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  1. Charlestown NH, 11", not often do you get 11" to stack up on a deck railing!
  2. 10" on the table, probably would be significantly more if it was measured officially.
  3. Yeah, quite a way NE of Mitch and lower, 1,300'. Power just went out.
  4. They should get hit pretty good, second highest town center in NH
  5. Dropping quickly. 32.4/32 coating
  6. According to ye ole Ambient Weather WS2902C...34.0/33.1
  7. I expected to stop by and find a storm thread as well.
  8. That Ambient model looks decent. This Acurite appears similar but it has an upgraded sensor available. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B086WNW3Z8?aaxitk=ohctYWsR2ZKCch1EtB1FVw&pd_rd_w=hURPc&pf_rd_p=142574a6-fe9d-4026-b292-2b10f27a3071&pf_rd_r=4XBHJRYZTH0PFC12E4E1&pd_rd_r=439238d1-f7af-4d90-a7ae-8b1815b7a254&pd_rd_wg=ZnZdP&ref=dacx_dp_3033348370101_3951833330201 The Acurite sensor does look a little chintzy though.
  9. Not sure which thread to post this on, so I'll try it here. Any recommendations for a weather station with anemometer? Looking in the $120-$180 range. Just for casual/entertainment use.
  10. Good point. Here is Dec 28.
  11. Stratton to glastenbury and towards Mitch looks to be in good shape, lasting impact from the early season 4'er? I don't see these snow depth maps posted here, are they not highly regarded?
  12. I am definitely concerned that my generator is out of commission. Also frustrated that Phin gets synoptic and upslope plus retention and southern exposure. Maybe I'm being petty.
  13. Been here 20 years with extreme northwest exposure..... this is Windy.
  14. I was thinking about going to Jay for either a day or a weekend. Based on the link from their website it seems that we would need to quarantine, is that correct?
  15. 8° with a nice strong breeze this morning.
  16. I was just thinking about Nebraska notch last week, used to go up there from the Underhill side in college in the mid-90s. Back then I rarely saw anybody up there.
  17. This initial thump is really thumping at the moment.
  18. Still heavy snow. Guessing around 20".
  19. About a foot at the moment, coming down hard just south of claremont.
  20. About 3 weeks too early for my liking.