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  1. My daughter was in it from Plymouth to Tilton, 20 mph with flashers on 93. She never exaggerates , her text read this storm is "no joke".
  2. Mid-day, mid-July, 59 degrees - bet that doesn't happen often.
  3. Considered yourself lucky. Talked to a couple friends who rode through SE Ma and RI on bikes and said the moths are much worse than last year. Nasty here in Metro-West Boston.
  4. Was that the infamous fakenado?
  5. Oh, no question the fungus killed large numbers. The problem is the overall number of caterpillars was so extreme the survivor numbers appear to be more than sufficient for part deux next year.
  6. Is he the same dude who predicted a never ending furnace for the end of June - beginning of July? I hope the moderators get a handle on this guy.
  7. Hell of a lot more than "some". Kiss the oaks goodbye.
  8. Apparently the fella who stated all the gypsy moths had died from the fungus was mistaken. I hope his weather forecasts are not as wildly inaccurate.
  9. Fall? Who is forecasting cold ?
  10. Awesome place.
  11. 495 North around Hopkinton.
  12. Awesome shot!
  13. Eat my oaks ? I'll fix you.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AeRBM80CrCo&feature=youtu.be
  14. Damn near perfect here.