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  1. Overnight convection will probably stick a fork in this threat.
  2. GYX forecast for KASH: Probabilistic Snowfall: 5" 1 in 10%: 4" It's been 8 years since I've done a statistics class, but this doesn't make sense right?
  3. Well that escalated quickly. Went to bed with GYX giving me 3". Wake up under a Winter Storm Warning and a forecast of 8". With the Euro and RGEM giving 12". (Now where did I leave my shovel back in December?)
  4. Might as well. Don't have anything else to do. Bring it!
  5. With snow officially gone, a free weekend and no sports to watch, I'm all in on cleaning up from winter tomorrow. Should be a little chilly, but will be good to be out working in the yard. Hoping to clear the yard and get early spring fertilizer down this weekend.
  6. Glad this is going to miss. Have been on to Spring for a month plus.
  7. What's this crap the Euro & Canadian are trying to sell us for next weekend? Surely I won't have to pay attention till Thursday.
  8. As expected. 2" and now over to drizzle. Next stop spring?
  9. How you know people are over this winter. Only 9 pages in this thread. If this was December, there'd by 75.
  10. GYX is awfully bullish. I'm expecting half of that. I like 2" of snow followed by 1/2" of sleet & 6 hours of drizzle.
  11. Hope it stays that way. Just enough ice on the trees. Very pretty in the sun though.
  12. It is odd. The snowflakes has coincided with the brightest sky of the day.
  13. I wasn't even paying attention. I figured I was in for a day of prolonged mist.
  14. Also.......this things is absolutely ripping northeast. Will be out of here in no time.