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  1. For me had to be 12/1 @ the Beast after part 1 of the early Dec storm. 14"+ dense and just about everything in play. Bonus points for opening day, and for having huge snowmaking whales adding to the terrain. Silver goes to 2/13 @ Magic which started off with like 3" new on some crust but skied in great and before lunch we were ripping Magician, Goniff, and the Black Line at high speeds. Bronze to 2/7 @ Sugarbush.... 8" new and mid mountain skiing much better than upper mountain. Got acquainted with mogul trails off the Valley house chair and had a blast.
  2. Pico has what looks like a powerline cut lookers right from the summit down the fall line. I've always thought it looked appealing although seemed like a no no to try it. Maybe if it were uphill only... Anyone know what I am talking about?
  3. There's actually quite a bit of instability in the early afternoon above some capping. And shear profiles are already impressive, albeit not as impressive as later on with helicity going bonkers. At any rate several modes of severe in play... Conditional risk early, and later on who knows, probably with S CT favored.
  4. I've never had any issues with my Mass plates fwiw. Granted I didn't go up there after the lockdowns and the bulk of my interactions are grinning in powder or in anticipation of powder.
  5. We hedged and got a pass to the Beast. First time actually, usually just pay $40/pop for the 4 hour ticket. If we can go north, then great.
  6. Win Smith (sugarbush) sent an email yesterday that they definitely intend to stick to the snowmaking plan starting Nov 1. He also mentioned that needing reservations was a possibility, and that they wouldn't be loading chairs to capacity.
  7. Yeah I did the same. Lange XT 130s and AT bindings without tech fittings are what I've been using. But since there's at least a chance this could be our primary mode of skiing this year I invested in Scarpa Maestrales and Salomon Shifts. The Maestrales are pretty darn stiff so they should perform well going down. Also quite light. Can't wait to test em out.
  8. FWIW I just bought my wife a splitboard in the the last few weeks and the inventory for women's splitboard bindings (especially) is pretty low right now. I think a lot of folks are thinking what J Spin is thinking.
  9. That was the peak couplet I saw... Beam about 2500' off the ground there
  10. I wouldn't bother. Maybe if you could get to the Noho/Ehamp line quickly you *might* see something before it gets too dark.
  11. Just saw the velocities really ramp up N of Tolland MA se of Otis Reservoir. Pike just S of Blandford could be impacted shortly
  12. Maple Foods is my main lunch spot these days. Great smorgasboard esp in normal times. Glad you got a good day in.