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  1. I know it’s getting some play, but I figured it would be everywhere. Given the likely magnitude of what’s to come from thisn
  2. https://www.wcvb.com/article/karen-read-trial-live-updates-june-10-2024/61054104 this is still not getting enough attention
  3. Went to Nantasket beach today. Beautiful day. Water wasn’t bad for late May
  4. Thanks man. Doing alright. Divorce finalized yesterday. Plan to be around a bit more now that everything is settled
  5. Thanks wolfie, I appreciate it. I’ve been around, just been busy obviously, I’m hanging in there, moving forward, all you can do. And good lord, I’ve had enough water, it’s crazy. I’m done.
  6. Checking in. Obviously have disappeared, been busy with divorce activities lol. Pounding pellets as I head down 24 through Brockton
  7. Coating of snow this morning, remaining safe.
  8. Bulbs coming up all over the place, forsythia buds swelling. We spring
  9. It’s still dog food for 2k in southern Vermont in late Feb. he should probably have like 3-4 feet on the ground
  10. As usual, unless you live within 5 miles of the water, it’s a fine day.
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