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  1. We skied Bear, the South Ridge, and even made a pleasant run down Great Eastern to the skyship base and did Valley Plunge for the first time ever. Sun was strong and crowds were basically nil. Snow on south faces softened up. Pretty much a winner.
  2. EF1 2/25/17 in Goshen and Conway, MA. Also damage further east.
  3. Hardwick too. That was the same day as the notable outbreak in RI and parts of SEMA. Nice writeup by Ryan on that one. https://www.nbcconnecticut.com/news/local/exceptional-tornado-outbreak-in-new-england/163724/
  4. 2008 also had the crazy long tornado in NH 2012 had the only tornado on BID and the landphoon 2014 had that notable tornado that hit the Boston area (Revere esp) 2015 was pretty meh I think, may have been a tornado near Hubby and last year was all about Cape Cod
  5. If you mean baseball scoring and monster tornadoes, that was 2011. 2010 had the June 6th mod risk day, that mostly busted, though not entirely.
  6. At least here, 15/16 was a lot worse. And last year was no (snowy) picnic either. We're .75" shy of that, granted that 60% it fell in 24hrs. But most don't consider big storms a penalty on the overall 'feel' and coverage days have been better than most winters ironically.
  7. Only like 2-3 new at Magic but after some human groomin to bust up a crusty layer with soft snow underneath, the sun started poking out and it got really good. Some of the steepest lines on the hill are open and skiing great, the top of Magician, Black Line, Goniff. Powder turns on the edges sheltered from the -dz, packed powder elsewhere. 20k vert for $29 throwback thursday, can't beat that.
  8. Congrats there. Nice little hit for Charlemont too. Hopefully more en route, things will be looking up on the natural trails.
  9. After the zamboni storm comes through we'll be tracking some nice cool dry wx with hopes of some pond hockey. Winter is the best.
  10. Seems crazy so much time has passed. And such a shame that all that content is gone... The wayback machine does allow a few glimpses of it, lil trips down memory lane. This was one of my faves. https://web.archive.org/web/20050315125152/http://www.easternuswx.com/bb/index.php?showtopic=16606
  11. Has been a pretty good AMS, one of the better ones IMO. Trillium on the waterfront nearly ran out of beer on Sunday and Monday. Bartender said it had been insane and asked what all the lanyards were for.
  12. I figured that would be the case but couldn't swing it today. Awesome
  13. I would think Saturday could be pleasant, esp SNE/CNE.
  14. more than a half inch so far, moderate snow now. Upstream radar looks like it will continue for a little while.