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  1. Starting to think that all posters need to be 5 ppd for a little while. This place is worse than twitter. Fraud five signal for next Wednesday.
  2. What's the longest a place like KORH has gone without an inch of snow in a winter? (random thought that popped into head)
  3. Text from my father today: "Another snowless winter huh? Not even cold. This blows."
  4. That Euro run was fun while it lasted. Suppression city last night.
  5. Euro Op looks like December 1-3 last year.
  6. Getting real easy to check the weather forecast these days.
  7. Might as well start the February thread.
  8. I was wondering how long it would take till I saw a post to this effect.
  9. Whiff, Whiff, massive cutter......I'd sign up for that just to see the melts.
  10. Miller A best followed by a Miller B beast?
  11. Personally I think we have a better shot with the 12-13th timeframe than the 9-10 timeframe.
  12. 65 pages for an inch. Yikes. Might as well fire up a thread for next weekends whiff.