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  1. Hoping the warm temps keep up. Backyard is getting done this year. Putting loam down.... going to need a lot of it
  2. How could it not be? About half of my snow came in that event the first few days of December. We literally have had scraps for 3 months now. The biggest event we had was that MLK weekend event that dropped like 3” LOL
  3. Yeah.... we done here. Bulbs popping up, buds on trees, grass is even greening up in places. I’m glad there is still a bunch of snow in moosefart NNE, but we are absolutely engaging in spring here, no doubt about it
  4. Combination of temps and a newer home has done wonders for my heating expenses this year. Topped of our 500 gallon propane tank end of March last year (80% is considered full, due to expansion etc etc). So this winter we started at 80%... currently sit at 50% remaining as we approach March... highly doubt we go lower than 40% by the end of the “heating” season. Quick math based on what we’ve used and price we paid last March puts us at about 110$ a month to heat our home.... not bad
  5. Yeah.... laughably expensive.... and I’m sure everyone wants wires and cords running all over the place
  6. ... already done... had it shocked in November, been good since. In all seriousness, get out there and enjoy the warm weather folks. It ain’t gunna snow so get out and enjoy what you got
  7. Gfs pretty much says you can punt the rest of this winter. What a hideous look. More of the same.... rain
  8. I think he’s thinking the exact opposite of “positive”.
  9. The eps go out 300+ hours? And the answer is obviously the eps.. it’s winter 2020
  10. Better chance it’ll be snow than SNE severe, even on June 5th
  11. That gfs solution at 300 hours would be lol.... all time heavy snow
  12. Well, to be fair. Some areas did see a big event. But I mostly agree. I think people might be starting to hedge a bit given we are running out of time, maybe trying to put lipstick on a pig a bit. I don’t see it. You got a big storm the first day of December and then half a foot of snow the rest of the year, that’s a bad winter, sorry.
  13. Not that’s it surprising given the tenor of the season or the timeframe (150+) hours out.... but a pretty decent jump back NW on the gfs after a couple cycles flirting with wintry precip in SNE
  14. Gfs continues to look a bit better for the 27-28th system. That’s pretty close to being a nice solution for most of SNE
  15. Maybe I’m wrong but it looks like a lot of west storm tracks with a lot of rain for most south of the currently favored areas