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  1. You don't know what you're missing
  2. Valley floor ponds in typically warmer spots are primo black ice right now. Get it before the snow flies tomorrow.
  3. Might as well change the name now before selling hats and t shirts. I'm gonna have to get rid of all my Squaw Valley gear, which is ample.
  4. Was dumping fluffy cottonballs at Berkshire east. Nice little topping for the surfaces. 1.5" at the house in Btown. And yeah... saw 4 accidents on the ride home.
  5. 12/25/02 was absolutely pounding white out snow on 128 until flipping to heavy rain somewhere near the stupid 93 intersection where you're going north south east and west at the same time.
  6. This. Unrelated to this event, but it's also almost like the east west running valley funnels in warm layers aloft sometimes. It'll be pinging there and snowing north and south. I suppose it probably relates to some relative lack of orographic lift locally such that cold air is not dragged down through shallow warm layers. It's weird though. Have always wondered if somehow the channel could extend off the ground. At any rate I'm not too bullish for them. S VT peaks moreso. Glop for the base.
  7. New England has a million great places to live. Just ask MPM.
  8. Fairly chilly day here. 26/16 OVC.
  9. Ice in Petersham was plenty safe. 4-5". Several skaters although the surfaces were partially snowcovered and a bit less than ideal. Some warm rain would help. Ice fishermen on some of the bigger ponds. Gorgeous afternoon up at Stone Cow too.
  10. Yeah I was gonna do my first examination of elevated, shallow ponds today. We're getting close.
  11. Back half of a nina isn't generally promising for the MA, hopefully they can score an event or two here in the next few weeks. And climo is favorable enough locally to slowly build the icepack even with boring, slightly AN temps. Light winds too. Reason for cautious optimism from the models last night. Hounds may be starting to stir.
  12. We've lost track of how many times that sort of thing has happened
  13. The way those snowholes appear over this area on every model for every event it's surprising we average more than GON