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  1. I’ve seen that as well in rare cases. It’s very rare to have pneumonia without a fever, and almost impossible to not have a cough or fever Did this person have a cough?
  2. May 4th is a long way away. As the weather gets nicer more people are going to be defiant of the shelter in place orders. This is common sense, if it isn’t happening already.
  3. Charlie keeps em shut down through May 4th. Not sure you can go much longer than that... people are going to be getting antsy
  4. Well if you have them, great... but now they are recommending you wear them and aren’t selling them anywhere. I mean, it is what it is, but it would be nice if you want people to wear them they were actually available somewhere
  5. FWIW.... I cannot find a package of disposable masks ANYWHERE. So if anyone thinks they are readily available, they are not. I checked dozens of places online.
  6. I feel like mass and company has done a decent job with measures they’ve put in place, but I don’t feel the same about the other parts of the country. I mean, take this seriously. If we are going to self destruct our own economy and way of life; everyone should be doing everything possible to save the most lives. Pretty frustrating knowing a lot of people aren’t going to have jobs to return to and their financial standing has been forever shattered and we have a lot of idiots all over the country thinking this is a joke.
  7. Also, good luck getting your hands on any type of mask right now. Advising people suddenly to wear masks when none our available is dumb. If you don’t already have them, you certainly aren’t getting them now.
  8. When can hydrangeas be planted? Ordered some through a Nursery and they Are in really good shape, just obviously small having them shipped. Do I plant them now or wait?
  9. If you’re in sales for medical equipment you are extremely fortunate. For anything else; you may be hurting bad. My wife’s bosses husbands are both in sales... big time earners 200k plus.... and they are making pretty much nada right now. Like literally nothing
  10. You think that’s bad? I e been pretty open about my situation... and another coworker of mine who was tested on 3/17 got his results late this morning!!!! Nearly two weeks later. Negative, but that’s not really even the point
  11. I have to make it a year before I can enroll in my employers 403b matching retirement (hopefully I make it with them a year lol) anyway... I have two Roth IRAs that I just stopped the automatic contributions too for the time being. I’m sick of watching my deposit shrink by 30% as soon as it hits the Ira. I might as well be driving down the road throwing money out the window
  12. His presidency is basically an extension of the WWE
  13. RI going to RI though. One of the worst states in America if not the worst. Great beaches, otherwise, meh.
  14. No money so I just fertilized the entire lawn with the leftover starter fert from last year