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  1. Did you calculate the rates? I would be interested to know as well.
  2. Let's just say both were way above par ☺️
  3. Yeah sometimes people forget or have never even seen it. I know I do. Played golf in Massachusetts yesterday with carts and beer! One of the guys I was playing with has lost four family members in the past 2 months. Three of them while old were pretty healthy.woke me up...
  4. Absolutely perfect evening.
  5. Doesn't feel bad at all. Beautiful early summer day.
  6. Where is the guy who was about the constant wind this spring? hope he's getting eaten alive by black flies.
  7. https://www.bostonglobe.com/ New study says Massachusetts coronavirus rates are much higher than reported and could rise steeply Estimates from a new study suggest the virus has already infected about 13 percent of the 6.9 million residents in Massachusetts. That’s about 896,000 people, far more than the 91,662 confirmed COVID-19 cases reported by the state.
  8. Firepit? I'm lighting the wood stove.
  9. Mid 50s with a stiff Breeze. People shuffling about with Sullen looks on their faces (and masks) . Practically nothing it's open. But thanks for your update.
  10. Ignorant comment. Go to bed.
  11. You really don't get it. It's like talking to a wall. I'll try one last time, what if there's not another company to hire you?
  12. Not in the least.
  13. You did reread your posts. "Well if they try to find cheaper labor I'll go someplace else"