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  1. Sunset in Southborough.
  2. Quick video of when the storms blew through Southborough. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rISAcHD5ljI&feature=youtu.be
  3. Unfortunately those trees are dead and will not be returning
  4. Bring it on ! Nothing better ...
  5. kdxken

    General Severe Weather Discussion 2018

    The storm in Stow is making some serious noise.
  6. I might give it a shot this year. My Woods are loaded. almost a foot of rain in the past month.
  7. I'm in Newton second round of absolute downpours.
  8. From New Jersey - "As the summer rolls on, this will be the twelfth weekend since Memorial Day Weekend. A whopping nine of those weekends have seen measurable rain somewhere in the Garden State. (The exceptions are 6/16-6/17, 6/30-7/1, and 7/7-7/8.) Of course, that tally includes this Saturday and Sunday — which neither day looks like a total washout, the weekend certainly looks predominately wet."
  9. I was hoping Ginx would he seems to be the best man for the job .
  10. Good, I hope it floods your basement for wishing this pox of a weather pattern upon us.
  11. The bane of my existence . I've stumbled into two nests and escaped unscathed . Unlikely my luck will hold . This time of year they become very dangerous since they can see the dark at the end of the tunnel .
  12. kdxken

    General Severe Weather Discussion 2018

    Marlborough about 10 minutes ago.
  13. Going to be playing Okemo this weekend . They mentioned they had 8 inches of rain the past week .
  14. kdxken

    Hmmm, A July Hybrid Storm? - Possibly

    Good thing all the rain is west.