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  1. Super more flooding. Still have some discrepancy on how quickly the cold front moves through. Given the deep trough slowly lifting through am thinking the front will be slowly moving through like depicted by the UKMET/ECMWF/CMC/ICON guidance. The GFS/NAM are the fastest with moving the front through. Will be important in how quickly the front passes through because could have a prolonged heavy rain risk Wednesday night and especially on Thursday. Wednesday night PWATs increase to roughly 1.5-1.75" ahead of the incoming front. On Thursday south-southwesterly flow will advect in 1.75-2" PWATs. This is AOA the 90th percentile per SPC Sounding climatology for CHH for this time of year. Given antecedent conditions we can`t handle too much rainfall, so think there could be a flood risk Wednesday night and on Thursday. The current WPC Day 3 Excessive Rainfall Outlook may not be far enough west especially if things continue trending toward the slower solutions.
  2. Well two people were crying drought. We tried to tell them...
  3. Almost exactly the same in southborough.
  4. Give a road report after you get there please.
  5. 4.75 at the woodyard in Sherborn.
  6. Sprinkles here. Let's keep it that way.
  7. You tried to tell him but he wouldn't listen. Good call!
  8. Thunder snow on March 22nd and more snow on April 19th.
  9. Could be , he doesn't sound like one to exaggerate. The low for 1834 was 6 below by his records.
  10. Thanks! Not sure I buy the mercury at 22 below to start 1835.
  11. 1834 no snow until Xmas eve. Cold start to 1835...
  12. Cleaning out the old farmhouse 17 miles southwest of Boston. Found an ancestor;s weather diary from the early 1800's How's this for pack retention? 1836 - uninterrupted sleighing from Nov 23 to March 25th.
  13. Nailed it again! None of the TV stations made mention of the severe outbreak. I don't know how you do it but thank you! Truly a legend...
  14. Going to miss the warm mornings. Today looks like it.
  15. Nowadays the yellow jackets aren't gone until almost November
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