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  1. Wiz not wasting his time on another severe thread is the best decision he’s made this summer
  2. About 3 weeks after dethatch, slice and overseed. two months ago my entire yard was literally brown.
  3. Lawn after dethatching and scarifying and over seeding.
  4. What happened to the rain? Looks like we are Steined this evening and tonight
  5. He had Tom Brady, he just had to sit back and watch. He’s a terrible head coach, remember Denver? Some guys just can’t hack it as a HC. Big difference between OC and HC. Success at the former doesn’t mean success at the latter.
  6. Damn, didn’t know yours was not great Bob, that sucks.
  7. What is the interval for sealing? Driveway was done late OCT last year. Should I have it sealed before the coming winter season?
  8. https://asphaltdrivewaysolutions.com I had these guys redo my driveway last year. Couldn’t be happier. They didn’t do the driveway right when they built the house before I moved… it was only a “base” layer, and the transition to the road was an absolute disaster. They added 2” of new material to the top and tied it into the road beautifully… looks like it was done yesterday a year later. Price was fair, a little higher than the other quotes, but the reviews and reputation made it worth it. I referred him to Bob and he actually did Bobs driveway shortly after.
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