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  1. ...and the autumn 2023 thread is still going strong.
  2. I'll take, Weather events that will never happen in 2024 for $1,000, Alex.
  3. It does fail. Yesterday I met a guy outside of taco bell. A skittish, down and out looking character...beaten up trench coat (possibly naked underneath), full, scruffy beard and in possession of a pink Samsonite suitcase (circa 1989) which was sharing space with the toes of his torn, He-Man branded slipper and the gum and oil laden sidewalk. He was aggressively blocking the entrance and frantically trying to grab some air time with my ear. I tried to side step him, but he was too quick. Since I was very hungry I figured the only way in was to listen to what he had to say... The sooner I got this out of the way, the sooner I would be able to grab that steak quesadilla I'd been craving all night. He told me that if I bought him, a cheesy double beef burrito, a 5 layer burrito, a Mexican pizza (extra tomatoes), black bean crunch wrap, a side of black beans, a side of cinnamon twists, 3 packets of hot sauce, and a small dixie cup of water he would let me use the time machine inside his suitcase. At first, I thought, this guy is full of sh,it, but for some reason, I quickly changed my mind and said, maybe this guy is legit (plus I was craving that grade D but edible meat awaiting me inside). Plus, I was excited, and immediately began to think of what I would do with a time machine...all of the good I could do with just one trip. I entered the store. ...20 minutes later I came out with everything on his list. He thanked me, and quickly moved on with his end of the bargain. He picked up the suitcase, and we walked (he shuffled) a few miles to cornfield on the outskirts of town. On the edge of the cornfield sat a rusty, 1938 dodge pick-up truck. The man heaved the luggage on to the truck bed and opened it. Inside was what looked like an old typewriter with not as many keys and an a large, metal cylinder fastened to the back. The keys only had numbers, dots, and dashes engraved on them. I looked it over, and thought, yup, this looks like a time machine. The man, taking a bite of his burrito asked me where and when I wanted to go. I thought long and hard (maybe 20 seconds or so). Should I go back and kill baby Hitler? Should I go way back in time and rescue Jesus from the cross? What could I do to prevent 9-11 from happening? What about saving John Lennon, I thought. ..."Take me to February 26th, 2024", I said without hesitation. The man, looked at me, flashed a rotten toothed grin, and said, "ok" He plugged some nonsensical pattern into the keys...Soon after the machine sputtered, and the cylinder started spinning. The man stepped out of the way as a funnel of colored smoke enveloped me. Just like that I felt my body disintegrate into the sky...and just like that I was back again. It will be a fish storm, Ray. Sorry.
  4. I trust you have a neat and tidy catalog of all the maps you put out. Good amount of blood sweat and tears in your presentations.
  5. Woke up early today (2:00am), so @ around 4:00 I decided to drive into work via an hour at the gym. As expected, it only took a few miles to hit nice snow depths vs my paltry 2-3. All along route 44, all the way to Manchester I went through waves of 9"-12" and more. The route has limbs overhanging the entire width of the road so I was getting pelted with puffs of snow, and in some cases there was enough tree limb snow where the road could have used a plow. This was a nice, weenie fantasy snow ride for sure. I seemed to be the only one on the road, and the snow looked awesome reflecting off of the headlights. Before anyone hits me with it, I'll do it myself...
  6. This is going to sound pathetic, but I have 2 seasons where I did put the tarp on a huge pile of snow from roof shoveling when I lived the next town over. I was able to hold on to it until mid April. If I can find the pics I will post them. It was after some big snow winters a few years back. Sad indeed. Yup. Complete snow lover hence the screen name (and my comment to NorEastermass above), but my relationship means much more, so until I retire and convince her to move the Adirondacks for the winter this is it.
  7. @Damage In Tolland House side pic (opposite of the lake side). Just 2, maybe 3 inches at the most. I suppose it's deep if you're a field mouse.
  8. Not that deep. Just a few inches around the shore. Other side of the house is full cover, but just 2 inches or so.
  9. @The 4 Seasons This was taken at around 2:00, after the brunt of the snow was finished. 5+ inches reduced to a few inches of wet, nasty slop. Utterly useless, and terrible. Winter sucks. My spot is like living in the mid-Atlantic. Besides some random Connecticut island in the Long Island sound this area is the worst snow spot in the state, and probably all of new England.
  10. I'm going with 5.5" here at my sh.it spot in Dayville (aka Lava Lake). With the saturated snow that came in the mid morning there's probably 2-3 on the ground still, if that. Crap in, crap out.
  11. I've had about 5" so far here at Lava Lake, but it's so wet and compacted at this point its hard to get a true measurement.
  12. Post some snow pics from today in the bustling mecca of Dover, and change the narrative (I'm guessing that you can't, but give it the good ole red tagger try). Only you can make change happen!
  13. No obs page, so I guess this is it. Surprised to see the warning still up after the trends and depression in here last night. About 2" here so far.
  14. lol. My 11" from last season laughs at your 15", and my 8" this season chuckles at your so called 12" of futility.
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