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  1. Lots of studies came out showing higher/longer lasting antibody counts in the blood with the vaccines than with natural immunity. But the actual cohort studies are not bearing out numbers suggesting natural immunity is faring worse... The opposite really. There have been hypotheses of other aspects of immunity and/or antibody production on demand.
  2. No. And the testing high for antibodies is irrelevent. The vaccinated are doing far worse with delta than those with natural immunity*. Edit-* with respect to contracting it, not outcomes. Neither group is having bad outcomes for the most part
  3. The cause in this example would probably be given as complications from cancer, which would actually be a decent parallel here. If your point is that some deaths chalked up to covid were as much or more related to comorbidities, then ok I concur.
  4. Covid seems to attack natural defense mechanisms against bacterial pneumonia and make you more susceptable. I saw a research paper suggesting that up to a third of the hospital deaths may have been related to such. Calling it a covid death is probably fair.
  5. broken sensor? Anyway, looks like a true corker on tap, finally. Enjoy folks. We beach.
  6. https://mesonet.agron.iastate.edu/request/gis/watchwarn.phtml
  7. Not sure if a secondary front just pushed through but winds kicked up out of the north off quabbin and that dry air feels magnificent. Coming back from CA to OVC and damp sucked.
  8. looks like a nice hail profile for interior SE MA
  9. Quabbin spillway flowing again, which is fairly unusual in July.
  10. If you calculated these as a percentage of month days with snow I think Feb passes Dec, but Jan is still the peak.
  11. Didn't want to get back on the plane this morning, but did at least get a birds eye view of the pyrocumulus we could see on the horizon yesterday. Fortunately the air quality was pretty good this week.
  12. Insane. The Swift river must have gone over its banks because that road abuts it. If we should get another 3" today it's going to be fooking awful.
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