013 Xmas was actually fairly chilly
  12. Isn't a weak Nina junk here for the most part?
  13. Yeah... hard pass here. We got a couple inches of slush from the October storm and that was probably the most exciting thing that happened that winter. I might feel differently if I got 2 feet in the October storm.... but I didn't... sooo
  14. I think most people would agree. Give me the snow for the holidays and when it'll stick around best
  15. Can anyone comment on what wave activity might look like at second beach in RI tomorrow? Usually good enough to body surf, but want to make sure