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  1. Seems crazy so much time has passed. And such a shame that all that content is gone... The wayback machine does allow a few glimpses of it, lil trips down memory lane. This was one of my faves. https://web.archive.org/web/20050315125152/http://www.easternuswx.com/bb/index.php?showtopic=16606
  2. Has been a pretty good AMS, one of the better ones IMO. Trillium on the waterfront nearly ran out of beer on Sunday and Monday. Bartender said it had been insane and asked what all the lanyards were for.
  3. I figured that would be the case but couldn't swing it today. Awesome
  4. I would think Saturday could be pleasant, esp SNE/CNE.
  5. more than a half inch so far, moderate snow now. Upstream radar looks like it will continue for a little while.
  6. Depends on what you want, obv. Lattitude in West Springfield is good. Punjabi Tadka downtown if you like Indian. Typical Sicilian is decent (read, not great) Italian. Personally I'd drive a bit further north and go to Coco in Easthampton.
  7. These things are frickin huge and its hard to schedule your day with so much going on at once in so many fields and in so many rooms. All the same I'm hoping it should be a pretty good one. But program aside, the exhibitor hall is always worth walking around and talking to industry folks. Great way to make connections.
  8. Anyone going to the 100th anny AMS conference in Boston week after next?
  9. Spent the day in PWM and can vouch for the siggy impact, esp downtown. Pure mashed potatoes, with very large piles all around. Excellent storm for them. Now back home and just had a period of moderate snow come through, nice way to finish out a historic month.
  10. Segment lifting north of Enfield into Agawam, East Longmeadow, Wilbraham looks strong atm.
  11. The hail core was quite well defined as it crossed the river. Held together and tracked straight overhead here in Btown and then to Quabbin.
  12. Slammed with half inch hail... Nuts!
  13. The high res nammy sends a cold front through the Berks around 5pm tomorrow. By then it's probably pinging more than accreting, but the wind shift could bring down a few.
  14. Thanks, it is a nice writeup. As an eyewitness I disagree with their comments about the east slope and the berks. It was catastrophic there, for sure the equal to pics from N ORH county, albeit with the worst accretion slightly higher up in elevation. (Esp over ~1200') Single most impactful weather event I've ever observed for sure in parts of Ashfield/Goshen/etc.. Crushed. Even at Umass there was a significant electrical disturbance and dirty power. The MA1 radar held up valiantly for a while and we observed strong echoes out on the east slope, pouring, but the UPS batteries only last an hour or two.
  15. Berkshire East was exceptionally pleasant, April-esque, sweet cord softening as we go, sunny and beautiful. Lovely day to be outside in the snow.
  16. 24", which was really 7.5, 15.5, and an inch total in between and the day after.
  17. FWIW, these are the only months on record over 30" in the Amherst Coop dataset
  18. I'm at 540', but Belchertown rises sharply headed toward Pelham which is over 1k'. Climatologically speaking we behave a little more like the valley I'd say... Amherst also has some latitude on me, and as we know this area is often close to the pinger battlezone where a little bit helps (like on Tuesday for example). I'd say the extra 300' buys us maybe 5 inches more annual snow, and the longitude occasionally helps in coastals too.
  19. just pulled the Amherst Coop data... For those Decembers you mention they report 18.8, 17.6, 24.2, and 26.6 respectively. Granted the Amherst Coop hasn't done quite as well as MBY this year, so that 1970 number might edge it out at present, or is close. (edit- always the possibility of missing data, but no indication thereof)
  20. Almost certainly the snowiest Dec evah down this way. Better than 07 and 08 for sure and nothing since has compared. IIRC we got like 19" in the back to back storms in 08.
  21. I frickin love the place, but they are horrible at the internet. Just glad they installed a webcam, which actually updates from time to time. 2.5" in Btown, wedged in between the apparent jack one town south and the dusting on the valley floor at UMass.
  22. As an aside Mt Lincoln often has a nice little skin track up this was from 1/7/18
  23. Cool orographic effect of the Pelham hills noted in the hydrometeors. The apparently blank spots in the image are the hills, ground clutter filtered at 2 degrees tilt. Mt Lincoln is the highest point at 1240'. (May have to click to animate)
  24. Same at Berkshire east. Winter cord and PP. Nothing scratchy. Many natural trails officially open and well covered. Quality skiing.