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  1. lol. What is the back story to this? They definitely prepped long time for this as they blocked off all access into the property, with tons upon tons of dirt.
  2. On the eve of Wiz's favorite time of the year, it's time to wrap up the winter season. I like to wait until at least April is done. Sure, there will be those up north who get some May flower Maulers, but they can chime in when it's completely over for them. The grades (all items are equally weighted) Overall Seasonal Snowfall: C+ Just Under average snow fell. Meh. Snow vs. Rain: B With the exception of the always predictable, never compromise-able Grinch storm period, thankfully there wasn't a parade of massive rain storms. Staying power/ (number of days) of the pack: C+ Late January through early March saw a true, definitive pack period. Local winter enjoyment: B- February allowed for some good ole' fashioned snow hikes, snow shoeing and ice walking fun. Temperature: B- Snow Storms/ events (quality/ quantity): B- Multiple double digit events, helped fuel a few smile on the misers face. A late season few inches in April, as well as another dusting a week later, combined with an early season start with the Halloween weekend storm made the season feel long. Overall Grade: B-/C+ So much potential for a great winter, but also so much potential for a total dud.
  3. We know that Tip is famous for bringing us the "nape", which has since spawned many children, including Napril, and even Napevember. Who gave birth to, "droughtenstein"?
  4. 'stein not backing down on stein.
  5. What constitutes as "giant"? Are we talking about balls being compared to human sized balls, or other donkeys? If the later then do other donkeys feel inadequate.
  6. Just picked up 2 new pairs over the weekend. Best hands down. Best for certain women, with the right curves as well.
  7. Been snowing all morning here in CT. ...A good 3-5 inches at the lake in the Adirondacks.
  8. Stillwater Reservoir, NY
  9. Wow. Where is this? How much?
  10. Few inches in Brooklyn.
  11. For @Damage In Tolland Tree down in Putnam earlier this a.m.
  12. Yeah. some of the guys at work have said this.
  13. I am in no snow land of Manchester. I am getting those pics from others. I can only imagine that spot. Probably close to 6" there by now?