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  1. Probably the only place I would be talking about it is over in the fishing thread. Ponds are wicked low.
  2. If Stein wasn't a thing....would we even care about drought? We'd just be talking about how boring the summer is.
  3. WAR flex and we get soaked by this version of the firehose.
  4. The funny part is the putting saved me for the last 2 months while my ball striking was poor. It flipped on a dime.
  5. Front on approach. Moving into western areas now.
  6. Oh look. The western US ridge and east cost trough are setting up again for Aug, Sept, & Oct. Then will magically go poof by time December rolls around.
  7. Welcome to the new climate where summer and winter last for 4 weeks.
  8. Tonight’s round: Birdie Par (lipped birdie) Birdie Bogey from 120 yds Bogey missed 4’ Bogey missed 3’ Bogey missed 3’ Par Birdie ugh. 3 puts from a 33.
  9. In all honesty, what do people like about this weather?
  10. Just fired up the blower to get rid of all the sticks and pine needles off driveway. Took 10 mins tops. Need a new pair of shorts. This weather sucks ass. Send the door through.
  11. Let's see how strong the SEMA force field is today.
  12. Nice cells popping on the outflow from the original Nashua storm.
  13. Yep. I glanced at radarscope and saw the purple pixels just to my west. Looked out the window and it was hailing.
  14. Looks like somewhere just north of 1.5" in the Lowe's bucket I left outside.
  15. Got my butt kicked there for about 10 minutes. Storm was more severe than 98% of the warned storms I've experienced.
  16. Maybe slightly more than garden variety. Circulation of some kind must have just gone overhead. Wind just flipped from west to south to north in about 20 seconds.
  17. Nice garden variety summer thunderstorm. Miss these.
  18. 130p: takes break from work to go clean gutters before any potential rain 131p: opens garage and grabs ladder, never checks radar 132p: opens ladder (crack of thunder) whoops.
  19. The rich get richer with rainfall. Pond was way down tonight. At least 3-4’.
  20. Severe localized rain threat for Friday like Tippy highlighted?
  21. How is it that of the four Boston major sports teams only one of them has a competent general manager?
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