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  1. Don't worry, if you don't get enough rain this weekend, next weekends storm will surely give you your fix of rain, and keep the weekend misery trend alive.
  2. I think this year he has decided not to hibernate, and will embrace the torch.
  3. This made my morning. Clowns. They wanted the THUNDER, and they GOT THE THUNDER and THE LIGHTNING and THE WIND. Tooling around tornado country in some low level sedan type vehicle...Plus it looked like they had no idea how to interpret the radar or what was even right next to them.
  4. I was going to say that. Some of those panels looks like wash-out city on Saturday.
  5. As long as Sunday night is ok in the Portsmouth NH area How bad is it? What is it showing? Yesterday the long range showed sunny, now I'm seeing, chance of showers, Saturday, and Sunday morning.
  6. Those NYC videos are unreal. Why they decided to put kids in danger and keep school going is beyond me.
  7. Ha. No. it's all good. This has been an exceptional run of wet over the months so it's worthy of discussion.
  8. I'm praying for your lawn to get the drink it deserves...but cancel those prayers if it is going to drown. I don't want to waste a prayer. We worked hard for this rain so hopefully it pays out in dividends.
  9. I don't recall this much excitement over rain. Even a separate thread for a rain event. The site may have to activate storm mode soon. I suppose we may as well get used to it. Rain will be the new year round norm to track.
  10. Indian Indigenous people summer right on cue.
  11. Waiting for that Forky clown to bring this post over to OT in 3...2...1...
  12. The moisture train will end just in time for winter. December - March will give us cold and dry.
  13. Scott has been towing the crappy weather line all summer, and now into the fall. Dude needs a 30 inch coastal within the next 4 months or he's gonna swan dive off of the Tobin.
  14. That will be awesome to see. Hopefully some bagpipes still (non electrified, of course)
  15. ...Don't fret, people. We have all winter to manifest big rain hits.
  16. ...Some want it gone, some want the damage. At this time we are unable to master the hurricane.
  17. Only when Brooklyn, NY is forecasted for 24" 5 days out, and then down casted to sleet and a .5" of slop the day before.
  18. Cold temps and stein incoming all winter. You read it here first.
  19. Right. She was probably like 12 or so. Now she's in the middle of her Masters degree, living in Bristol.
  20. ...Morning hike. ...Afternoon margaritas, paying our respects to Jimmy B.
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