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  1. LONG TERM /TUESDAY THROUGH SUNDAY/... Highlights * Looking unsettled on Tuesday with widespread rain possible. * Rest of the week looks cooler than normal but mainly dry. Could you script it any better? 2022, A Summer to remember.
  2. 74/48. Folks having cookouts, lighting fireworks, splashing around the pool, simply enjoying the great weather! Drunk old bald man , alone, finishing off another 4 pack by the humidifier shaking his fist at the sky. We tried to tell him...
  3. That's a great shot! Yours? Do you have a higher resolution version you can post?
  4. 66 degrees, Good thunderstorm, another inch of rain, pretty sunset and a beautiful evening. What's not to like?
  5. Nothing set in stone yet so who knows maybe we'll see you.
  6. Decent wind and rain very little thunder and lightning.
  7. Anybody play wachusett recently? I haven't played it in years but I'm going to play it on Monday.
  8. I can probably find some fill ins if need be. I'm not dead set on Connecticut national either whatever works for people as long as it's not a real hike.
  9. Maybe a quarter inch here and some pretty good thunder.
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