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  1. Be nice to get snowmobiling up there. You guys have great trails I don’t much ride locally but I know the club and there’s lots of good folks involved. Anyways, on to the next one here.
  2. Nice to have a wx observer from bridgton. Where abouts? Right in town. We were right on the edge of that gradient and got all the goods last winter while everyone south suffered. You guys earned this one!
  3. I haven’t measured but eyeballing maybe 3” here in Bridgton. We missed out on snow that fell last week 5 miles north and now this! Ultimate screw zone!
  4. Snow on off all afternoon in Bridgton with light accum. Nice wintry appeal with a few inches on the ground and roofs. Shawnee peak started blowing snow yesterday, earliest start for them ever.
  5. Just flipped back to snow in Bridgton
  6. Not New England but close anyways. Just saw a IG post from a skier guy I follow with significant snow accumulation in the Chic Chocs from Dorian. Same guy had even been making turns up there this month prior to that event. Pretty incredible the weather those mountains get only a hop skip and jump to our north.
  7. I was working for TNC on some of their St. John lands. Im in Bangor right now for phish. Left Bridgton at 2 it was 79 and sunny. Couldn’t believe when I stepped out of car here and it’s 60 degrees cloudy and light drizzle. Almost 20 degree temp change!
  8. Been through that crossing several times on my way to nine mile bridge area on the St. John. Might as well still be Quebec. Ended up being a beautiful evening in the hood out this way.
  9. SR still loaded with snow. Basically 100% open this weekend except areas they temporarily closed for mama bear and cubs who woke up last week! .
  10. Pic from a friends this evening up in the hills near South Bridgton Sebago line. Snowing at home and getting near to 6” in Harrison. What a winter here .
  11. 31 and moderate snow in Bridgton. Eyeballing 4” so far. Let’s see if/when we flip.
  12. It was midwinter still up there on Friday .
  13. Took this week off and did some skiing at the river and one last ride out of North Lovell, ME headed up to Evans Notch. Skiing has been phenomenal and riding was better than expected. Lots of snow just north of where I am in Harrison. Bridgton/Harrison is basically melted out but Waterford north there is still feet on the ground. Walking around off the sled today and I was postholing 3+ feet in spots. Looking forward to chances over the next 10 days. .
  14. I setup and collected budworm traps for a former employer in townships along the St John. Seems like folks aren’t all that worried up there. Less fir then there used to be I guess