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  1. I mean...it's tough to find anything appealing in the model runs. Clock is starting to tick
  2. We melt.... hopefully we can get rid of this junk
  3. But but but the verification scores!!! Id tend to agree though in all seriousness... not it's best winter ever
  4. HRRR would even argue for a few inches here
  5. Lol... I knew someone would call me out. But in my defense, if I had just had two consecutive big storms, days apart... with 3'+ on the ground, you probably wouldn't hear any complaining out of me Anyways... been a pretty steady rain here
  6. Of course... but whining about 12" vs 18" is kind of a bad look when you have 3+ feet on the ground and have seen several significant storms in just the last week
  7. Most people know when to pack it up. You can pretty much tell the general outlook for a threat by who is posting. Don't even bother looking at models, just look at the poster. This is pretty much turning into 2015... minus SNE getting hit along with Maine.
  8. Would like to see some big changes in the modeling at 00z... close enough now where small ticks don't mean much.. other than to make it a closer miss
  9. Looks like the NAM says we are most certainly in the game here
  10. Is there any chance this gets at least watchable down this way?
  11. Would really like to get up there and enjoy the conditions within the next month or so. Unfortunately, haven't found a job since graduating, so financially, not really in the cards at this time
  12. You must be pretty close to your seasonal average, no? That seems pretty good to me for Feb 13th. I know there are more factors than just snow... but given the horrible stretch we went though for most of Jan... I'd call that a win
  13. I agree... basically 2 more months to get there.... as we know... it only takes one storm
  14. This winter has been pretty good here... I average prob a shade over 40" a season and I'm well into the 50s here already... anything else that falls is just stat padding. Im sure there will be another period that will offer some chances... still a ways to go... it's only Feb 13th. One of last seasons best events came in the first week of April
  15. Yup. He pretty much jacked in the Thursday event.... and he did well relative to his are with the big storm early in January. Cant win them all. That area of Conn has been on just as incredible or a run as anyone else in the area... especially relative to most other parts of Conn. The rain to Maine stuff and melting to the Candian border is LOL. Pretty much just tells you he is personally out of the game