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  1. 79 degrees at 9 pm on May 29th. A true heatwave for NNE
  2. That time of year in Maine, I’m sitting at 73 while Casco bay islands hover in low 50’s. Forecast high is 93 tomorrow while 25 miles away in Portland it’s not forecasted to hit 70. Marine influence is real in spring. I used to work offshore in Muscongus Bay and remember summer not really starting on the coast till late June.
  3. Anyone know why the there’s a downward trend here over the last 70 years?
  4. If there’s snow we ski, regardless what lifts spin. Unfortunately uphill is shut down right now. There were a number of events earlier this month as well when they would have been wide open under normal circumstances.
  5. Last time I remember something similar was 08 I think. Just such a bummer because as a local skier this is the type of April you dream about at the River. We don’t get lots of late season snow events like the orographic weenies in northern VT do. Plus this would have saved an otherwise below average season.
  6. This. We had shat for most of feb and Mar and now we get it Sunday river was still loaded as of yesterday, what a great end of the season this would have been there.
  7. What did u end up getting for sn? Hard to say with compaction but best guess 4.5
  8. Wow nice, maybe half that in Bridgton but Im way lower than you. Power flickered once.
  9. dropped to 37 and starting to flip here now
  10. many places closed for skining SR Loaf and saddle. I'll go local to Shawnee but could see making the trip to Abram if the low hugs