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  1. Long drive from Mammoth to the closest beach, but yes, theoretically possible.
  2. I was in Italy in late June 2019 when there was a heat wave of similar magnitude (upper 90's-low 100's-not seeing the 110+ that Tip referenced in any forecasts). The Lake Como area was nice during the heat, though it is not particularly high elevation so you don't get the alpine cooling effects you might expect given the scenery...
  3. High schools were supposed to be open.
  4. Things seem *SLIGHTLY* brighter here in Hoboken than they did 15 minutes ago.
  5. I live ten minutes away and still haven’t been, haha.
  6. Flip side is that it was one of the best seasons in recent memory for the Laurentians. Not sure the correlation between that area and Jay, but I was up at Tremblant in late February and the depths were impressive.
  7. September is the toughest month, no?
  8. All major OKX climo sites finished May BN on temps except EWR (+0.2).
  9. Yeah, the reason why I said sleet is that I wasn't seeing any accumulation/hailstones. Just hearing the pingers.
  10. Sleet mixing in here in Hoboken.
  11. BOS has had 9 straight days of BN departures. When was the last time that happened?
  12. Just installed. Last night was sweaty.
  13. Yes-UTSA has done a very nice job building their program quickly. Obviously Larry Coker got the program off the ground quickly, but they had a blip with Frank Wilson. Credit to them, they realized their mistakes and brought in TX HS FB legend Jeff Traylor, who made his name at Gilmer in NE Texas before going to be an assistant at UT and Arkansas. Texas State has had a much harder time getting traction-which is funny to me as San Marcos definitely has more of a "college town" vibe (to go along with nice football facilities) than the northwest side of San Antonio where UTSA is located. Meanwhile, my alma mater (Rice) has all the money and history in the world but none of the will to win, which is disappointing as an alum.
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