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  1. Mowing the lawn and caught this view with ye ole Ambient weather station in the foreground, seemed appropriate for this forum.
  2. An hour ago I was at 47.0, now 34.0 and dropping.
  3. Charlestown NH, 11", not often do you get 11" to stack up on a deck railing!
  4. 10" on the table, probably would be significantly more if it was measured officially.
  5. Yeah, quite a way NE of Mitch and lower, 1,300'. Power just went out.
  6. Looks like about 4"
  7. They should get hit pretty good, second highest town center in NH
  8. Dropping quickly. 32.4/32 coating
  9. According to ye ole Ambient Weather WS2902C...34.0/33.1
  10. I expected to stop by and find a storm thread as well.
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