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  1. We frost. Hopefully it killed a few more yellow jackets.
  2. I worked below it all summer and didn't see a single Baldface .
  3. Didn't bother these buggers. Not sure I've seen one bigger. Three feet in length at least...
  4. If the extended comes to fruition... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JcYaAu01Q2Y
  5. Feels great! Savor it, not coming back for a long while.
  6. Oh boy! And there were actually people wishing for this????
  7. Crazy speed walker from CT stops calling for triple digits and the exodus is on.
  8. Unfortunately yes what happened to torch as far as the eye could see?
  9. Working in the woods small branches are coming down all over. If you live in a moth-eaten area of SNE I would suggest a generator for the winter.
  10. SNE the new San Diego. What a gorgeous freaking stretch of weather!