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  1. Almost exactly the same here. Just starting to see the first real flakes now. Frustrating!
  2. A little goofy in SVT, maybe an issue with trying to mesh ALB map.
  3. Looks like my backyard will get 14" and the front yard will get 3"
  4. 3° horizontal -sn, WMUR has me in the 6-12" range, I call 2-3"
  5. Blizzard like conditions, power just went out
  6. NWS says -15 tonight, 22 tomorrow. 37 degrees in 8 hours will feel nice...
  7. -10/-19 and we change to rain on Monday!! Wind chill -28
  8. I guess I need to eat my hat, sitting at -6 right now. We are on a hill and it's common for lows to stay higher than the valley especially fall and spring, but this morning the valley is 2 above.
  9. Across the river from Springfield. It is definitely a radar dead zone. We don't usually get any of those bands.
  10. 3" still snowing. Some of southern VT must be making out well. 11.8/10.9 doesn't seem like the -6 forecast will materialize.
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