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  1. Don't get sucked in to her antagonistic game. It's not worth your time. Your question is valid.
  2. State / town run composting? That is pretty good if so.
  3. Pepperidge Farm remembers too.
  4. What is this in reference to?
  5. I was in the Adirondacks over the weekend, and even there the scene in public was very subdued. It felt like the way CT felt a bunch of weeks ago. People barely going to restaurants, and many stores just not opening up. The tourism scene there is pretty much going to be sent down the sh*tter for this season.
  6. That's pretty much it. My kids went to a middle school where after 8th grade the class disperses to numerous other towns for high school (there is no high school in my town). Because of this the "graduation ceremony" has a bit more relevant as many of the kids don't have class with the kids whom they went to school with for the past 8 or so years.
  7. ...In light of the recent climate I felt it was time to delete the phrase, "Professional noose maker" from under my avatar. I can't imagine us walking into a gtg with a noose now-a-days.
  8. Never mind. I was referring to your last paragraph and made an assumption about less hospitalizations.
  9. Why are we seeing less hospitalizations?
  10. Where do you live? Anya is not far from me. Putnam is closer. My friend own Victoria Station in Putnam and they have been having a tough time. 99 had the plastic containers. The place in R.I. had the styrofoam. The plastic was worse
  11. Never heard of this. Just looked it up. That sucks.
  12. Did your area get in on the heat wave? It was a definite no-go in my county. Maxed out at high 80's
  13. I am curious as to how many here have taken advantage of eating outside at restaurants...Or in some cases indoors. 3 times I have gone to restaurants around me with my kids, and girlfriend and ate outside in all cases. The first was a chain that most know, 99 Restaurant and Pub. The experience sucked balls. Basically we were seated at in plastic chairs, at plastic folding tables an the asphalt parking space. The food was given to us in the same containers that are given at take out, complete with paper napkins and plastic utensils. The drinks were served in plastic cups, and the menu was paper. Pretty much when we were finished the waitress just picked up the stuff and threw it away. The experience was pretty lame. Basically it was take out food that you ate in the parking lot. The 2nd was in R.I. at The Bishop Hill Tavern. Styrofoam containers, but glassware to drink. This wasn't too bad. People were spaced, but it wasn't too strict. Oddly there were a few people at the bar inside. The funny thing about this place was that we went here when the wait for a place in North Attleboro was like 2 days in order to sit at one of 6 outdoor tables. The 3rd place was a local place called Railside. Outdoor patio, but not in the parking lot. This was not terrible. glass dishes, and silverware. Indoor seating opened last week in CT, but I am not really in a rush to partake. I like the bar atmosphere where you sit next to friends at the bar, or in the lounge. That can't be done, so I don't feel the need to go. I hear that the North End vibe in Boston is pretty awesome... but I also heard that Marty Walsh is not thrilled. The fun police is supposed to be having a public zoom meeting for the north end situation today. Sounds like people and restaurants are going to be getting the finger wagging at not adhering to the rules. What about others? Have people been going to restaurants?
  14. ...Humanity...CANCELLED.
  15. Was this a specific place? I am assuming that they moved people. I imagine that small restaurants with window or in-wall units will have this issue and regardless of what is done to fix it, it will never be truly fixed for people to avoid the air blowing over them.