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  1. I agree. Climo coming into form for the season. Sure, a snow event for SNE would be nice, but this set up seems to be just what we want for this time of year.
  2. Choosing dates seems to end in disaster. Jerry used to just throw that Monday out there and that was it. Either you could make it or not. At first I was not into the Monday thing, but I got used to it, and it was a good turn out. This wasn't too bad when it was in Boston.
  3. Mostly a rainier in my neck of the woods, but seeing snow in early November for a good chunk of New England is nice to see.
  4. Some people must freak out if they are stuck in the tunnel, not moving for hours.
  5. lol. Leave it to Paul. This is a sure sign of climate change. ...You will soon be forced to move north a few notches every few years to avoid the large spiders. Eventually you will end up alone in the North Pole...with no escape...No where to go...stuck on an ever warming planet. Your demise comes as your exhausted, frail body floats alone on the last iceberg...fighting off the giant (swimming) spiders with nothing more than a broom and an empty 40 ounce bottle. At last the fight in you is gone as the eight legged freaks take you. Within seconds they quickly wrap your flesh and bone into a sticky cocoon of death. The Doom is upon you at last as the life is devoured from your motionless body... as the world is ultimately consumed in a hot apocalyptic death and we are no more.
  6. That blows. If they just moved it to the Saturday before this never would be an issue.
  7. Is Halloween in the Worcester/ Grafton area looking to be an epic wash - out?
  8. I am not sure if this is happening in Mass, but there have been night time practices and games for kids that have been scheduled to end before dusk, or moved to, lets say a Saturday mid morning time frame. This should get interesting as the sun keeps setting earlier and earlier if there is not a hard freeze soon. The paranoia train runs every hour on the hour when it comes to stuff like this.
  9. Yeah. Overall it's nice, especially on the phone. The wraparound of the text for long names is a bit annoying though on the PC where I am most of the day.
  10. ...Great. Can someone tell me how to get rid of that awful times roman font within the posts and the post titles?