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  1. Cutting up a tree today and caught a huge kettle of migrating raptors. By the time I grabbed my camera they had hit an updraft and were gone . Must have been hundreds... Q: What makes a group of hawks a “kettle?” — Clair Van Buren, Bloomington, Indiana A: Hawks and other raptors migrate during the day. As the sun heats the ground, warm air rises from the earth. Certain geographic features, including natural topography or human-built areas, can vary the rate and location of heating, creating columns of warm, ascending air. Birds can enter these updrafts, and by flying or soaring in a circle within the column, they can be lifted high into the sky. As the birds reach a height where the column dissipates because it meets increasingly cooler air, they can simply set their wings and glide down into another thermal in the direction they are headed. Using this method, the birds can travel quite far while conserving energy, as it takes far less effort than constant flapping.
  2. By the second week in October, many parts of Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut will reach peak color. If you're late to leaf peeping activities this year, that's OK, because color is expected to withstand throughout October and even into early November for some areas.
  3. Also not sure what's up with th number of days reporting?? Newington had the fourth highest total and only 69 days reporting?
  4. Okay 10 out of 216. Still not what most would consider many.
  5. I don't know if I would call it many. That's out of 216 stations reporting.
  6. Just about the same here. And you know this is your fault right?
  7. Spots in Grafton and hopkinton picked up a half to three quarters of an inch of rain.
  8. I don't care what the dew point is when it's in the 70s. Give me 70's until November.
  9. The last remaining wisher of rain is under a flash flood warning. Hopefully this will quiet lava rock.
  10. Comment was not storm specific. You brought it on yourself wishing for rain back in June. Careful what you wish for...
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