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  1. At least he predicted snow unlike some folk ;) "In actuality, I’m going to embrace the upcoming snow as simply one of the benefits of living here in New England; we can have 70-degree weather one week and snow the next. Mid-March snow is very common so it shouldn’t be a surprise anyway." But it wouldn't be the Stein without mention of the drought. " What’s more surprising than our upcoming wintery weather is the fact that it’s been so sunny and so dry this month. We’ve only had less than a quarter of an inch of precipitation since the start of our wettest month and any precipitation in any form should be welcome at this point. Many areas could see up to an inch of water between the rain and the snow, this is much needed." https://www.bostonglobe.com/2021/03/17/metro/late-winter-snow-yes-more-snow-is-heading-massachusetts/
  2. For a high? Can't wait for this cold weather to depart. Next week looks nice.
  3. Eff lawns. Every year across the country, lawns consume nearly 3 trillion gallons of water a year, 200 million gallons of gas (for all that mowing), and 70 million pounds of pesticides. ... In fact, these lawns can do substantial harm to the environment and to both vertebrates and insects
  4. Pretty good snow flurries. Seasonally mild.
  5. That year was unreal. Where has Bob been? Watering his lawn?
  6. Hopefully all this mild weather will finish off the snow.
  7. First round complete. Bay point in Onset. Conditions weren't half bad! Fairways were dry and the greens were rolling pretty well. While not great I will take an 88. Short game killed me.
  8. First round of the year tomorrow. Went to the driving range today and it was absolutely mobbed. Looking like another big year for golf.
  9. Only three Miller b? We toss.
  10. Please don't get the Taunton boys started. Thank you...
  11. Got a feeling it's going to be another year of hard to find tee times. Unlikely the folks who took it up last year are just going to drop it.
  12. Tsunami warnings for the quabbin.
  13. First tee Time set for next Wednesday. It begins.
  14. Okay, now you're just trolling for hot dogs.
  15. Doesn't feel very spring like today.
  16. Looks like we keep what's left of the snow for a while.
  17. Pittsfield and Fitchburg airports both over 50
  18. The first pulse was 45-50mph which was 4-6:00. Models have the main pulse 10:00pm -4:00 AM. That’s when most of the damage and outages will come from with 50-60mph. A lot of people waking up overnight with posts about limbs on roofs etc. And one final pulse 50-55mph once the sun comes up tomorrow
  19. Mid march 2017. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NbvA6cuz8Q