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  1. Not bad at all today. 88, moderate dews, and a nice breeze. A few showers went up in Parker county.
  2. Maybe someday folks will recalculate temperature anomalies correctly... which is to say integrated over time rather than with the absurd midnight to midnight high/low method. And my suspicion is you'd find that low dew stretches like we've had really are below normal.
  3. We've had an exceptional cilantro crop which seems to like the cooler wx. It'll be coriander soon enough with the incoming air masses. Thai basil should start taking off now hopefully.
  4. folks really need to verify maps like this in their own back yards... 'using provisional data' is murky at best.... not that anyone cares, but my local coop station is very slightly above normal precip to date for 2022, whereas this map has us close to the 3" BN contour. A fairly substantial difference! What data are they using? If the point is that on the whole SNE has been fairly dry, then sure... but don't go telling your neighbor about how dry you've been based on maps like this... precip totals are highly distributed, interpolation masks the hell out things, and radar estimates, even gauges are prone to error.
  5. In the last 30 days the Btown coop is at 4.28" not including today's rainfall. That's probably AOA. Kudos to BOX for getting that data online.
  6. Likely a midnight high at BDL, -19. Low will be -1 or so. Should just about erase the monthly positive departure, if briefly.
  7. https://emmy7.casa.umass.edu/umaxx/nexrad.html I don't have OKX, but ENX and BOX are available... this is likely still not what you want, but it loads a lot faster than the radar.gov page
  8. In spite of the unfortunate outcome over the weekend, it really highlights just how special these crews are. It was a medal of valor worthy effort to save that guy, and I know there are probably dozens of stories like that. Truly the cream of the crop, I take my hat off to em.
  9. Could be wrong but I would think it would be easier up there. Net downslope, land breeze, and without the forest to moderate.
  10. Also again the next day... but yeah, it's hard to do up there.
  11. Back deck of the Thirsty Pig is a chill spot to sit out at night and they have lot of local stuff on tap.
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