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  1. That will be awesome to see. Hopefully some bagpipes still (non electrified, of course)
  2. ...Don't fret, people. We have all winter to manifest big rain hits.
  3. All the usual 2 and 3 star chain hotels because the airport is there... Hampton Inn, Fairfield Inn, etc. A few years ago I was at this hotel called, NYLO (might be part of Hilton?). Renovated mill building with a modern, urban feel on the Pawtuxet River. Decent restaurant within as well. All the chain restaurants are there. If you can head over to East Greenwich (next town south). Blu on the Water is a nice restaurant in the cove. Not too far from there is another good spot to eat called, The Trap. Pub kind of place, but nice feel. Wings are awesome. Edit: If the convention you are going to is the big one in Providence there is tons of great restaurants in PVD (I'm guessing that you have already researched Federal Hill). Also, Waterfire is that weekend so if you can, stick around Saturday night and walk along the river during this event. It is a great thing to do. A few streets get closed off. With artisans, food trucks, and street performers, all against the background of the wood fed cauldrons on the river this event is a worth while thing to see. We try to go at least once a year (we just went a few weeks back).
  4. ...Some want it gone, some want the damage. At this time we are unable to master the hurricane.
  5. Only when Brooklyn, NY is forecasted for 24" 5 days out, and then down casted to sleet and a .5" of slop the day before.
  6. Cold temps and stein incoming all winter. You read it here first.
  7. Right. She was probably like 12 or so. Now she's in the middle of her Masters degree, living in Bristol.
  8. ...Morning hike. ...Afternoon margaritas, paying our respects to Jimmy B.
  9. ...Uncomfortable Adirondack chair selfie with my daughter.
  10. The first time my daughter goes to the west coast just happens to be this past Thursday to Sunday night ...to SanDiego...at an Air bnb on the beach. Any thoughts on the storm moving in there over the next few days. Flights cancelled? Should she bail tomorrow instead of Sunday, or just wait it out?
  11. Last night for Melina, and me, but I will be back to the lake Labor Day
  12. Indeed. I was off on the price. I think most of those are $500 or so.
  13. ...acres upon acres of uncomfortable Adirondack chairs for sale at $400+ apiece. ...and my girlfriend sitting in one on the dock (she was most likely sore after sitting there for a few hours).
  14. If this guy is touring stadiums, then he should have a very seasoned rigging, sound and light crew with him. The sound issues are not a Mass thing.
  15. Been reading a bunch of stuff, and watching video reports on Ronnie Radke from Falling in Reverse. That dude is the definition of trainwreck.
  16. First time seeing disturbed was second stage at Ozfest in 2000. Great bunch of bands on that second stage back then, including Disturbed. David (lead singer) was wheeled out on stage, strapped to a handtruck, in a straight jacket, and Hannibal Lecter mask. They were so new (on a national scale), that they played like a 25 -35 minute set in the early afternoon. People were like, what the hell is with these guys (in an inquisitive, this looks awesome kind of way). And they kicked-ass Nice. Perfect Black Crowes opener. I've seen the Crowes a few times. Once, opening for ZZ Top back in 91 or so, then as a headliner at the Orpheum in Boston...maybe, 2001? Such a great live band. I absolutely love these guys. Love them. Heat Above is one of my favorite, newer rock songs. I bought tickets for my daughter for the upcoming show at the Garden and will be giving them to her for her birthday in August. Seen all of these bands. Asking Alexandria was not a band that I had known much about, but they opened for another band a few years ago. Not bad. Seen Volbeat multiple times, including last year co-headlining with Ghost at the Centrum in Worcester. Always awesome. Rock isn't dead as some might say (I think EDM is the most popular genre world wide), but you just have to know where to look. Most of what I listen to and see live are European metal bands. So many bands that I grew up with are just old, and still trying to hang on for that one last paycheck. Is sad to see, but rock is definitely not the forefront, and what it once was.
  17. I went to Jimmy Buffett Shows continuously, every year for about 12 years. That parking lot scene breathes alcohol.
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