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  1. It’s disgusting that we can push through Supreme Court judges nominations and other courts nominees too with no problem, but anything related to covid relief is tabled for the future. Amazing how fast Coney Barrett was installed, wish we could get that some kind of vigor on actual issues affecting Americans.
  2. Had a small gathering with 8 family members... doors and windows wide open. Lasted a few hours. Gone now.... down from 25ish we have normally.
  3. Interesting that the CDC estimates that upwards of 53 million Americans have been infected by covid at this point. Over 8 times the actual counted cases. that would mean over 16% of the population have been infected at this point
  4. Yes... I’m 26 and feel the same way. Everyone talks about cutting the cord, but unless you are strictly going to be using just WiFi with no streaming or sports at all, it’s just not worth it. By the time you pay for YouTube tv or any of those type of services plus WiFi, and like you said, streaming subscriptions, it’s about the same. I think the people like the idea of “cutting the cord” but in practice, it’s more of a hassle and actually saves you very little money, which is supposed to be the big draw
  5. We just dumped Comcast and went to Verizon fios. We’ve always had fios (my mom worked for Verizon for 25 years) but it wasn’t offered when we bought our house. She made some calls and viola, we now have it
  6. Pass on seafood or fish... all gross to me. I will try just about anything as far as meat goes though. If you can cook it, I’ll eat it.
  7. For anyone in medicine. I was talking to my brother in laws fiancé, who’s a nurse today. She said people definitely aren’t getting as sick this go around, at least from what she can see. She also said her friend, you is a doctor in NYC believes the virus may have mutated to a less potent strain? Im not claiming any of this stuff as true or fact, but it’s interesting to here those takes from people in the medical field. I’d also leave open for the fact that treatment and handling of hospitalized cases is probably better now, which may be playing a role in that opinion.
  8. Yup.... 495 median just past 138 exit was on fire yesterday around noon.
  9. That’s the problem with the most public figure on the issue and really the only voice being heard being her. It came off as totally ridiculous and combative. I mean, she was vehemently opposed to teachers going to empty classrooms to zoom from the same setup everyday. I mean at that point, to me, you’ve overplayed your hand.
  10. It’s not hard to know much about teachers unions. They have been plastered all over the news for months. The president of the MTA has been a vocal opponent to any sort of in person learning. Hybrid, reduced class sizes, even teachers going into empty buildings to zoom from their classrooms. This is fact not opinion. Like I said, I don’t know the thoughts of the 100,000+ union members... but the leader, and most vocal member, has been vehemently opposed to any sort of return.
  11. On another note, Massachusetts rejected sports betting, again. I hate this place sometimes. Lawmakers so out of touch with what the majority wants. I wonder if this is another chuck faker personal vendetta like keeping golf courses closed in the spring.
  12. I mean you’d know better than me, but it seems to me that high ranking union officials were pushing very hard, especially early in the fall, to keep schools remote. Like I mentioned before, the general sentiment of teachers I don’t believe matches the union positions. However, the union in a lot of places was fighting to keep schools closed, I think that was pretty well documented. It’s a lose lose proposition at this point I think. People are either getting sick, or mad that schools are not open. Obviously school is not an environment that normally has distancing built in.