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  1. Do you have the 65 mph gusts from yesterday?
  2. Bugs were not an issue in the woods today. Excepting yellow jackets they were all over the place.
  3. In southborough now. Looks like it went North. I was in Sherborn about 45 minutes ago and think I was in the cell that spawned it. Flooding rains.
  4. I'm in Marlboro and just got the notification. So this thing's for real?
  5. What did you get for gusts?
  6. I think Worcester had 40mph .
  7. Browsing members are dropping like flies. Probably headed out to mow the damn lawn.
  8. Thunderstorm? You're giving this thing a lot more credit than it deserves.
  9. It may be funny to you but not so funny to Otis and his four cousins. It's going to take anywhere from 8 to 21 days to restore service.
  10. Western Ma has been hit particularly hard. Outages Update EVERSOURCE EASTERN MA – 1726 EVERSOURCE WESTERN MA – 5
  11. It's going to do some damage.
  12. What are you thinking for our area?
  13. I hope no infrequent board visitor actually believed his west nonsense .
  14. That's the first intelligent thing you've said. Ever...
  15. If we get 50 mph gusts around here there's going to be trouble. We've had a boatload of rain and the trees are fully leafed.
  16. It's going to suck here. Under a tropical storm warning. East trend for the loss. Worcester already gusting the 23 mph. Anybody who wants it can come get it.
  17. This year's crop is certainly decent but nothing like lasts. No worries, I'll bring some along to the next GTG.
  18. I saw that tweet Yeah Matt if my aunt had testicles...
  19. GFS wind profile if you would be so kind.
  20. Hurricane #Henri Advisory 24A: Henri Moving Quickly to the North-Northeast. A Dangerous Storm Surge, Hurricane Conditions, and Flooding Rainfall Expected in Portions of the Northeast United States Beginning Late Tonight Or Early Sunday. http://go.usa.gov/W3H
  21. What do you call prostate exams? An everyday occurrence?
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