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  1. Just picked apples at the big apple in Wrentham... Apple cider donuts FTW. Some really fire red colors we don’t see too often around here. Very nice
  2. Some fantastic color around my house (right on the edge of the hockomock swamp) and heading up 495 to go apple picking
  3. I work at a college. I’ve now been tested a dozen times since early August... once a week... and even twice a few times. The results are usually turned around in 12-18 hours... never longer than 24. The entire campus community is being tested at least once a week, pumping out north of 3500 tests a week.
  4. What more can we do though? I feel like New England has been pretty good about testing and contact tracing, and the reopening for most places around here has been painfully slow/ non existent. I mean ultimately nobody is forcing anyone to go out to bars or crowded places. If someone chooses not to do that, totally fine, but if some people want to try to get back to some sense of normalcy, I think that’s fine too, if all reasonable precautions are taken.
  5. Yeah... I’m doubting the stuff mid to late next week... even if it comes to fruition... looks like west is best... an inch over like 10 days isn’t good rain either... so take that for what it’s worth
  6. My god.....scary to think this person is a homeowner or renter or something.
  7. I booked a trip for a few days right before Christmas to north conway and hope to ski cranmore a few days. I spent a bit of extra money to be able to cancel right up until the day before. You never know these days
  8. Looks like nobody will be skiing then . Runny nose. Holy Christ
  9. Pretty depressing article. Sounds like if a certain set of scenarios play out we could be in big trouble... vaccine or not.
  10. Looks like any rain shot is now into the middle to end of next week and even then, looks like best is west
  11. I hope you’re right.... but to be fair, all hyperbole aside, there has been a definite slant to dry for that period over the last day or so.