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  1. The "extrapolated NAM" (famous last words, LOL) looks like it would be OTS with the 1/22 event.
  2. Wet aggregates here in the 10005. Looks like it’s about to flip. Maybe .75” on car windshields?
  3. Makes sense-Agree that Main St is less disruptive to the general public's skiing experience than Hayride.
  4. Is there no longer any racing on Hayride? I know you mentioned that it's the only remaining trail that hasn't seen snow guns, which surprised me, since I thought it often hosts races. I like that trail quite a bit, especially in the spring. What's the rationale on blowing, say, Gulch (a relatively obscure bump run) over a wide trail like Hayride?
  5. Tested positive for COVID this afternoon after testing negative in the morning. The only difference-I swabbed my throat in the afternoon.
  6. https://t.co/1EgfoHKhJX “Experience of a lifetime” at Wildcat.
  7. Attitash GM resigns. Hopefully new leadership can turn it around… Really does have some fun terrain when it’s fully open and has good natural snow.
  8. Skied Shawnee Peak tonight for a couple of hours. Very solid base with probably 4” of snow on top. Was fun… Lots of yahoos out there though.
  9. No that photo is from Utah Avalanche Center on a peak between PCMR and Big Cottonwood. Kind of “behind” 9990.
  10. Looks like the pattern changes just in time for my 1/22-1/30 trip to Idaho. That would suck to ski in 50 degree weather out there while watching it pound snow out here (after been its the exact opposite the last month).
  11. Where are the record highs for Dover, NH? Looks like garden variety above normal..
  12. Crotched should be ashamed of itself-as I mentioned-I skied Pats (their biggest competitor) last week and it had deep coverage all over the mountain and was seemingly well-staffed.
  13. Yeah-Can’t speak to the bump runs so much, but they have 3-4 trails on the “main face” that are pretty steep for ~400-500 vertical.
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