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  1. Yeah, I can see the tag lines now. I picture a post like this...Canadian smoke and mirrors show purposely distracting us from the "Big Picture".
  2. Fisher Cats make the ultimate bizarre noise.
  3. ...The lake where our place is in the Adirondacks...If you look carefully you might be able to see our house.
  4. Gonna hold out and try not to install before these incoming couple of 90 days.
  5. ...severe has left the building. Looks like a great 3-day incoming.
  6. Not fantastic, but decent. That last week was not too good. Not horrible, but not good. Overall, April gets a C+/B- this year.
  7. I can't shoot the message, so I must shoot the messenger.
  8. I still did not received more than 12 as that map shows.
  9. 70's isn't "heat", especially by Kevin's standards for heat and humidity.
  10. Complete misery out there...again. May is the new April. 50F and shit here at work.
  11. I voted early may, but am now in the 2nd half of May camp for install. Maybe later?
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