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  1. Golden hour in Zagreb. No outdoor masking here, masking indoors for employees of establishments but lots of chinstraps. Great to be overseas during the casedemic.. Just got to stay off Twitter.
  2. I think that's exactly what he's saying-We have a "casedemic" in the northeast right now. Hospitalizations have barely risen yet we still have politicians considering restrictions. For example, Bowser just instituted a mask mandate in DC. 2x people have died from gun violence in DC this month compared to Covid. It's ridiculous.
  3. This is a pretty good thread on who’s not getting vaccinated. Generally speaking, the hardest hit states in the Deep South have both an anti-vaxx/Trumpy white population and a high black population.
  4. Just went to get my pre-travel PCR for Croatia... Of course, whenever I step outside I seem to sneeze the last couple days-hoping that's just the smoke/poor air quality. I've stayed away from indoor dining since last Friday night though just to try to limit my exposure... A breakthrough would suck... Fingers crossed!
  5. Manhattan is 88/100k on a 7-day basis. York is 46/100k. Manhattan has 3.5x the testing volume (on a per/100k basis) compared to York county though so the on-the-ground conditions probably aren't much different.
  6. We have a decent sized field sales force and currently, mask rules are on a state-by-state basis. There are three categories: Red: Vaxxed and unvaxxed have to wear masks (Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, Utah currently) Yellow: Vaxxed no masks, unvaxxed masks (All other states) Green: No masks regardless of vaxx status (was VT for a few weeks but they've moved to yellow).
  7. There's some truth to what you're saying, but the more "bullets in the air" (i.e. transmission in the community largely due to the unvaxxed), the more likely a breakthrough infection. 90% efficacy against 100 bullets means I'll likely get hit by 10, 90% efficacy against 10 bullets means I'll get hit by 1. For some good news, looks like the UK delta wave has peaked. https://twitter.com/ScottGottliebMD/status/1418603943257460739?s=20
  8. I am vaccinated and encourage everyone to get vaxxed but people in the northeast need to open their eyes and see that there are plenty of people unvaccinated all around us. Plenty of towns in Mass (Bristol County, Hampden County, certain parts of Boston, etc) where vaxx rates are lagging. Focus on that before getting all uptight about what's going on in Missouri.
  9. If anyone is looking for a 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited with 44k miles, PM me. Looking to sell mine in the next couple months. I would accept a check from a local credit union!
  10. It’s a story when people are canceling meetings, skipping work, etc for breakthrough, asymptomatic infections. We’ll never be able to regain “normalcy” until we stop testing asymptomatic people.
  11. Insane smoke taking the ferry over to Williamsburg.
  12. I'm going to Croatia next week and I'm also slightly nervous about the "have a breakthrough infection and get stuck there for 10 days more than planned" problem. Good thing is that AirBnbs are relatively cheap there and my job is pretty remote friendly so it wouldn't be the end of the world. Work from 2 PM-11 PM every day and hike, swim, lounge in the mornings while I "quarantined." Anyhow-that fear is still not going to stop me from enjoying the nightlife there-which is supposedly world class. I'd be more cautious in an expensive country like Iceland.
  13. What happened? Tomorrow is my first day back.
  14. Agree with the people you talked with-I was in Hilton Head in March, and while more open than the northeast was at the time, it certainly wasn’t “open season.” Same with Utah in February. First time I really felt like things were “normal” was in Tennessee in early May. I was just in Tahoe for the 4th and it’s open season there-just like it is NY, MA, NH.
  15. Take the vacation as you planned. Is there any “off-boarding” you’ll have to do at your job to help your employer bridge the gap before they can fill the position (I.e. train a coworker on tasks you only know how to do)? If so, prioritize doing those activities in your remaining days. If not, well, even less of a reason to worry.
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