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  1. Catastrophic tree damage this area, even worse N Quabbin.
  2. one of those fully embedded spinups with super low LCLs maybe
  3. Obviously it's a long ways off, but it is kind of fun to play around with the online hysplit model to get a read on airmass advection
  4. No bluff at Head of the Meadow. High bluff ends just south of the parking lot of the townside beach, with the National seashore beach (of the same name) adjacent to the north. Entry is an easy up and over a small dune.
  5. you must like sh*t tons of people and shuttle buses The dune rises sharply north of Coast Guard. It's a lot more scenic, far fewer people, with the same surf basically from Nauset Light up to about Longnook. North of there the surf does change a little bit as the coastline curls around, though it can still be ok through Head of the Meadow where the dunes basically end. Race Point is flat surf all the time, but still scenic and good fishing.
  6. Was out there swimming at Head of the Meadow yesterday. Saw a pretty nasty looking jellyfish that caught my attention. As for the sharks we accept the risk and maintain awareness...
  7. Cape ocean beaches were in the 60s with a stiff S breeze and OVC for most of the day. A few brief breaks of sun but I didn't see a single person out swimming.
  8. GFS went nuts last run with the moisture handling for Sunday. BML had a dp of 66 at 00z, 50 at 06z. And east of the front dews spike to 70 in RI and SEMA. It's no wonder it's putting out lousy wx for Sunday on the coast, which to be fair, it's had for a few runs in a row now. Hoping its wrong. Nammy looks a little more realistic with a diffuse front, hung back a little bit, and some remaining subsidence on the coast behind the departing wave offshore.
  9. As far as cloud watching goes the last 4 days have been epic around here
  10. It was evident right from the VT/MA border that the cells were wanting to take on organized structures. As usual northerly flow bears watching when there is any kind of CAPE.
  11. Pic from the office window Headed outside Headed back
  12. Sick look to this thing. Seeing severe level velocities low to the ground too.
  13. Some of these storms dropping south through the valley have an organized look to them.
  14. Pics of like 1.5"+ hail in Easthampton. Them and Burrillville RI seemed to be the winners in that regard.
  15. Was on Marconi beach and blow off from the anvil was clearly visible to the north. Climbed up the dune and the thing was huge.
  16. .25" bringing the monthly total to .8". Hopefully we can catch a cell or two tomorrow.
  17. Not turning my nose up at this rain by any means but it's quite a bit lighter down low than it might appear on radar aloft.
  18. The Quabbin spillway is still flowing, but maybe only for a few more days. Hence the light blue dot in the streamflow conditions map above, surrounded by dark red and red dots as local streams are way, way down.
  19. new mattress/pillow, heavy shades, fan/AC > drugs
  20. Not sure if you saw that rogue tower that went up over Granby yesterday... didn't move an inch.
  21. Was driving S earlier on 128 through Belmont, Lexington into Waltham and down to the Pike in a deluge. Left 2.5 lanes had to merge all the way right at one point with about a foot of water on the road. Every underpass had cars and/or motorcycles stopped underneath.
  22. 63MPH gust at DFW. First notable mesoscale system in seemingly weeks for the metroplex