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  1. I'll buy likes...... lol
  2. It is downright nasty out.... good lord
  3. Yeah.., she has ankle problems and is flat footed... so the Boots will be a big component. I also could probably use new boots... had the same boots for like 6 years and I've grown a bit so I basically just stuff my feet inside the boots when I go because I don't really go often enough to justify getting new ones
  4. Hmmmm... I didn't know prices were really negotiable to be honest lol... what is a realistic price range for decent used equipment, in your expert opinion lol
  5. Thanks.... I feel like possibly buying in the offseason would lead to lower prices as well. Buying now kind of seems pointless given the season is basically over
  6. Anyone have any good places/sites to buy used skis? I want to get my GF a pair of her own skis in hopes that she'll be more into it. Renting skis would be one less hurdle to go through. Anyway... just looking for some really basic... cheap skis
  7. Brutal event for all modeling.... just totally shat the bed
  8. Solid B here. We're pretty solidly above Norma for snowfall... which is the biggest factor for me anyway. Rentention was awful.. but that is to be expected down here. Temps were warm for the most part. Two 12"+ storms is not bad
  9. I'm ready to stick a fork in this winter. After the Fail last week... and the pump fake by all models less than 48 hours out from tomorrow's fantasy event.... I've had enough. Unless an April 97 type storm comes along... I'll pass on any nuisance slop at this point
  10. 12z rgem still gives some snow to SE Mass and the cape.... likes like 1-3" for TAN SE to the canal.... more on the cape
  11. I think it's already been hashed out.... but there has been some really poor modeling at short leads this year... from all models
  12. So basically the shift in modeling away from any new England impacts is more than likely correct, and may not be done trending away?
  13. GFS is worse as well. She gone.... euro should put the final nail in the coffin
  14. Ray was right... 12z was probably on overtrend west
  15. The trend really started at 18z.. just was more pronounced this run. 12z was a hiccup run I think