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  1. IIRC the northern stream was a little bit late arriving on 3/5/01 which kept the totals on the western side on the lower end of the range. Even today that would be relatively hard to model
  2. 18"+ type stuff. Hardly unprecedented, but certainly not a bad way to close out a millennium.
  3. I have some equally blown out (sweet) pics of 12/31/00 but every time that storm is mentioned here someone drowns a kitten in eastern MA. At any rate, we've seen things on that order here plenty of times recently. March and April 01 stand alone however.
  4. lol. Those are digital pics of faded prints from a CVS disposable wind up cam. If they weren't so epic they'd be tossed a long time ago. Hopefully we can make them obsolete some day soon.
  5. I can never pass up a chance to wax about 3/01... Jay Peak summit looked like something from way out west. Sorry for the horrific pic quality.
  6. nice job, and GL As an aside, hiked Mt. Wheeler on 10/1... snow began to appear around 11.4k', ramped up sharply above about 12.2k'. Stray post holes might swallow up your whole leg in places... And the wind was out of control near the peak as the late Sept trough finally ejected.. Beautiful, incredible place.
  7. yep, today might go down as like a +6 or something depending on how fast we drop tonight. Very deceiving.
  8. Indeed. Had some serious CAA days, daytime highs in the teens IIRC.
  9. A Basin opened Friday
  10. some decent and much needed rainfall this afternoon and evening in parts of the metroplex. Ft Worth got in on it earlier. Grapevine and Irving on the north side of DFW airport had nuisance level street flooding. Even Garland and Mesquite had a nice cell move through. We'll take it at any rate.
  11. UPRM has a radar program and X bands in hand that will play in AWIPS2, but infrastructure was an issue before Maria and she certainly won't make it easier to keep things online without some funding.
  12. The Bridge of Flowers in Shelburne Falls is spectacular right now with some of the most impressive Dahlias you'll ever see. They are thriving in this weather, buds galore, Dinner Plates the size of your hand.
  13. Strong and very strong winter El Ninos tend to favor a deeper than normal Icelandic low... and also stout westerlies, and tendency for troughing in the global subtropics. Those two latter reasons are commonly associated with recurvatures of tropical systems originating from African waves. Indeed when you look at all 6 hurricane seasons preceding high end El Ninos (1957,1965,1972,1982,1997,2015) the theme is overwhelmingly recurvature.
  14. As an aside, a big Thank You! to Nicholas Schiraldi at U Albany for keeping up with the AAM and GWO plots when both ESRL and even some paid services have stopped generating them
  15. by and large this looks rather Nina-ish, particularly in the US and the Pac. That probably is not surprising given the known correlation of Nina (officially) and nina-like regimes to enhanced Atl tropical activity. This year, much like in early Sept 04 and 05, relative AAM was low. The GWO also spent the bulk of the last 10 days in stage 3, a state typically associated with Ninas, and known for weak westerlies and ridging dominating the subtropics. As the GWO waxes and wanes on the lower half of the phase space, we should see periodic troughing dropping into the SW, with generally AN heights in the south central CONUS in the means as the shortwaves drop in. That's kind of hinted at in the GPH correlations along the CA coast (atmospheric rivers?) What is particularly interesting is the big correlations to that area S of Greenland. .. Nina does have a minor correlation to AN heights there, but not tremendous... Maybe there's your ACE contribution?