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  1. That U/L jet just rages overnight. In a related note... SIGMETs for severe turbulence between TX and the midwest today. Rough ride.
  2. Advy hoisted for 1-3"? I do get why, but I guess I wasn't sure they had the leeway
  3. with the cold air filtering in late it's probably a snow stuck to trees look here in the lowlands anyway
  4. The wheel has no memory, but it tattoos Oct snow totals on its arm
  5. Maybe 1/14/99 storm you were thinking about? Paper attached 26215320.pdf
  6. I directly quoted a chart of Spain and was referring to such. It's similar for France and a lot of Europe. The US is a large, demographically diverse country with different considerations. I stand by my statement that the lag time is long since built in. And obv with more cases come more deaths at a lag, but there is zero doubt that CFR has fallen drastically based on those graphs.
  7. look at that chart again... Cases have been setting daily records for 2 Mos. Yes, I know asymptomatic testing is a factor. But the case spike is not new.
  8. The chart is probably a lot more telling about socialization habits than covid. Chicago is masked up and covid is exploding, but nobody knows their neighbors so it's cool. Meanwhile deaths are nowhere close, not in the same stratosphere as the spring. So either a) the virus has weakened b) the treatments have improved c) vitamin d helps a lot d) the weakest are already dead e) way, way more people had it in the spring than they knew about f) all of the above Regardless, deaths don't lie. It ain't what it used to be, a fact we should celebrate not deny.
  9. VT peeps high fiving eachother over travel bans "they still think this is about the covid LOL"
  10. yes. Unfortunately they did away with boat rentals this year however. Maybe they thought covid likes to hang out outside on polished aluminum.
  11. Fishing is banned like everything else.
  12. Similar effect here. Quabbin like glass.
  13. Honestly, it's probably the single best thing about living here, that and the fact we're in a narrow stripe striking distance to N VT mountains and outer cape beaches. I get over to Quabbin almost daily, relaxing, and seemingly never exactly the same.
  14. Have to factor in how much they're getting you for property taxes in the meantime, and the opportunity cost of sinking in the cash. Young investors should probably first make sure the credit cards are paid off, and even consider an extra mortgage payment, especially now that most take the standard deduction on federal income taxes, thus negating mortgage interest / salt deduction. I mean if you have time and the ability to do a lot of building yourself, then it may be a different story. Or if you can pay to build right away and can be a landlord, or have someone you really trust nearby, to get cash flowing quickly. Even then landlording/airbnb'ing a single residential unit not right nearby is rarely profitable IMO, esp in MA where laws are totally stacked for the tenant.