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  1. Nothing here. Something's up with these booms.
  2. It's probably one of the variants. My daughter is a health professional at a New England College that just got whacked. She said a good many of the young people were quite sick.
  3. Oak tree you're in my way...
  4. He needs a good water boarding.
  5. Seasonably effing cold.
  6. I was getting worried. Somebody has to root for rain.
  7. Yup, as we thought 60s and 70s all next week.
  8. Are you still selling those covid protection glasses out of your van?
  9. Not much of a Rainer. 64 Cue the drought discussion.
  10. If low 50's on Saturday and a mostly cloudy Easter with showers is your idea of awesome... then sure it looks great.
  11. Bailing on 60's and 70's all next week?
  12. A shortwave trough will dig from Ontario Saturday night into the eastern Great Lakes by Sunday morning. The shortwave will keep digging southeastward through Sunday. There is some uncertainty in this window and heading into early next week. The operational GFS/ECMWF and GEFS/EPS retrograde a cutoff low into the Gulf of Maine/Nova Scotia. This will have implications on temperatures and sensible weather in this timeframe, but there is a lot of spread amongst guidance in how far west the system retrogrades. The GEFS and operational GFS are much further east than the EPS an operational ECWMF. Who's do we believe?
  13. Yeah that sucks. Playing tomorrow the conditions are quite good down around here.
  14. Looks perfect after we get Thursday out of the way.
  15. Thank God! What do you have for wind reports so far?
  16. Where do you see amounts between 1.5 and 2.0 on the map? I'll wait...
  17. You still can't read a map
  18. No they didn't. Oh, and you should calibrate your compass. Groton and Providence are not to your Northwest...
  19. You nailed another! uncanny ...