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  1. By "go somewhere" they mean outside to play in it.
  2. Big Greek festival in Springfield tonight about to be big and wet here pretty soon it appears.
  3. Sorry but at this point even if it rams straight up Buzzards Bay all you're getting is LBSE posts
  4. we lost power in BTown quite a ways away from all that. Pretty good hit on the grid I guess.
  5. Shades of Hugo... the hurricane hunters weren't expecting that kind of intensity going in, with a lot less technology at their disposal in those days. And nearly died.
  6. Not really. Just got back and it was totally meh there. I literally saw a guy show another guy the never forget tipped over lawn chair meme, which apparently was new to both of them. Decent gusts on mountain tops way inland and good rains in Palm Springs.
  7. Can't upload the loop but this was BOX closest scan of the cell near Scotland. This is not the same as the cell that hit Scituate fwiw, and the velocity loop did not really show the couplet very well. Not sure if OKX might have seen something. But as I mentioned a few days ago, I thought this was the best organized cell of the day, at its peak.
  8. Honestly I felt in reviewing the data that Scotland had the best looking storm of anyone yesterday from a radar perspective. The Scituate tornado was a strong embedded spinup behind the leading edge but Scotland had borderline supercell characteristics.
  9. So the little couplet on the top is shown right over Byron Randall Rd where that TOR damage is. Nice timing for the BOX lowest base velocity sweep. Not your classic EF2 sig, but it is indeed there. Low LCLs and strong winds ftw. The red spot below at the intersection of 14 and 116 is just folding, not a couplet. Maybe an area of slightly higher localized gusts.
  10. Typically SD water is notably warmer than in LA. 61 seems unusually cool... will be no worse than Coast Guard beach tomorrow. Edit- Coronado was 69 today, Torrey Pines 70
  11. In this neck of the woods it's been absolutely the least impactful season in terms of wind I can recall in 20 years. We were due for a dud. Congrats to S CT, Cape Cod, and SEMA though. You love to see it. I'll take the under, but certainly impressive regardless
  12. word to the wise... after it rains in SD you want to not swim in the ocean for a couple days. Bacteria and pollutants really spike, but after about 48-72 hours or so it's back to normal. Because of the heavy rains inland , including possible thunderstorms even after the TS passes, there could be a lag. You might consider waiting til end of the week to hop in. I'm heading out myself on Friday, but think we should mostly be good by then. Maybe check out Balboa park and walk around Little Italy on Thursday instead of hitting the beach?
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