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  1. lol. A snow shower obs thread. Had some good shower activity this a.m. but it's a melted memory now.
  2. The banter forum was talking snow blowers and snow plows last week. Fun times fursure Edit: There were even a few videos of snow plowing and snow blowing in action.
  3. Ripping pretty good at Stillwater Reservoir in the Adirondacks.
  4. Snowing pretty good here in Manchester.
  5. Picked up a hefty dusting sometime in the late afternoon.
  6. Remember right after Christmas people were excited for the next few weeks because there was "weather to track", even if snow was not in the cards.
  7. There's still time to look to the future...February is the future.
  8. But you were above climo back in Mid December so you should be satisfied. lol
  9. So easy for him to get under the skin, but I get it. It is worse when the winter weather scenes is just so crappy at the moment. Up at our place in the Adirondacks they have a foot or more and I know people are running the sleds but the conditions are not optimal,.
  10. ...for now. In 11 days you will be saying the same thing.
  11. Will has EVERY storm saved in his mental hard drive.
  12. Our lake house is just on the fringe of tug hill weather. May get close to a foot there over the next few days.
  13. February thread ready to be fired up?