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  1. .64 total at the woodyard. Better than I had hoped. See how much we get today. To
  2. Foliage looks like ass this year. Especially the maples.
  3. Wind driven stratiform rain. What's not to like?
  4. It's a b****. Anybody who thinks growing this stuff is easy is sadly mistaken. Sucks your friend got ripped off. No cameras? Unfortunately probably somebody he knows.
  5. Too early to harvest. I'll post some pics tomorrow. First or second week of October.
  6. Looks very similar to September 2014. Did we get any snow that winter?
  7. That was my first thought. Why would frogs lay their eggs in the fall?
  8. 2.8 inches at the woodyard. I can't take anymore. Shopping for a sawed-off shotgun as we speak.
  9. That's it. I've had enough. Say goodbye to your dogwoods.
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