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  1. If you notice he's been dangling that lure all day hoping someone would bite.
  2. Effin guy is a jinx. I hope his basement floods...
  3. Over two here. Thank you for your incessant rain cheerleading
  4. What are the chances we salvaged a nice day around Thanksgiving?
  5. I didn't bother with the pain killers. Some bourbon was good enough without the constipation I didn't either. Rather uncomfortable sleeping the first night but nothing I couldn't handle. Learned my lesson on opiates and constipation with a motorcycle accident in my youth.
  6. Taking a dump is the worst after surgery Throw in a couple Oxys and it's a world of pain.
  7. Laparoscopic? I had it done last year was golfing and stacking wood within a month. Cutting trees and splitting wood was closer to 3. Good luck!
  8. 70 degrees seems like a distant memory
  9. You've downgraded from 70 to 65? Did new model information come in?
  10. Played golf today, almost impossible to find your ball after the tee shot.
  11. I would leave that off your Tinder profile.
  12. Playing golf today. Apparently after you reach the First Tee you don't have to wear your mask.
  13. What is it with hockey? I understand it is inside but most rinks have plenty of airspace. Must be the locker rooms.
  14. Best guess is part-time Connecticut residents. The pandemic is roaring across the Midwest and Plains states. Seven states set records for hospitalizations for COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus. And Connecticut, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska and North Dakota saw jumps of more than 45 percent in their seven-day rolling average of new infections, considered the best measure of the spread of the virus.
  15. Early on they did that with tee times worked great.
  16. Why? Because it wasn't raining?