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  1. legit. Also, I just found out that a group of moths is called an eclipse.
  2. Driving home with swarms upon swarms of moths in my path. Sh.it was like late spring. Definitely a winter cancel type of event.
  3. lol. He will be competing with P. Diddy as I heard he is looking to buy in on many dispensaries in Mass.
  4. ...This is truly the most depressing thing since...The Great Depression.
  5. I've tried venison, but it seems so bland. I've only had burgers and stew though.
  6. Might as well go all the way to January? Reset on New Year's Day?
  7. ...A few dozen flurries just streamed by.
  8. Including the inevitable Grinch storm on or around Christmas.
  9. lol. Good idea. The guy wants more snow in his life. That could be the answer.
  10. lol. True, but that is not where Tony is from.
  11. Congrats. We were all pulling for you on this.
  12. All that dog poo came out to haunt you in April.
  13. Should be quite the set up for buried Highmark Stadium on Sunday and the Browns. The fans love that sh.it.
  14. Dude...You better hit us with some good pics during events like this. If not I am going to make it my mission to make sure that the Bills move to Toronto.
  15. This is how mid-November should be...snow where it should, with bonus snow where we can get it.
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