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  1. Yeah... my specific location close to Easton probably averages somewhere in the mid 40s I’d say.
  2. Hopefully it’s wrong and temps end up closer to normal. We engaging in spring here
  3. My mother contracted Covid like 2 weeks after her first shot. It’s not even that uncommon, I’ve heard several similar stories. Especially between the first and second shot
  4. I mean, I’ve already had it now, and based on literature, I’ll be getting the shot before there is a real chance of me contracting it again. Ive been required to wear a mask at my job, working outdoors, hundreds of feet away from others most of the time, since last April. When it’s 95 and humid out, wearing a mask blows. I’m over it in that regard
  5. I’ve had these discussions privately with family etc, but, reading some of the stuff that comes out is depressing. Seems like the “metrics” for any kind of normalcy continue to shift toward unreachable territory. Numbers improve, and restrictions relax and now the director of the CDC comes out and throws cold water on all the progress and the opening of things, and how it will undo everything. I mean really? I know there is supposed to be no Covid talk, but it does seem like we slowly continue to push towards metrics that are unattainable as far as a return to normal.
  6. Uhm my wife tested positive Sunday feb 14th... and I tested positive Tuesday Feb 16th... so I’d guess sometime that weekend. I had total taste and smell loss for about a week
  7. Thanks guys. feeling good. Taste and smell has returned about 75%
  8. Mine is today and all I got was a hideous freezing cold day.
  9. When we bought our home in March 2019, our purchase was contingent on my parents selling their home, since they would be moving into the in law downstairs and we would be using some of their sale proceeds to put a down payment. We would literally be laughed at today if we tried to buy a house with that kind of contingency
  10. It’s pretty insane that selling your existing home disqualifies you from buying another one in a lot of cases right now . That seems like pretty commonplace stuff. I don’t think I’ve ever known anyone to buy a home that wasn’t also selling their existing home. Most people don’t have cash of financing on hand for two homes.
  11. So many great courses in this area. We play west Bridgewater CC and olde Scotland links a ton, they are both only like 10 mins from my house. So great
  12. Interior SE Mass has some nice places, and the snow is pretty comparable to Boston in the grand scheme. Raynham, Taunton, Bridgewaters, Easton, Mansfield.
  13. Bulbs starting to poke through the mulch along the house and driveway. We engage in spring.
  14. Currently soliciting quotes to have my house power washed.... bring on spring.