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  1. lots and lots of rain.
  2. 33 snowing just enough to collect on the windshield
  3. You are barking up the wrong tree you should be asking Tip.
  4. Shut them up , include collaborating evidence from nearby weather stations .
  5. Hoping the roads are fine?
  6. Plymouth State practice.
  7. We got more on the side of the river
  8. It appears they did . http://w1.weather.gov/data/obhistory/KBOS.html
  9. Coldest period i ever remember.
  10. Rain / snow mix in Southborough. 37 degrees
  11. Winter is here . BDL has been mothballed.
  12. https://www.wunderground.com/cat6/possible-new-world-record-lowest-barometric-pressure-860-mb
  13. Happy for you both
  14. My Daughter had class yesterday no big deal.