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  1. I think the reality is, if everyone pulled a permit for everything that needed to be done, nobody would ever get anything done. I mean, my parents put up a pool 10 feet away from wetlands and it has sold 3 times since without any issues lol. Obviously, any footprint changes, you should probably pull a permit
  2. We definitely don’t do true “autumn” feel like we used to when I was a kid 20 or so years ago. Mostly warm with some cooler days sprinkled in.
  3. I don’t have to work snowstorms anymore. I’m a non essential state employee now, so bring on the state of emergencies!
  4. I don’t. To be honest though, this is probably the most beneficial rain we’ve had all summer. A nice slow soaking.
  5. I’m in hingham now and we got basically nada. Looks like that’s it until tonight?
  6. What are we thinking for times? 5-6am start out East? hoping to get my spray route done tomorrow morning before the rain… Friday morning looks like it could be questionable
  7. What day? Friday morning? That’s when I saw some discrepancies
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