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  1. 7” will do it in Bridgton, light dry powder snow, 32 now, beautiful out
  2. Right now next week looks to be net gain.
  3. 6” here. radar looks good for another inch before it’s done? Nice storm, snow banks are real, looking like winter in Maine.
  4. Snow started at 9:30 in Bridgton but still only about a 1/2” since then
  5. Skiied SR this past Sunday. Nothing but boilerplate and ice. Snow will be welcome Skiing at Shawnee has been surprisingly good since mlk snows. Today was especially good. During stretches like these it’s easier for mountain ops to keep a small hill in good shape.
  6. Bridgton has changed so much since then. Many new restaurants bars cafes small businesses. My gf and I love the access to NoCo and Portland, fairly reliable snow, and lakes in the summer. Plus my mortgage is cheaper than renting a room in Portland no exaggeration. I’m hoping for 6-10 out of this next event. Just enough for some good powder skiing but not a pain in the azz to deal with at home. Seems to be the tenor of this month so far.
  7. A coating here and still falling although looks to end soon, back to Winter for now.
  8. 18z gfs gone wild with zr in my hood.
  9. Trails are pretty typical for southern Maine and the clubs are strong. You can link up a ride that takes you up Hurricane Mountain Road and Evans Notch in NH and wraps back into Maine via Stow and Kezar Lake -- one of the classics out this way. Not sure what reciprocity is for Vermont sleds in NH and Maine these days tho.
  10. Trails in west Bridgton/ Fryburg were seeing riders this am for better or worse
  11. I think we’re done here in Bridgton at 11”. Nice storm here, skiing was fantastic at Shawnee this morning. This will set up for a nice base hopefully, probably need another one for the sleds tho
  12. Just got back from a slushy 3” mess and pingers in Conway New Hampshire and Fryburg maine. Now back in Bridgton it’s a winter wonderland 6” OTG and lite flakes. Changeover was Shawnee peak. big change in less then 10 miles to southeast.
  13. Can confirm, real place. Although mostly populated by Revere, Mass finest from June-August.
  14. right now heaviest rates this morning in Bridgton. 4" OTG.