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  1. Some low end straight line wind damage was recorded NW of Denton last night (Slidell, Krum), and some planes were damaged. There was a leading edge rotation signature on the UNT radar though it skirted the SW edge of the airport and started to dissipate.
  2. need some of these:
  3. spent the last 3 days a bit north of PBI, blowing 15G30 just about the whole time which made 85/73 type stuff tolerable and pleasant, especially compared to the valley where we stagnate all too often. As good as it was to get early beach days in and 79 degree water, driving around back home today with the blossoms out all around and the light green haze of new leaves reminded me what a beautiful place we live in. The underrated foliage season.
  4. Golf balls and hen eggs this morning in Cedar Hill, TX ~30 mins SSW of Dallas. As an aside, it's a cool place, highest elevation in the area. Cell was semi-discrete but rather messy. Eventually a double line structure formed in the metroplex, with the aforementioned cell growing upscale somewhat out ahead of the cold front, with another thin line back to the NW right along it.
  5. 191" is a lot of snow, wow. I took this pic in Jan of the Shirley Lake area in question. Faces due N, which I suppose was obvious given that was the area that was singled out to possibly stay open. Shirley and the adjacent Solitude area (not pictured, skier's right) are an intermediate paradise for those learning to ski western powder or those that like wide open groomers. Small rocks, decent pitch but not hair raising... a lot of fun and a somewhat more laid back crowd than other parts of the mountain where folks are trying to go go go
  6. Was actually Squaw that was considering it in the Shirley Lake area, a short hike along the ridge from High Camp.
  7. From the Furuno X band radar at Univ of North Texas
  8. Bissell Bros tap room might be worth checking out if you like beer.
  9. Fair point about perceived value vs realized value. I think Vermont skiers might behave somewhat differently than your average consumer... a 'buy local' style campaign might be relatively successful for the Mom and Pop style operations, guess we'll see.
  10. Spotter reports of quarter size hail+ near downtown Cleburne.
  11. I wonder what percentage of passholders make use of the multi-mountain access that the conglomerates provide? I would guess it's fairly low. I could see how a conglomerate might be able to squeeze productivity gains by centralizing operations across resorts, but I don't completely buy the argument that independent ski areas should be tremendously pressured by the consolidation that is occurring. Note this is yet another cash sale to a Colorado based firm...
  12. Killington was pretty spectacular today as far as mid April skiing goes. A lot of snow left, that's for sure. Would have been easy to embrace Spring's arrival at home... but nah
  13. Bring a shawl to the Masters
  14. just under 3" in Belchertown
  15. Was camped out in Bridgeport, TX earlier... headed S on 114 to Paradise... storm looked decent on radar and was pretty. I think folks are right about the high LCLs factoring in however. Headed back down 114 to the intersection with I35W at TX motor speedway... shortly thereafter this was bearing down and a TOR was dropped on it right around the time of the pic... caught my attention for sure. Passed just NW and I did not observe a funnel.