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  1. I mean, you could take a long nap and miss 95 % of this cold shot. Blink and you’ll miss it.
  2. Yeah, we’ll see. I’m expecting warmth to dominate most of the month. Hopefully then we Morch 2012
  3. This whole winter has been “interesting” at day 10 and beyond. Bring on the warmth; it’s coming.
  4. Everyone sues everyone in this country. The rise and prevalence of that has put a huge damper on past practices. Its also why school is cancelled so often now
  5. I’m all in on big cold if it can get me a day off from work Friday.
  6. Terrible situation, and I have no idea what will happen. I do wonder if privately people were hoping she didn’t pull through. Now she has to live this.
  7. Duxbury police chief gave an update on the condition of the mother today. Said she is improving and talking to friends and family
  8. Climo, past experience, etc etc. maybe 10 is too much, but definitely 6-8
  9. Hundreds of bulbs coming up all over the place lol
  10. This, we’re totally off the rails here looking at day 13 threats
  11. I haven’t even kept track of snow we’ve had so little, maybe like 6”? This has been worse than an all out blowtorch, because we’ve had plenty of precip, it’s just been all rain, and it’s been cloudy like every fucking day. It’s going to be a heavy lift for anyone in SNE to approach even 50% of climo without a bonafide big storm.
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