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  1. I am definitely concerned that my generator is out of commission. Also frustrated that Phin gets synoptic and upslope plus retention and southern exposure. Maybe I'm being petty.
  2. Been here 20 years with extreme northwest exposure..... this is Windy.
  3. I was thinking about going to Jay for either a day or a weekend. Based on the link from their website it seems that we would need to quarantine, is that correct?
  4. 8° with a nice strong breeze this morning.
  5. I was just thinking about Nebraska notch last week, used to go up there from the Underhill side in college in the mid-90s. Back then I rarely saw anybody up there.
  6. This initial thump is really thumping at the moment.
  7. Still heavy snow. Guessing around 20".
  8. About a foot at the moment, coming down hard just south of claremont.
  9. About 3 weeks too early for my liking.
  10. almost 5", still snowing, some branches down but power is still on. I'm unqualified but would have thought Mitch and wxeye would do better than me on this one.
  11. Looks like Oceanst nailed it here, around 3" and still coming down.
  12. Ascutney on the right, Killington distant center and okemo left in the branches.
  13. Yeah, the river is about 300'. Coast on a bike almost 4 miles from here.