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  1. Just got back from shawnee peak, 3-4” of wet snow up top. Just enough to duck some ropes and get some soft turns. This will be a great base for bc skiing in the area if we can get another storm that’s mostly white. 1-2” at the base and about the same at my house in Bridgton. Lots of standing water but somehow we look to net gain out of this. No help for the snomo trails tho. Be lucky if the local riding season lasts a month at this point.
  2. Massive flakes here, roads getting slushy. Not expecting this to last much longer.
  3. 12z gfs puts the line right over my chimney. We've seen how this works. Expecting a net gain, although it will be fugly. Gonna head north and west for playtime this weekend.
  4. I'm wrapping myself in a warm blanket of a foot+ of 12z v16 snow.
  5. this will be a big deal if it works out. Big money weekend upcoming for many in the wintersports biz.
  6. I like the 12z trends I'm seeing for my hood for this weekend. Perhaps we can salvage a few inches of slop instead of an inch if rain.
  7. 12z v16 would get it done for my hood, close for you.
  8. I can confirm that the RFID rollout at SR has not been great. Maybe one of the industry professionals here can illuminate, and there must be a reason the whole industry is adopting, but from a skiers perspective they are a PIA, rarely work correctly, create pile-ups unless monitored closely by staff, and the direct to lift aspect doesn't matter as most folks were already doing that with season passes. I'm guessing the data harvesting makes it worth it for the resorts, but it has negatively impacted the on mountain experience IMHO
  9. River skied well today all things considered. I have more snow on my front lawn in Bridgton than in the woods on Barker and South Ridge. Crowds weren't as bad as I expected. Tomorrow looks good and then see ya later till after the New Years in all likelihood. RFID rollout continues to be problematic, it's going to undoubtedly be a sh** show there this weekend.
  10. The soaking rains won’t bother me, we get a few of these every winter. And in the hills around me there’s a solid 12-14 inches on the ground that will fully glacierize after this. But man other parts of western and central maine are total snow holes right now. Big inversion at the river today, 5 degrees warmer at the base than in town bethel. It’s so bizarre to see less snow and more grass the further you drive up the access road.
  11. Given what models were spitting out for a week I’ll take my 7” in Bridgton and run. Just got back from Sunday River, found the northern edge maybe 1.5” there. There’s spots in bethel with grass poking through, just bizarre. Absolutely insane totals you guys are reporting in NH and southern VT!
  12. Hit up the river this morning for first time since weekends storm. Seems like they got 10-12" above 1500 ft, enough for the crazies to risk core shots and acl's by poaching the unopened terrain. We've been spoiled the past few years early season and the lack of open terrain is noticeable. Was also really busy. River definitely needs terrain to spread the crowds out but this felt like more than that. Barker and south ridge lots were both full by 9 am. As a spoiled midweek skier this was my greatest fear for this COVID season....oh well, great to be sliding on snow regardless
  13. It’s a beautiful spot and in the summer you’ve got kezar lake and immediate access on the shell pond road to hiking in the notch. Little bit too far off the beaten path for someone to make a legit go of it I suppose. I do get the heebie jeebies back there sometimes lol, the banjos certainly ring
  14. The shwack is heavy with this one and I haven’t bothered to ski in years. Great area to ride sleds though. Often the last place to ride local well into April