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  1. Gonna hold out and try not to install before these incoming couple of 90 days.
  2. ...severe has left the building. Looks like a great 3-day incoming.
  3. Not fantastic, but decent. That last week was not too good. Not horrible, but not good. Overall, April gets a C+/B- this year.
  4. I can't shoot the message, so I must shoot the messenger.
  5. I still did not received more than 12 as that map shows.
  6. 70's isn't "heat", especially by Kevin's standards for heat and humidity.
  7. Complete misery out there...again. May is the new April. 50F and shit here at work.
  8. I voted early may, but am now in the 2nd half of May camp for install. Maybe later?
  9. For @Damage In Tolland Full on ice damage. One of these must be from I - 84
  10. ..As usual, I always seem to engage in frivolous conversation with whom ever is next to me walking in or to a store. This time it was a typical Wal-Martian encounter on my way into the CMU block shopping oasis. Guy was telling me how great the weather has been. We went back and forth on the weather topic with him ending it by saying, "At least we ain't down in Iowa where they are getting tornadoes and hurricanes."
  11. Same f.ucking place. I don't understand this. That stretch of highway has decent sightlines for 1000's of feet. ...No sharp turns...plenty of room. What is the constant issue there?
  12. I recommend heading straight for that 30 incher spot in the Presidential's Take many pics.
  13. The people are in a complete coffee induced fog, unaware of any of their surroundings while honed in to get that drink.
  14. Yeah. Lots of Vegas projects too. Dude is obsessed with Vegas. I was getting claustrophobic watching this video. Also, each of those Tesla's in the tunnel has it's own driver. Seems somewhat counter intuitive, but that may be for now, with future plans for self driving vehicles.
  15. I saw this article today, and thought of our discussion. What a nightmare. https://turnto10.com/i-team/solar-panel-installation-nightmare-west-warwick-rhode-island-homeowner-new-roof-contract-financing-company-rainwater-damage-insurance-office-of-energy-resources?fbclid=IwAR3G-dg5Jn6CGNUv45uKZS_jO9Zu9LC12IFkKFAj65LUq8yTTtKwiiU73F4
  16. Are you one of those coffee zombies, who lines up in a 20 car que for a shit drink, all while fu.cking up the surrounding traffic every morning? ...Right at the off ramp to work there is a Dunkin in the worst possible location. People be pulling off, half in the grass, and half in the street, running in to the store. Next to them is the line of cars at the drive through that backs out into the street, blocking everyone. All for that daily rush to grab some sh.itty, coffee(well, what was once a "coffee", since it is now polluted with 2 days daily allowance of sugar), a bear claw and maybe a box of Munchkins...800+ calories in the body before 8am. As I exit the ramp, I find my self mumbling under my breath..."The f.ucking donut and coffee zombies"
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