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  1. Just thinking about turning on a zoom meeting for everyone on Saturday or Sunday. Any weenie interest?
  2. You're going hard with the no winter vibe.
  3. Hopefully he doesn't get revived during the winter months.
  4. lol...What are the 300 hour forecast maps showing us?
  5. Been getting hammered here at work in Manchester. Been a good test for an interior roof drain pipe lining project here at one of our old buildings. So far, so good with no wet dog carpet in the basement.
  6. Misery out there, but I don't mind it, knowing that the change to winter is in the air.
  7. Good ole' fashioned October Raw and rain.
  8. Just took what will most likely be the last swim of the season here on Lake MAGA.
  9. Not sure if it was legit, but I heard 100+ mph in the Capital region of NYS.
  10. The lake where my girlfriend lives is down at least 2 feet since Spring. The water level in April is about 3 inches below the dock in the first pic, and up to the kayak rack in the second pic, and in both cases up the stone wall. The water level normally goes down some over the summer but not like this. The other pic is for reference of what it looks like in July.
  11. I see mostly green, full leafed trees riding up 84 and many other spots. The colors that are out around here seem so muted, and dull too.
  12. Decent winds for a bit. Rain, thunder and lightning as well. I posted a short video on Facebook just as it ramped up to peak gust.
  13. Insert early 2000's, "real American Hero" ad here.
  14. Columbus day? What's that? There is an Indigenous People's day showing up on my calendar but nothing about a Columbus day.
  15. is that tip at the end, looking straight into the camera, on the far end of the pit? He looks like the last one to go.
  16. He needs a table dance from down the hill at the Blue.
  17. 70F , but Like, mini, but swampy just the same, at least inside my crap apartment.
  18. Jamaica Way, along the pond? I used to travel that way to Brookline all the time when I lived in West Roxbury. Love that ride.
  19. 74F in the Adirondacks today. Probably just a few days shy of peak color. Beautiful day.