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  1. Moneypitmeh
  2. The weekend threat is on life support. Truthfully, doesn’t look like anything worth mentioning over at least the next week or so
  3. It’s subjective what folks like. What isn’t up for debate, is it is unrealistic to expect sustained snowpack anywhere in SNE.
  4. Ripping on the king pine webcam... should be good skiing on Friday
  5. You can wrap that up and put a bow on it. That 23-27th timeframe will feature a Rainer of some sort. GFS displays this well
  6. Hey Kevin... I must have forgot to mention I’ll be participating again. I’ll gladly update myself if you can add me
  7. Heading up to North Conway to ski Friday... looks like we should have our pick of places with this system mid week... conditions should be good
  8. 4.25”ish total here. I guess I never truly rained.... but it did mist when there was virtually no precip. Not a bad first event... can’t complain... definitely underperformed a bit here I think.. but we made up for it with some pretty heavy snow around 630 yesterday evening.
  9. It looks worse than 18z. It’s warm for just about everyone in SNE... next
  10. Seems like we’ll be shutting off here shortly... will finish with somewhere in the 4”+ range
  11. Snowing pretty hrs right now... big fat flakes. roads covered now and everything taking on a real winter look. 4” or around there
  12. Over 3” now
  13. LIterally doing nothing out right now
  14. You absolutely have to laugh at that dryslot over this area. The proverbial porking happened here. Snow from Texas to Maine and this is the area that gets screwed
  15. It’s basically turned to a light light rain now. This storm blows.... I’ll admit. We were due for a clunker here. All the pics are great guys