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  1. I’d say 1-3” here... probably more like 2-3”... we’ll see what midday guidance brings but some models would suggest 2-4”
  2. Timing looks pretty poor for schools
  3. lol... it was a joke. Id say less than 2” would be disappointing... Great winter so far, no complaints.
  4. That this storm will probably disappoint in the snow department, muthafukka.
  5. Absolute garbage. 3k weenie map spitting out 6-10 south of the pike.
  6. 4-6” here.... we take. Looks even better than 12z thats a pretty marginal bump north
  7. I’ll sign for the rpm.... 6-8”.... stealing dendrites snow
  8. Makes complete sense.... 1” for you to mixed crap. 1” to rain here
  9. The one common theme in this is no matter where the heaviest axis of snow is... the amount really aren’t all that impressive. I think we are talking like 5” where the best stuff ends up
  10. This looks like a weak piece of garbage. Most will be lucky to walk away with 1-3”... mainly because it’s junk
  11. I still have frozen puddles in my yard from the last system. Sump has been running occasionally, I’m guessing that will turn more frequent tonight and tomorrow. Hopefully flying to near 60 will help thaw the ground so the water can soak in
  12. As myself bob and Matt just discussed via text.... easily 6” here... probably more. Looks like closer to 7” on my deck at home In the shade
  13. 6” 16.70” season. Not bad for December 11th in SE Mass