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  1. Looks like we keep what's left of the snow for a while.
  2. Pittsfield and Fitchburg airports both over 50
  3. The first pulse was 45-50mph which was 4-6:00. Models have the main pulse 10:00pm -4:00 AM. That’s when most of the damage and outages will come from with 50-60mph. A lot of people waking up overnight with posts about limbs on roofs etc. And one final pulse 50-55mph once the sun comes up tomorrow
  4. Mid march 2017. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NbvA6cuz8Q
  5. Who stole your log on? That makes perfect sense.
  6. Get 'er on out. No use for it now.
  7. Dusting. Sticking to everything. Pretty good flakes.
  8. It's tossed because you're in a severe drought. Makes your readings inaccurate.
  9. Blowing pretty good. Got me thinking it hasn't been a very windy month.
  10. Could you feel that touch of spring in the air Tuesday afternoon? Indeed, the sun this time of year is strong enough that even on a day that stays in the 40s, it still feels different — full of hope and promise. When this winter finally is over it will have been marked mostly by the pandemic, but also of a February which brought cold and snow the likes of which we haven’t seen since 2015. While Boston’s snow this month has been near average, other areas just west of the city have seen a top 10 snowy February with well over 30 inches! https://www.bostonglobe.com/2021/02/23/metro/mild-weather-is-way-this-week-spring-approaches/
  11. All rain here hoping we can get rid of some of this pack. This was yesterday https://youtu.be/jYngW3s-6JY
  12. Why don't you see if you can win your money back on your no more snow call from last year?
  13. I'm up for Morch. Dry and warm would be nice. Kind of a spring training for the Taunton boys to start worrying about water tables.
  14. What's left on the roof . Picture taken today. Most was from 2/1.
  15. Sherborn did well 2/1 although less than southborough. Probably around 14 or 15. I'm located probably 2 mi from the holliston border. Thanks for all your great information. Much appreciated.
  16. What's your estimate for Sherborn / Holliston?
  17. This one looks to be around another week I would imagine.
  18. Figures I just cleared the driveway and now it decides to snow. Will, I've been meaning to ask. When was the last time we had a pack this deep for this long?
  19. Trying to decide if I should be bothered to even remove this stuff. It's going to be warm next week right?