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  1. I have never had to use my ac past mid-September. NEVER. ...And I have the most poorly insulated house on the planet (this is a scientific fact), with southern and western sun beating on it all day long.
  2. That's a pretty large pond. Nice shot though.
  3. Sorry for the impending damage. Take care.
  4. Canadians are crazy is why.
  5. lol. Trick or treat in speedos?
  6. Hopefully there is enough FEMA relief since the last 2, almost equally as destructive storms hit Texas and Florida recently.
  7. How many leaves dropped during that gust?
  8. I was a huge scorpions fan back in the day. I remember playing this entire album and others on my boom box while at track practice in high school. My coach thought I was a complete tool. Metal videos of the 80's like this were always the most random and cluster f*cked sh*t. ...Oh, and Jose sucks. Totally killed the trifecta vibe of what would have been 3 hurricanes making landfall in the u.s. within a short period of time.
  9. lol at the invisible force field off of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic coast. The thing literally takes a hard right, at almost a 90 degree angle in some cases cases.
  10. Pretty impressive that the garbage can looks to have drifted a good 6 feet or so.
  11. Hopefully. Empty city, cars stuck in snow banks.
  12. Flexibility is a good sign, meaning you don't have to rush back. All will be o.k. and you will be nice and healthy to walk the streets of Boston right after the Christmas week blizzard that's coming our way. Good luck!
  13. I saw a couple of unexpected twigs and leaves on the road this morning, on my way to work.
  14. 'Tis better than surprising you with a new, one year old son.
  15. lol.. WTF is that from?