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  1. My fall foliage is on the ground.
  2. NAM wraps up so much that eastern areas dryslot.
  3. I've gotten out twice since buying a house end of July. Once down the Cape at, where I shot 56 (par 3 course). And once at a local course,, where I shot 74 (par 70) and +1 on a 3rd 9 holes. Irons and putting saved me. Zero touch when I missed a green.
  4. The acorn's this year are out of control. Piles and piles of them.
  5. Bought a house over the summer. Landscaping was ok, but in rough shape because previous owners moved out in April. Everything I've done (cutting grass, pulling weeds, removing shrubs, etc.) has been about setting up yard for next year. What should I be doing to "put the lawn to bed" for the winter?
  6. 12/9/05 (Brockton) - stinger CCB with vivid lightning 1/27-28/13 (Nashua) - 33" (personal best) Blizzard of 2005 (Brockton) - week off from school October Snow 2011 (Lowell) - off campus apartment didn't lose power, but my former dorm did and my buddies gave me all their beer (Guessing on the date) 7/6/1999 Hail Storm (Brockton) - hit while I was pitching in an all-star baseball tournament as storm hit
  7. Severe storms between Springfield and Manchester, NH just don't happen.
  8. Woof. Made a Quad on the 1st hole.
  9. There's nothing similar about the set up
  10. Day 3 Marginal Risk - get in your basements.
  11. When's the last time anyone heard a rumble of thunder? Can't even buy a dying MCS.
  12. In my opinion, my ideal US Open winning score is even par. If you shoot 72 four days in a row, your name should be near top of leader board. The player with the best combination of GIR and putting should win the golf tournament. However, for the British Open, I want creativity. I'll never forget a shot Vijay played years ago (can't remember how long ago). From say 50 yards from the pin, he purposefully played 30 yards left of hole and off green into a series of undulations that propelled the ball right to the hole.