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  1. How bout Killington reporting 16"? Nice base builder.
  2. I had that dappled look to the snow on grass here too and got a few 3" measurements in the puffy spots. But I think you really had to measure on a deck rail or something last night. Either way a nice little surprise.
  3. starting to mix here too, lower down. the narrow little spine of hills on the west side of Quabbin sometimes does well in these events
  4. November 2018 was absolutely sick in VT. This was the morning of 12/1 atop Mt Ellen.
  5. Dense fog and chilly down in the valley this morning. But even at 500' in Btown we were mostly above it, now stunning blue skies.
  6. Quite a short duration pounding there. Same here... major ponding.
  7. I feel like Mt Ellen could get Elbow off the Summit quad open pretty early if they were so inclined, which is a really good cruiser. Upload/download on GMX and lap the top 1000 feet of vert. Trail faces northeast and they do have good snowmaking. But they've never showed the least desire to do so. As it stands it's probably the premier place to skin during the early season, which is something.
  8. The little heart icon was not enough props for that pic. Awesome.
  9. How rigid is the pole? Those crazy rates could be associated with the whole thing shaking back and forth in the wind. Also a chance the little circuit that measures the tips is failing or that you had some debris stuck in there.
  10. Enormous surf at York Beach today and warm too. Sun and clouds, double overhead plus breaking out there.
  11. A bit late on this but RIP Bob Neumeier. Neumy will be missed.
  12. I watched the TGR In Pursuit of Soul movie last night and I have to admit I was pretty disappointed by it. They basically went all in on the anti-corporate messaging and the family business aspects and the interesting locals that inhabit these areas... which is fine, other than being more than a bit unfair to some of the bigger resorts, those stories deserved to be in there... But it was like watching the Olympics on NBC, all fluff pieces and tug at the heartstrings testimonials. Where was the skiing??? Where were the people saying, "I ski here because it's sick!" ? I was at Berkshire East the day TGR was filming and I can tell you it was one of the best days in years with some of the biggest features on the mountain in play. Was so looking forward to seeing some of the pros killing it. Between Magic and Saddleback and all the other places they could have made a real ski film that highlighted the bona fides and not just the nostalgia and the quirkiness.
  13. I have the Natural 111s from last year. They are super lightweight and make for a really good touring ski. They're quite surfy in powder and I like em a lot, but if the idea is to hard charge all the time, I think you could do better.
  14. Thanks this is an awesome deal. Just bought a couple.
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