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  1. Also spitballing but it seems like the BN temps this month occurred mainly in cool overcast/rainy days and in weak CAA in the wake of departing systems with breezes up. Makes sense they'd overperform in that case compared to if we had a bunch of calm radiating nights with big fake cold anomalies. Up until yesterday morning we hadn't had a frost at my house, which is a bit later than normal. But it's not like it's been torchy for the most part either.
  2. Nothing to prevent your town from doing it on their own, such as was done in the picturesque village of Woodstock, VT. Helps to have some Rockefellers to pay for it, like they did. But there's always prop 2 1/2.
  3. Eh all that practicing for rn+ will probably serve him well come week 16 @ home just before Christmas
  4. We're grateful for the warm weather Please support your local farmers, we are very lucky to have them.
  5. To take nothing away from Castlerock but I also will usually keep to Mt. Ellen on a powder day. I do feel that Sugarbush shortchanges operations there however, and I became quite frustrated at them last year. Never runs the Inverness Chair... Makes very little effort to get anything open if there is any kind of wind delay, even as it subsides... Seems to let the North Ridge chair go down and stay down for extended periods, even though mid mountain is virtually unskiable if you have to do the runout every time. I hope things improve over there because the terrain is outstanding and there are pockets of untouched super deep snow to be found days after most other things are tracked out. It's a gem.
  6. I have recorded 361" in the 6 years at my current location, quite close to your 60" contour. Not a long sample but it's been spot on.
  7. Perfect hiking wx, breezy and cool, folks walking around town with a little bounce in their step, stoked.
  8. Some debate ongoing on NWS Chat on whether that vid is legit
  9. Cape Cod vacation camping trip FTL. At best we're talking strong onshore flow, chaotic waves, and highs in the 60s. At worst, misery mist. Ugh, we scramble for alternatives.
  10. North Texas was nutso this spring, granted with no very strong tornadoes. Typical Nino conditions really.
  11. It has been very frequent I will say that
  12. Agree I haven't seen much that has me concerned here on the UMass radar