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  1. Weenie maps of the morning for my hood: NAM: 8" RGEM: 6" GGEM: 8" GFS: 4" I will be perfectly happy with 4".
  2. I'd take my chances with the EPS and damn that ICON is sexy
  3. Wiz building his New England home to withstand an EF5........?
  4. The leaves are really hitting the accelerator up here in dropping.
  5. Should have plenty of moisture to work with. Its the remnants of Zeta being sucked up into that bowling ball.
  6. It is not too late to Tank for Trevor. Lose out and we have a chance.
  7. I'd take the GFS for Halloween.
  8. Stein is cut and bleeding. Knees starting to get weak.
  9. I think Tip's question also has the origination portion to it. Sandy for example originated down there and tracked due north.
  10. Boy....something really brewing for Day 9. Fantasy-land GFS has had this for a week now. While the Euro doesn't inject a Cat 4 into the system, it does have an F'ng monster racing up the coast.