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  1. The wind with this system will be the bigger story than snow for the lower elevations. Not a bold statement, just trying to set expectations.
  2. Almost there! Note: for sensible purposes, not currently expecting accumulations outside of elevation. Flakes yes for most places though.
  3. I wonder if we see a correction that direction in the coming days (at least a little bit). I feel like we are right in the window of modeling guidance where it over corrects on wrapping up these coastal lows. You know the period of "OMG it's going to stall and loop south of ACK". Then when the actual event happens its always more progressive and never actually stalls or loops.
  4. In my history of being on this weather forum I do believe that this post has the honor of being the first I have given the hot dog and bun symbol to. Congratulations.
  5. For real? I was only reading about there being trout in that river.
  6. Anyone ever fish the Ammonoosuc River in the White Mountains? Going to be staying up there in August right on the river. Hoping to land a few good trout.
  7. I'm quietly rooting for Tony Finau (+4000) this week.
  8. Bass. Weather turned on me yesterday evening. Was 68 and sunny when i left. 10 mins later at pond it was overcast, cool and windy. Ended up catching a perch. So not shutout.
  9. Haven't caught anything yet. Went two weekends ago when we jumped up to 70. Nothing moving. Headed out tonight.
  10. I don't even know what Lesco is. lol
  11. First round in the books last Friday. Forecast was for 44 and sun. It was 34 with flurries. Played the Jungle at Green Meadow in Hudson, NH. Gotta play it before Amazon bulldozes it. Shot 77. Irons and chipping were excellent. Didn't make anything over 5 ft though.
  12. With such a Stein-y forecast.....give up on the lawn already for the year? lol
  13. NWS forecast for 1.09". KASH bucket currently at 0.10". Steined!
  14. I was actually wondering this as I stared out the window yesterday working. Was wondering if fish had moves up yet.