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  1. She says, Right now she needs a snow day, and doesn't care about June. lol...I think the school year is getting to her and the children "make her sad" lol
  2. Yeah...She is sitting next to me now and mentioned this. And also said that she told you that she doesn't want it unless it's giving her a snow day. lolz
  3. lol. Just reading back. I can't believe I missed that George post. Wow, that may be the most epic weenie ramble that I've read here in a while. Unreal. Huge, huge weenie post.
  4. I am not sure why more people don't at least brew their own coffee in the morning. I guess it's a time thing or people like the coffee shop stuff better or both. The Dunkin lines in the morning are awful. Some shops they form traffic hazzards. I don't drink coffee so I am always curious about the addiction some have with it
  5. I don't remember her being on Seinfeld. Netflix has all of the episodes now.. I watched the very first few. Man, were they awkward. You could see how they were really just feeling things out. And Kramer was really the creepy neighbor at first. One scene, Jerry called him a different name even.
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