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  1. "Future storms will also be wilder, soaking entire cities and huge portions of states, according to a federally-funded study released Monday in the journal Nature Climate Change."
  2. meh. low 50's for a high is average for CT in November.
  3. Ha. Ha. I miss Scott's winter posts.
  4. lol. Yeah. This one is kind of a madhouse.
  5. They will be fine. The thing is half goof-off drink and party fest anyway.
  6. Nice day coming for the Manchester Road Race and all of the antics that come with it.
  7. You have been nominated... 3...2...1...GO!!! edit: "Completed Through 240hrs" should be enough. At the very minimum to at least get someone on the right track. if that combined with the storm totals being shown doesn't help then I can't be the one to explain.
  8. Look everyone...Iceberg just locked in a storm at over a week away.
  9. Yup. Chuck 'em high, chuck 'em low, and chuck em' more that a week away...and even better done well before the season starts
  10. Somebody somewhere believes in it.
  11. lol. Of course he does. Pompous azz.
  12. Who are the "we"? Do you have a staff of writers already on board?
  13. Some wet snow coming into work today.
  14. Just light rain here at work in Manchester. River Valley FTL.
  15. Turducken...I know what that is, but the other...I can only imagine Ron Jeremy being the "Turkey" part. ...Now, try to get that image out of your head.