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  1. radarman

    April Discussion

    Yeah it ripped through here too... Breezy, with a nice lil feature over Northampton
  2. radarman

    The 2018-2019 Ski Season Thread

    Something about Devil's Fiddle in the spring... The outcroppings have long since melted off, but the big swoop turns on the untouched soft snow were simply divine. Boot pack laps on the top yesterday with a path down requiring only short forays into the woods.
  3. radarman

    The 2018-2019 Ski Season Thread

    Killington is skiing really good today, and I expect tomorrow should be excellent as well. A lot of snow left, woods are in peak Spring form.
  4. radarman

    April Discussion

    Really was a spectacular morning...
  5. radarman

    NNE Winter Thread

    Actually that's a 'vintage' pic I took in April 2001. Courtesy of a disposable camera, sun bleaching, and a blown out scanner.
  6. radarman

    NNE Winter Thread

    Maybe best since
  7. radarman

    The 2018-2019 Ski Season Thread

    Local hill, Berkshire East. Softened around noon, skied beautifully thereafter.
  8. radarman

    The 2018-2019 Ski Season Thread

    Perfect weather for the season end festivities in a lot of places today. Took in some of the cardboard sled races in between soft turns and they didn't disappoint. Burgers cooking on the summit for ski patrol fundraisers. Music and rays. Great day to be alive.
  9. radarman

    NNE Winter Thread

    Nice ones as always. Here are few going up/down... Inverness area is always pretty with open Birch forest. Much less windblown through here too. They should have spun the lift. Once at the top, the choice of sticking in the trees was obvious as you were saying. Lighter and somewhat less windblown. Exposed trails didn't hold that much snow in the face of the battering, but protected trails did. But the mounds were whipped into big, slabby crests that were tough to navigate. Could have used about 130s underfoot and just gone straight.
  10. radarman

    NNE Winter Thread

    Ellen never spun chairs other than the park quad. Skinned up to the summit, super windblown, very dense. Deep in the woods. Tough traveling at times.
  11. radarman

    Severe storms 3-9/12

    Substantial damage... Grand Prairie airport took it on the chin with many planes destroyed and a report from an anemometer (off the ground) at 95kts. An Amazon building near DFW airport lost a roof with video on twitter. A large tower folded up in Godley in what might have been a QLCS spin up. DFW ASOS measured 78MPH, 71 at Addison airport. Etc. etc. Best line since 3/29/17
  12. radarman

    March Disco

    Even Keene had severe flooding. All along the river was very bad, this road sign in S Hadley tells the story.
  13. radarman

    The 2018-2019 Ski Season Thread

    Berkshire East was outstanding this morning, probably the day of the year so far. 6" new cakeflour, powder was the theme, but some of the finest cord imaginable deserves a shout out too.
  14. radarman

    Damaging Wind With Forests Leveled

    Hit 52 on the UMass wx station, maybe a top 2 or 3 event. I want to say a similar Feb 2013 overnight fropa rivalled it here. Limbs down all over the valley, partial collapse of a mill in Holyoke, and no power here locally for the past two hours or so.
  15. radarman

    NNE Winter Thread

    Snowed most of the day at MRG, heavy early and again later in the afternoon. I'd call it a foot fresh, skied well.