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  1. That storm sucked... that was the icing on the crap cake for the last year and a half from 2011- Early 2013. I remember in Jan 2013 when the cold set in before any real snow chances being fired up for the couple 1/2” dusters we got
  2. Was pretty chilly today, at least comparatively speaking.
  3. How accurate is that model?
  4. Looks like I’m good to go. Big winter incoming
  5. 07-08 I thought featured a pretty meh season here. Im not overly optimistic for the pike region south this winter. Lots of slop
  6. Rainy and raw at work in Middleboro.Breezy too
  7. Air conditioner crapped the bed last night. Going to have to get through whatever muggy nights remain.... hopefully none
  8. Tells you all you need to know about the stretch we've been in overall. I don't remember a 10" event that happened a year and a half ago
  9. April 4th 2016 is sneaky one of my favorite events over the last several years. S+ middle of the day in April.... accumulated well too. Think we had 6+ if I remember correctly
  10. I'm disappointed I don't remember Feb 5th 2016, did it rain here?
  11. I'd just like some rain. Thanks
  12. Sign me up
  13. People who are worried already lol. It's been stated numerous times weak Ninas are still usually decent here
  14. Yeah.... I guess you're pretty much right with that. Didn't really get kicked off until Boxing Day. i do remember a minor event before Christmas down this way. I also recall the cape getting some decent snow too, maybe I'm thinking of the wrong year though. That Jan was awesome. I was a junior in high school and I think we had like 4-5 snow days in that month alone. Snowpack was great, behind 2014-15 obviously
  15. This. Nice Front loaded winter.