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  1. Let's see if we can today's day 6 snowstorm inside of day 5.
  2. Heard a couple leaf blowers going in the neighborhood. Couldn’t help but imagine the struggle in this wind.
  3. I don’t think we all bought into the D5-D6 solutions. Just a few of the overly optimistic.
  4. I like the premise of these matches, but in my opinion the competitors need to keep me entertained by their play and commentary. Which is why Phil is perfect for these.
  5. Forecasting message I received 1 time in terms of model solutions: “One is an aberration. Two is a coincidence. Three is a trend.”
  6. Sun came out this afternoon and I was able to clean the garage. Nice surprise.
  7. Would have been interesting to see the Euro solution minus the southern stream energy it incorporated. Certainly seems to resemble the UKMET if one removes the southern energy.
  8. Someone can have mine. Just two pieces of paper that said I spent too much time in the classroom. These days they're only good for checking a box on a job application. No substitute for on the job experience.
  9. The GFS is garbage. The Euro blows. The Canadian is useless. What’s an ICON? Where does one even find the JMA? God save the UKMET?
  10. Yeah...that storm system as modeled is probably too close to us. Expect it to shift further away.
  11. Interesting.....it's crap like this that I enjoy. The one about the latitude for where the shortwave comes ashore on the west coast is where it exits the east coast.
  12. I mean...I'll certainly take my chances with this ridge trough pattern across the CONUS:
  13. Congrats US/Canada border on 12z GFS.
  14. I wait till 9a before firing up lawn mower or leaf blower. Only time I did before 9 once was because its was going to be 98F day of mow and we were going on vacation next day. Felt bad firing up lawn mower at 8a.
  15. Looks like last fall clean up tomorrow. Pick up leaves, bring in fall decorations, bring in the hoses, clean the gutters. Warm up the snow thrower maybe.
  16. Nice squally day up north. Windy day here.
  17. Wake me up in December. Next week turning into just a bit of showers on Monday.
  18. Tip's Hadley cell keeping it too far to the north.
  19. Let's lock in the 297 hr GFS shall we?
  20. Scream and flood based on the Euro.
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