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  1. It was a good couple of months while it lasted...Now on to TP sticking to butt cracks, and rivers of sweat rolling off of the dome.
  2. Yes, although I wasn't literally kicked to the street. I would have been too young to fend for myself. If I was not adopted, and somehow survived in that dead-end city, By age 19, my body would have been found floating down the Hudson...bloated, and full of track marks. Possibly missing a limb, or at least a finger or 2.
  3. Yes, we are looking at that option. May not be that much power, but, yeah. that is an option.
  4. I was born in, and eventually kicked to the street for adoption in Troy, NY.
  5. We met with a mini-split dealer/ installer last night. There was a rebate of around $700 but only if we did the heat/ac heat pump combo. This was for a single, 1 ton condenser, and single head, so I don't know if the rebate increases proportionately somehow with an increase in unit size. The cost to purchase and install this single unit was silly. He wanted 8.5 k for the a.c. only unit, and 10.5 for the ac/ heat unit. 12k/1 ton for a single floor of a very small house.
  6. lol...But as THE dew lover and master of all that is sticky and moist you should be able to thrive in the hig dews and high heat without man-made creature comforts.
  7. ...Early ac install, but Sunday, I took apart the window unit and cleaned it, so I might as well install now before it gets nasty.
  8. I think people try to equate the R.I. pizza strip/slice (cold "pizza"), with normal, baked pizza. Back in the late 80's when I first had R.I. pizza, I was like, wtf is this? How is this a thing? Cold bread with sauce, and maybe a bit of parmesan cheese sprinkled on it. Over the years I came to appreciate this uniquely r.i. dish.
  9. If he was looking to remove those trees, he just saved him self $1,000's of dollars.
  10. Shit. That second dude started out of control then was pretty close to getting brained by that rock.
  11. The original Pepe's. The Manchester chain spot has turned to sh.it. The sauce tastes ass, and really thin. The pie was embarrassing. Overpriced, and not much better than Red Barron. Last time I went to the Mohegan one it was o.k., but nothing like the original, New Haven shop.
  12. Indeed. The 15" I received this past season on top of the whopping 11" from last season want to know when the madness will end.
  13. 2 years in a row with decent Napril's. I suppose sh*t winter = tolerable April. I'd rather reverse that though.
  14. I've often wondered who Sam Hell is. Dreary and 58F here at work.
  15. You talking about that area that was completely washed out in that pic a few weeks back? That was insane.
  16. ...This has pretty much been a pretty decent Napril. If I recall, last Napril was decent as well.
  17. I refuse to believe this. The property taxes on our place in the Adirondacks is jaw dropping.
  18. I love the urban shots just as much as the woods/ mountain/ lake shots.
  19. ...I only spoke to a couple people who didn't bother with viewing the eclipse due to, "what's the big deal", and "who cares, it's just the moon passing by the sun, it happens". I guess I don't understand or connect with this kind of mentality. Is it just me or is it too geek to be pumped up about, and enjoy something like this on high euphoric levels? I don't think I'm in the minority when I say, these events are WELL worth viewing if you can, and this eclipse was so much better than 2017 for obvious reasons.
  20. Moose knuckles dragging in the snow.
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