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  1. Would be interesting to see what wind anomalies have been for this year so far. I’m on day 4 of very breezy conditions, just seems to never quit. Others have shared data during other “windy” stretches and it’s never been as big a deal as I perceive. It must be some kind of memory bias because I swear the last 5 years have had more wind events in my hood than the previous 5.
  2. Since this is obviously a low-key and unwarranted attack on my comment: I've kept my mouth shut multiple times but you're the most toxic, easily triggered, insecure, thin-skinned poster here. Its crazy how folks like you manage to not only move to our communities in NNE and take up an incredible and outsized amount space in reality but also figure out a way to do it virtually as well. Just go home.....someone else will happily pay the property taxes on your gaudy wannabe Tahoe log cabin. We can only hope they're half the a** you are.
  3. I thought this was a COVID free thread, where are the mods??
  4. explain this sorcery, is it easy to apply?
  5. Ha my stove’s on today, first time in a week or two. SR is reporting 4”.
  6. Here in town it's literally been snowing nonstop since 7 am with just wet globs to show for it. My buddy at 800' in South Bridgton is reporting 5". Curious what it's like at @Lava Rock location.
  7. 12z GFS gets you in on the fun. Unfortunately its the 12z GFS.
  8. Saddleback reporting 5" -- nice surprise pow day for the 3 people who are there I bet!
  9. Not showing up on radar but light snow in rangeley. Half inch of fluff overnight in town, Saddleback is claiming 3”. Wintery appeal is back for now.
  10. In rangeley today, flipped to snow for a while about an hour ago. Back to drizzle now.
  11. nice t-storm just rolled through here.
  12. All in good fun here, but you’re proving my point! We’re on the same team, let’s get one more snow event before it’s all said and done. Climo is on our side.
  13. whoa there, right back at ya chief
  14. Your model run flipping is as bad as any poster on here. Relax and enjoy your 4" of slop while it's 70 degrees in the MA.