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  1. Think this crap will melt or do we have to move it?
  2. Ginxy should have started the thread. Thanks for nothing Tip.
  3. If it's an historic storm we will give you credit. If it sucks, we will rip on tip.
  4. Yeah? why don't you head on out and get a jump on spring clean up.
  5. Keep feeding it. This week should put a dent in folk's wood supplies. Already getting " hey do you have more wood?"
  6. Waste of a nice pattern if it doesn't.
  7. If there's ever another weather conference he absolutely has to be on the guest list.
  8. Cold and snow makes felling trees all that more difficult but damn it felt good today.
  9. The winter storm ended the city’s fifth-longest stretch in recorded history without more than an inch of snowfall. The last time Boston went more than 321 days without a solid inch was from February 2011 to January 2012.
  10. I was hoping you got some snow. If I had to wager on snake bit you would be near the top of the list.
  11. It's a good spot. Sherborn jacks on pretty much every Coastal.
  12. They'll be some good ones it's sticking to the trees nicely.
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