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  1. Jamaica Way, along the pond? I used to travel that way to Brookline all the time when I lived in West Roxbury. Love that ride.
  2. 74F in the Adirondacks today. Probably just a few days shy of peak color. Beautiful day.
  3. Sadness and despair were endless that season. Awful.
  4. It's nice that you were able to experience all of that. Many won't, not because they can't but because they will put it off, and off and off.
  5. Can we order this up now and beat the holiday rush? Thanks in advance.
  6. So not a soul would have survived if the path was different? Got it.
  7. Doesn't matter where the word came from, but the fact that it came from a weather office makes it worse. Saying something is "unsurvviable " is dishonest, over the top and indeed hyperbole. ...Unless I misread the death toll. This is the kind of language Kevin would use (In jest), and people here would be ripping him to shreds.
  8. Hype is in Full effect. Not really sure if the landfall region is greatly populated or not.
  9. Stay safe, be vigilant, and be ready.
  10. Alexanders lake in Killingly. It was a hell of a light show to the north.
  11. Such a great wind and lighting show at lake #2 last night at around 8 or so. The entire horizon was lit up over the lake every few minutes with a stray bolt or 2 ripping through.
  12. Nothing like a bit of tropical storm hype to lol at.