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  1. My total was somewhere between 0.0 and 0.00, either way, well below the warning criteria that was issued. Of all of the winter storms to produce worthless results this one was indeed the King Queen. Queen Brenda was the one futile storm to rule all futile storms. The futility was so on-point with the rest of the season. I actually shed a tear this morning as I looked back in delight, recalling how this storm slowly began to rage, ultimately building into a perfect crescendo of nothing. At it's wet, white teasing peak this final blast of winter brilliantly failed me one last time. And it did so in grand fashion...a wonderfully precise, in-tune orchestration of wind, and cold rain, ultimately ending as a fervor of white rain...again...one more time, kicking a beaten man while down. I don't think I will ever witness such a LeBron James type flop in my lifetime. I will admit, I was scared as I thought I would indeed limp up to 12" for the season (a mark that I have been trying to avoid). The forecast called for anywhere from 4"-8", but lucky for me I stuck to my guns, and this goal was ultimately thwarted, and I am happy to report that I am still at 11" for the season. Congrats to those who received anywhere from .5" - 36"
  2. Jesus...Even you...like 30 miles south of me got something.
  3. But is it cold rain? That makes a difference.
  4. What's your current temp? 35F here at work in the death valley that is Manchester.
  5. At least there's a reason for a snowplow in your hood.
  6. This. Especially this season for me. Too many other things to focus my attention on.
  7. lol...That won't even give me my 2-4. Please put me out of my misery and end it all.
  8. lol...winter misery...Come down to my neck of the woods and find forever misery. That map is the epitome of my continuing misery. But I am holding out hope for 2-4 inches from this so I can move on to planting tulips and spraying for ants.
  9. Cold rain all night, continuing. 35, and no end in sight from the pain and misery of this winter.
  10. Someone on the weather channel has been saying rain all along. They have always know.
  11. lol...Annnnnd, there's that sh.it zone in Eastern CT again, right over my house. I will take my 3-6, and downgrade it to 2-4 with that look.
  12. I love that dryslot of nothingness right over my place in eastern CT.
  13. I will meh my way to 3-6, and call it a winter. Time to think about putting the dock in.
  14. ...Saturday takes a shunt on us, and next week will be the ever so vague, inland threat. This is my super non-scientific, but fairly acurate, way off-base guess.
  15. Connecticut news stations are touting the good ole' winter mix for this weekend. I'm no dummy...This season for me this means cold rain, with a chance for a teeny, tiny bit of snow.
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