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  1. Not sure what these politicians thought would happen if you lock people in their house for 3 months, take their jobs, and then douse that kindling with racial gasoline. No wonder there's looting. People see no future for themselves.
  2. Such bullshit that Cuomo, BDB, Baker, etc are letting millionaire pro athletes go back to work but small business owners are going bankrupt because of unnecessary lockdowns.
  3. NY restaurants aren't allowed to open in any capacity until phase three. Can't compare CT and NY phases.
  4. On May 1, CT had 1,592 patients hospitalized. Today, that number stands at 648, a decrease of 59%. On May 1, MA had 3707 patients hospitalized (after peaking at 3.965 on 4/21). Today, that number stands at 2,112, a decrease of 43%.
  5. I would believe that, however, CT actually has a reported per capita fatality rate ~10% higher than MA so it doesn't appear at first glance that CT is doing anything treatment wise that MA isn't. Also, given MA's academic/research medicine system, I'd be surprised that if a breakthrough had been made in CT, it would've trickled up to MA by now (not to mention nationwide). It seems that the key difference is in length of hospital stay for CT patients vs. MA patients.
  6. I'd be interested in understanding what is driving CT and NY's hospitalizations to decrease at a much faster rate than MA, even when adjusted for population. Is there something fundamentally different about the patient population being infected?
  7. Massachusetts had it's weekly hospitalization increase. +6
  8. DeBlasio and Cuomo are now holding NYC hostage on these hospitalization metrics. The city NEVER has 30% beds available even in the best of times.
  9. I can believe that-but lumber yards serve a fundamentally different (and more narrow) clientele than HD/Lowes. I still stand-by my statement that HD/Lowes have far greater product variety/SKU assortment than your average local hardware mom and pop. Are there certain things that your local spot might be better for, sure. But if I had to pick a place as a one-stop home improvement shop, I'd pick HD not Uncle Joe's Hardware. Not saying that it's not sad that the mom and pops struggle...
  10. Not to be pedantic, and I certainly appreciate the nostalgia, but the reality is that a store like HD or Lowes has many, many, many more SKUs than a local hardware store ever did. If you can’t get it at HD, you probably can’t get it at your local store either.
  11. Manhattan has met the metrics too. It’s Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx, which rely more heavily on the H&H system, that are holding the city up.
  12. Massachusetts hospitalizations down -122 today so a good step in the right direction. Down about 40% from peak hospitalizations in MA.
  13. Something weird in Massachusetts is happening where the number goes up every 6-7 days like clockwork. See page 8 of this link: https://www.mass.gov/doc/covid-19-dashboard-may-20-2020/download
  14. Mortality for the plague in the modern-day is still ~15x what we're seeing with Corona. https://www.cdc.gov/plague/faq/index.html#cases