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  1. Cold Miser

    Big New England heat 7/19-21

  2. Cold Miser

    July pattern(s) and discussion

    They can just crank up the a.c.
  3. Cold Miser

    What Are Your AMWX/ Eastern, etc. Snow Stats?

    That 09/10 season was awesome for you. That was one of the seasons where you "stole our snow"
  4. Cold Miser

    What Are Your AMWX/ Eastern, etc. Snow Stats?

    I thought so too, but it didn't show up in my list of complex stats. lol. I will have to look back again.
  5. This may be the nerdiest thing I've done in a while, but I thought it would be cool to see what everyone's historical snow related averages, and other stats are that they have saved since they've been a part of this community. I joined at the tail end of the Eastern Days, and have been here for about 10+ years. Examples of stats to post: Largest one time snowfall Deepest snow depth in a season Longest number of days with measurable snow on the ground Largest seasonal snowfall (entire season) Smallest seasonal snowfall (entire season) Longest period at or below freezing All time snowfall Average (include the number of years that you have been a part of this community) Have you had a winter weather season (fall-to-winter-to-spring) where you had measurable snow during each of the big 3 holidays ...Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter? If so what year(s)? Plus, any other statistics that come to mind. My Stats are from 2009/2010 - 2018/2019 10 season Average: 66.35" Smallest seasonal snowfall: 26.25" (2011/2012) Largest seasonal snowfall: 100" (2014/2015) Largest one time snowfall: 29" (2/8 & 2/9, 2013)
  6. Cold Miser

    Spring 2019 New England Banter and Disco

    Can't remember the last time I watched the 11pm news. Looking sharp Ryan.
  7. Cold Miser

    Spring 2019 New England Banter and Disco

    Oh. There are only certain movies I look to see, and I don't recall that one catching my attention. I always thought she was just a singer with the exception of a film here and there.
  8. Cold Miser

    Spring 2019 New England Banter and Disco

    Is this Mandy Moore the singer from like the 1990's or somewhere in that time period? See Mandy Moore pic above.
  9. Cold Miser

    Spring 2019 New England Banter and Disco

    WTF? That is awful. Not even a special, one of a kind feat anymore. Everyone with modern tech outfitting, and a few cans of Oxygen can make it up (as long as they have help a good part of the way). I can't imagine what the trash situation is like there now. Sorry about the deaths...or am I?
  10. Cold Miser

    May 2019 Discussion

    ...I predict sun, and clouds as well as some above normal, and below normal temps throughout the days of July and August. I also predict some sort of precipitation during this time. That is all. Thank you.
  11. Cold Miser

    May 2019 Discussion

    'tis true my milf hunting friend, but at the same time the sh*t spewed by the news media can create false narratives (pick any topic du jour), easily swaying the minds of the sheep. I think that the next, looming threat to the U.S. will come in the form of a civil war of some kind, aided by an over sensationalized news media.
  12. Cold Miser

    Metro Areas For Next Meeting of The Mind(less)?

  13. Cold Miser

    May 2019 Discussion

    Does anyone know if P'freak is still getting ski runs up in VT?
  14. Cold Miser

    May 2019 Discussion

    Yeah. Myself as well as others addressed that a few months back. I never understood the subtle bashing of people who enjoy snow, especially on a weather forum. I guess we are all guilty of it (calling others out for their passions) ...For me it's busting on the one HHH lover, Kevin. Mainly because I don't really think anyone truly likes wicked high temps and dews, but instead they like the reaction from people for touting the love of such horrid conditions. I suppose if I had more time to truly delve into meteorology, and the nuances , I might enjoy paying a fee for weather data.
  15. Cold Miser

    May 2019 Discussion

    ^^ This above me = lol, but makes sense.