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  1. Seems like most models keeping this general area dry. We pray
  2. I mean, he’s not the first person to feel like this winter May suck
  3. Thanks guys for the reassurance. Sounds like I’m good to go.
  4. Some absolutely stunning color in the swampy areas around here. Especially the reds.
  5. I should have been more clear, they did have to enlarge it a bit to get the plug situated, but the actual damage to the tire was so minimal in the first place because the hole was so small. The guy actually had trouble finding where it was leaking from. I called my father and he said when he was growing up, there was no “patch and plug” it was always just a plug and always worked fine if the hole was from a nail or something like that. As long as the tire wasn’t gashed open.
  6. Kind of a weird question. I had a pinhole leak in my rear tire (was losing like 8-10 psi every 10 days or so) and I finally took it to have it looked at. It was a tiny piece of metal wire stuck into the tire. They plugged the tiny hole, and sent me on my way. Is there any reason this won’t last? I know if the whole is bigger, they recommend a plug and patch, but it was tiny. I drive a ton, and don’t feel like having my tire explode or go flat on the highway lol
  7. Going to be tough to erase the warmth of the first seven days unless we get some serious cool shots.
  8. Thanks man. She’s 14, so we are being realistic about the situation, but regardless, we’ll miss her a lot.
  9. Got some bad news on our little dog today. She’s been having swelling and drainage from her jaw. Vet thinks it’s a mass, most likely cancer. Going to treat the infection with a follow up in a week to see if they can get a better look and run some more testing to confirm. Hoping for the best, but prepared for the worst, unfortunately
  10. First week of October looks like a furnace relative to climo. Looks seasonably cool after that though
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