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  1. I must have been an anomaly in my part of Brooklyn, I had about 22". I think my worst season ever, any where that I have lived.
  2. ...More reason why it should not be part of the daily updates. "As of Sunday afternoon, the total number of coronavirus cases in the state stood at 5,675, Gov. Ned Lamont said. The number of deaths linked to coronavirus has reached 189, including a newborn baby."
  3. What was the lie about the baby? I knew about that hours after it happened. Oddly enough the baby is still mentioned in the daily updates. It confuses people to think there has been an infant death daily since that one infant death.
  4. Welcome to the free market economy. Cash is king, and may the highest bidder win.
  5. If this is the case then say good bye to most of the people you know (although you will probably be one to meet your demise as well). Society will go into uber chaos mode. People will do what ever it takes to survive including killing neighbors for food. The first to get hit will be urban and suburban areas, including every clump of .5 acre lots. ...Those who think they have prepped enough will only prolong their lives by a few weeks or maybe an extra month or 2. The last to go will be the wealthy, and maybe the few who secured bunkers or who are truly living within the wild. Good luck.
  6. What are the layers with your mask? Is it taped tight around your face?
  7. That's about 6 Coors tall boy's deep right there.
  8. Either yesterday or the day before she posted some outdoor pics on FB.
  9. ...Are people having sex with their significant others, particularly when one or both of you still go to work each day?
  10. I am still stuck on the part about Staten Island having an Amazon Warehouse. What an odd choice for a Warehouse location.
  11. How did this thread turn into a civil war, Yankees vs Southerners thing?
  12. Windham, $1.60. Been that way for over a week now.
  13. lol. What are you going on about? I think you're losing your mind.