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  1. I was hoping to put the dock in in 2 weeks...Of course, wearing nothing but a banana hammock.
  2. What the hell do these both mean?
  3. Always love the maps, especially with the addition of Lava Lake. I don't fault you for the continued lack of snow.
  4. I suppose after 3 months of failed winter, anything looks wild.
  5. Cool...I suppose if that's your thing. No yard stuff, just gin and tonic stuff today.
  6. ...As I do, I've already gone into the future to see that this does indeed verify.
  7. ...still a couple of oak leaves hanging on. That is all.
  8. What have the trail conditions been like the season? Adirondacks have not been good.
  9. I was about 15miles north , in Auburn MA yesterday. Plenty of guys on the pond fishing. Some places have it, and some dont.
  10. Full ice here on Lava Lake. Why not during that colder period in January? I suppose because of the constant wind and water movement during that time, preventing the freeze. Either way, it doesn't matter because it's not thick enough to enjoy, and will be a dream by next week.
  11. Yeah, a soaking wet lion. Great. Nothing more awesome than the smell of wet cat fur stinking up the region.
  12. ...Rare ice sighting in the middle of Lava Lake. Looks like I can get out there and ice fish...If I weigh as much as a sparrow.
  13. ...In the not so distant future (10 years?), museums will have exhibits showcasing the days of yore when New England had real winters. There will be interactive displays and dioramas of great blizzards right next to the Woolly Mammoth, and Saber Tooth Tiger exhibits.
  14. F so far for the season...At the most a D---. Light to mod snow falling now at Lava Lake. Taking off to Southbury within the hour. Looks like a snowy trip enroute which will help get me through a tough day. I don't mind driving in the snow.
  15. lol. I didn't' even see that he said the same thing.
  16. ...and the autumn 2023 thread is still going strong.
  17. I'll take, Weather events that will never happen in 2024 for $1,000, Alex.
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