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  1. If last years will not work, can I have the new credentials. Thanks again
  2. If I didn’t know any better id think we were in for a soaking tonight
  3. ORH is turning into maple hollow. A magical place that isn’t affected by the warmth the rest of the region experiences
  4. 1-3 flakes maybe.... wasn’t anything to write home about, rain or snow
  5. I’d be okay with it.... the wiring on my street (newer development) is all underground. Doesn’t help when someone hits a pole down the street though. It’s not unlike all the other infrastructure in this area... antiquated and in need of serious upgrades/replacement
  6. How much snow did they end up getting? I don’t remember getting a damn thing here... very localized
  7. Yeah obviously it’s more economical in more densely packed areas, but it should start somewhere. I agree, tough in rural areas. However, you’d think issues and maintenance once it was installed would be significantly less than current values. I mean.... how much money are we spending every time we get a storm like this or someone crashes into a pole, etc etc. can’t be cheap. Might pay for itself In the long run
  8. Winds were more impressive during the day down here I think. We never lost power. TMLP for the win.... I’ve never lose power for more than a few hours in my 25 years.
  9. I’m going to guess the winds never materialized here based on the fact that the mums on the front steps didn’t move an inch... looks like we got nearly 2.5” of rain though
  10. Been a while since we had a real good December storm around here. I think Boxing Day was the last one if I remember correctly.
  11. Hopefully this produces more than ~1” of rain over three days like the meheaster last week
  12. Ended up with roughly an inch of rain from the 3 days. Big fail on modeled totals, but we take the rain.... grass looks great
  13. This weather is great for my new grass. Coming In like carpet