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  1. Man that guy is screwed unless he adds another 20' of radius
  2. Likely related to a liquidity crunch. When folks are trying to get into cash gold usually takes a hit.
  3. The thunderstorm wind gust threat is very real with the EM/medical tents going up. Expect this to be a frequent issue, especially in the usual severe wx spots.
  4. At least in MA they've also waived the requirement of you submitting weekly evidence that you've been looking for work, if you've been laid off due to the virus. You are supposed to be staying in touch with your former employer and be available to go back to work should they reopen. They've not been requiring proof of either at this time.
  5. hopefully, a thought experiment
  6. Congrats all Second line had some small hail reports across GC but not like further east.
  7. It'a not just a stats issue, you'd have to have a good read on just who was getting tested and why... And even that is not necessarily a fixed policy across the board. Moreover we have hotspots that may not be perfectly correlated with overall population density. Maybe the best read one could have would be among the wealthy or politicians that may have had access to tests regardless of condition... But even that would likely have self selection bias and geographic bias. It's a tough problem.
  8. Heavily biased sample though
  9. There are also folks taking care of their relative's kids because day care and schools are closed and their parents are still working. I'm sure the list of valid exceptions goes on and on.
  10. Folks need to remember that a lot of elderly rely on their family for support of all kinds. Should we need papers to bring food and medicine to Grandma? Or is only the National Guard allowed to do that... well them and instacart
  11. Yeah. Jamaicans especially have been instrumental in running valley farms for decades as you mentioned. H2-A visas were becoming harder and more expensive to come by even before all this, and I know at least one big farm in Whately shut down over that issue. Assuming the visa program isn't going to open up any time soon, and given that they've waived the 'searching for employment' requirement for unemployment, it would be nice if they'd allow folks to stay on the rolls and do paid farm work in the meantime to supplement their income, and our food supply. Seems doubtful.
  12. Farm work will have to be ramping up soon and quickly... and with borders essentially closed and H2-A visas sharply reduced we'll see if Americans really are willing to do that work. Probably not when they're getting paid a lot more to not work.
  13. I think there's at least a chance you might be able to get hockey players to trim their salaries a bit too. Good luck with baseball players though.
  14. The one main issue with renegotiating TV deals is that the even though the audiences would be large, the networks have to recoup that money by selling advertising... and who''s making money these days? Proctor and Gamble? I mean we could deal with Old Spice commercials at every break, but if I have to see those Charmin bears I'm reading a book.
  15. The check your social distancing at the door dance party is something to look forward to at least.