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  1. Good indication of how dry it has been. First picture is from 2012, second is from this year with Luke and John. Same hole and almost the same date.
  2. Walk down the street and get a 40.
  3. Yes it's supposed to make it sweeter. I got to start eating before it's gone.
  4. Where did you get it from if you don't mind me asking?
  5. Smart move watering your trees. Some cities and towns are asking citizens to water Street trees.
  6. Oh you found some wood? No long pieces?
  7. Probably just finished butchering something else.
  8. Well this clears things up: Obviously quite a difference in outcomes and noted substantial run-to-run variation noted in the deterministic solutions. While the 12z GFS was a strong and western outlier, the 00z/14th GFS came in weaker and course-corrected east a bit closer to Nantucket and the eastern MA coast; the 12Z/13th ECMWF on the other hand was fairly close to the 12z/13th GFS, but it`s 00z/14th solution also adjusted eastward by a significant margin, leading to dry weather with a coastal low impacting Nova Scotia. The 00z/14th Canadian GEM is something of a middle road
  9. Not specific to hybrids but low mileage old folk cars are usually not the bargain they appear . Was it garaged? If not, cars that sit without much use usually have brake and drivetrain issues. Frozen calipers and the like.
  10. Extremely high Taunton dew points? According to Bob they never get below 70.
  11. How was the fair? It's usually a pretty good one.
  12. Exactly. Helps with the golf scores too.
  13. Kind of a cool article for Firefly enthusiasts. https://www.npr.org/sections/pictureshow/2022/08/12/1114236533/pete-mauney-photographs-fireflies
  14. I just knew whinemaster would be all over this post.
  15. 72/47 and I hate to admit it but a couple degrees warmer I could take. You become accustomed.
  16. BOS August 10th High Temperature] Due to clouds & onshore winds, the high temperature at Boston/Logan Airport on August 10th reached 72 degrees; 9 degrees below normal of 81 degrees for the date. Last time a high temperature was this "cool" at BOS was 71 degrees on June 23rd.
  17. They can have it. I don't want it. I'll take the heat back if I have to. It's damn sure better than rain... https://youtu.be/Z4v1SwngbzQ
  18. Might want to work on the putting.
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