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  1. 18 degrees on Halloween morning that can't happen often.
  2. Surreal is a good word for it. It could be January.
  3. Still early, you're just rounding into shape.
  4. Did you make a forecast? Sorry if I didn't see it , how did you do?
  5. Kind of weird , it's 27° and a little foggy on the roads?
  6. He was going to move to Southborough but the house fell through. He's in Westborough. Over a half a foot here in Southborough too.
  7. Car top and roofs whitened. 32 degrees and very light snow
  8. Yeah screw the rest of the folks who like decent weather. Route 9 in Framingham today.
  9. You couldn't leave well enough alone could you? Nope, you had to have your rain. Hope you're happy.
  10. Kettle Brook in Paxton is in great shape! Looking at weather underground they have had almost 5 " of rain for the month.