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  1. Is August the month with two direct cane strikes or is that September?
  2. As long as its green....I don't really care what it is. lol
  3. Oh and......meh. Looks like nice stratiform rain shield moving through.
  4. That line is absolutely hauling ass. Will be here in no time.
  5. As others have remarked, I too don't remember smoke at the surface like this. This is two events this month. I recall many events where the smoke was elevated though. The smell today is different than I remember though. I seem to remember smelling burnt pine in the past. But today smells like burnt plastic almost.
  6. Smoke front moved through in the last hour or two. As others have reported, can definitely smell it too.
  7. 12z HRRR has a beast of a supercell crossing northern NH tomorrow.
  8. Had the cutest little thundershower earlier. 10 rumbles and 1 minute of rain.
  9. So when do the robot overlords or aliens take over?
  10. I think I am looking at the wrong models for the Sunday severe threat.
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