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  1. Playing west Bridgewater country club tomorrow morning, formerly known as riverbend
  2. We had less than a tenth of an inch of rain.... hope everyone is staying safe from tropical storm meh
  3. Yup... I have a folder where I keep them, just in case.
  4. Nope... looks like bulk of the rain is west of here... and what we do get should be gone mid morning tomorrow.
  5. Icon and the NAM pretty much salvage the whole weekend here. NAM is a quick burst of rain and the icon has us dry by early Saturday morning.
  6. Looks like we may salvage a decent weekend here after all. Nice surprise.
  7. NAM is like a 6 hour burst of moderate to heavy rain and that’s it. Looks like the weekend would be salvaged in that case.
  8. I have the air on 68 right now and my wife thinks that’s a little chilly.... I’d knock it down a few more notches if I could get away with it. Heat in the winter is set somewhere between 62-64.
  9. Are we going to get porked and end up mostly dry in this area?
  10. Such a weird flex. I’m sweating my ass off, but I saved 5 dollars on my electric bill this month! Totally worth it!
  11. The list of businesses that got PPP assistance is LOL funny. What a debacle.