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  1. mike245

    The 2016-17 Ski Season Thread

    Does anyone have any suggestions between Killington, Okemo, or Stratton for tommorow? I know Killington got the most over the weekend but I'm having trouble figuring out which could get the most today into tonight.
  2. mike245

    Wild Weekend Weather- Disco 04/02-/04/03

    Tough decision to stay up in Marblehead or head back to Bridgewater tonight
  3. mike245

    Feb 8th Monster Ocean storm obs and hallucinations

    Thanks that's the place I had in mind. Couldn't remember the name. I always go to the car wash the day after.
  4. mike245

    Feb 8th Monster Ocean storm obs and hallucinations

    Does anyone have suggestions for the best places to see waves on the south shore?
  5. mike245

    February 5 quick hitting obs

    Been in between the bands all day here in East Bridgewater. Not expecting too much out of this storm with only about 3" OTG. Good luck to those that are in those bands!
  6. mike245

    October 29/30 Snowstorm OBS thread

    just changing over to snow here in East Bridgewater at 32 degrees. Its about time