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  1. Indeed. In fact, H.G. Wells came from the past to tell me that my time machine sucks. lolz
  2. Wow. Maine isn't quite there yet. I am surprised since the state has self-proclaimed themselves as, "Vacationland" for years now.
  3. Oh. I thought it was something extra special. lol. I always assume that most people have a toll transponder when they travel, but I suppose the ez pass doesn't make it that far west.
  4. That is insane. I thought we were hit hard here in Connecticut, but damn...I guess not. I would be interested to see aerial shots like that from other northeast regions if they exist.
  5. What is this? Sounds like a fastpass for a ride a Disney. Is this a separate travel lane that costs (additional) money to drive on?
  6. Even a fall one. Behind the brewery is a good number of seating areas. Would be a nice idea for a mild, Saturday afternoon in late Sept/ early Oct. Went last Fall and it was great. I won a growler during their Octoberfest weekend by holding a full stein out in front of me longer than the others in the group. We had to keep our arms completely straight.
  7. We have really had a pretty nice overall run of weather over the past couple months. Keep the coc up!
  8. Not controversial to me at all. Back in the 90's the brother of my then fiancé...then wife...now ex-wife played in the majors. This gave us the perk of having pretty nice seats behind homeplate at whichever park he was playing in. At Fenway those seats were slightly better than the 1st and 3rd baseline seats, and much better than the outfield bleacher seats. Once he stopped playing ball, I was forced to sit with the rest of the common folk. Knees jammed into the seatback in front of me I watched Pedro pitch against the Mets and my view of Martinez was literally blocked by a steel column. During that same game my mom had beer spilled down her back by a rather large dude who could not fit in the seat behind her. Juggling the beer and the box of hotdogs, gravity won over the beer. I have sat in different locations all around that park and the scene was pretty much the same. The sight lines are decent for all, mainly because everything is so compact in a park that was built for smaller people in 1912. There was a push for a new stadium back in the late 90's. A pretty cool model was built and the thing looked awesome. It would have taken out most of what was then, not well utilized storage and other buildings around the park, with the original field kept in place as a park adjacent to the new park. Much of the Fenway neighborhood seemed to be against this if I recall. The whole NIMBY contingent. It's ironic because since then the area around Fenway has been building up, and becoming pleasantly modern. lol. Never heard that expression, but it sounds like one of those terms that keeps baseball stuck in the 1940's and 50's. ...Like referring to the manager as the "skipper' of the team, and having super old sounding, or just real old guys commentating the game on the radio.
  9. I am typing this in the future...July 1st, 2022. It is about 76F, and there are indeed some quick hitter storms forecasted for tomorrow (July 2nd).
  10. Baking in the sun all game. Fenway bleacher seats are so uncomfortable, especially the ones that are in those areas where there is the funky angled seat layout.
  11. Current weather: some sun, some clouds, and pleasant. [updates on the hour]
  12. We should ban all such words and only have feel good, and happy words in the dictionary. Illegal use of any word deemed offensive, or derogatory, or other shall be punishable by a happy death (ie, smothered to death by a pillow of marshmallows by Captain Crunch while sailing an chocolate ocean on a boat made of Oreos).
  13. Come on. Seriously. Due to the word being offensive to 3 or 4 people, and fake offensive to a dozen more?
  14. A few years back at my dads place in the Adirondacks he came downstairs to find a bear cub in the kitchen. The cub and my dad were scared of each other and doing circles around the table until the bear found it's way out the door he came in...and to his mother who was steps away from coming in the house as well. Simple lever that the bear just leaned on and pulled the door open. A bear also opened the car door and found the snacks that my mom left in the seat. Surprisingly the car interior was not ripped to shreds.
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